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Some time ago an awesome team decided to merge the game 2048, space and kittens together for Discord Jam 2  and had a lot of fun. Now we want to invite you to play our game here or here.

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks! :)

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Hey, fellow jammers!

We are the creators of Space Kits and we started to like this game so much that we decided to polish this project more and upload it to Google Play Store.

Many thanks for those who gave us a lot of feedback! We hope you enjoy this newer version! :)

Spacy Kits
Press me! :)

Many thanks! :)

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Thank you! :) It's okay. In Spacy Kits the player must merge cats with same number together (numbers will be added) and make sure that all spaces on the planet are not occupied by kittens. The goal is to get bigger numbers by merging kittens together. Player's score depends of all the values of the kittens on the planet - the values are added together. It's a math puzzle game (similar to the idea of 2048 if you have played it). :)

Thankkk you! :)

I love the art style! :) Yes, gameplay needs some further polish but overall it's a fun little experience.

Big thanks! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

Big thanks! :)

Thanksss! :)

Yes, I understand, it's hard but I think you did good! Good luck with your future projects! :)

I was so bad at the final level. :D The game definitely needs polishing (e.g. GUI, feedback to the player, movement) but considering it is a game jam game and your first Unity game, it's good little game. :) I personally like these kind of stealth mechanics and you could maybe focus on this more.

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Yes, we have that same idea to make it for mobile right now but thanks! :) Certainly will play your game and all the other submitted games.

A big thank you! :) We actually didn't aim the game to be as a web browser game, you can still download it. We just added it to our page to let people experience it quickly without the download fuss. :)

Game surely could do better with sounds and polishing but still it was really fun to solve these puzzles, especially last one. :)

An awesome "snake" game with a twist. :D Great work!

Many thanks! :)

That's awesome! Thanks! :)

Little bit hard for my eyes. :D Still, a cool game. :)

Really fun game! :)

Thank you! :)

Really love the art style! Nice work! :)

Thank you! :) Certainly will check out your game. These arrow kittens move the kittens on the planet to left or right. :)

Thank you so much! :)