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The Planet VestaView game page

Build a planet and guide your fellow civilians to safety!
Submitted by Shield Does Pixels (@shielddoespixel) — 51 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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Awesome game man. The music is a stellar choice too!


Hey, interesting concept, but I feel that after the research center it became quite the grind, and with losing all of your resources on death, including all of the things like steel and wood it becomes quite discouraging to continue. I did like seeing the planet upgrade it was rewarding. Best of luck.


Hello !

So I played your game and enjoyed it ! What I really like is the setting and the kind of celeste atmosphere, what I also do like is the fact that you used construct 3 for a game jam like that. I really think it was a good move to make a lot of content quick especialy since you are completly on your own on that one. I also enjoy the music a lot. 

There still are some flaws and I hate to finish by that but here I am in my message. I find that the game by its system gets kinda repetitive, if you are lucky you just go to the planet section and farm ressources without going into any trouble and if you are not you get a little swarm of ships and they are way too fast... Well not really, the thing is since the camera is very close to your character you can't react and kill them before they hit you and that's really too bad. It's nice that dying is not that punitive since you could just lose everything on your planet but still having to farm up again is frustrating in my opinion. Also I find the sound design to be a bit lacking and the sound of mining a bit strong. 

Seeing your planet grow with that much content and how you can use your ressources to build everything is super awesome though. 

Anyway here's some suggestions : I think that upgrading your planet should upgrade your character, for instance the view around your character, the size of your lasers, the amount of ressources you get by clicking, the speed... all of that would make the grinding much more fun I feel like. It is indeed easy but at least you get a sense of progress outside of your planet and you feel like you're getting stronger. I think that's possible with the amount of time of the jam. NOW what would be even better would be different types of enemies and hazards to put some more action in the exploration but that I feel would require some extra time or help.

I hope you find all this usefull and I wish you good luck in the future !


This game had a lot more to it than I was expecting for a jam game. Glad to have played it on stream! I Could play this for a long time :)


Thanks man! It was nice to get some live feedback, though it was a bit frustrating seeing you run away from the bugs. If you would like, I can let you know once the post-jam version goes up that adds more sound and fixes a bunch of the stuff people have been having problems with.


Great game in keeping with the theme.  I felt that the movement of the astronaut was really smooth and fun to move around as.  The sound effects + music was relaxing and made exploring space feel great.  My only issue I encountered while playing was that I had a hard time finding cooper at the start as it looked similar to iron.


I'm glad you liked it! I definitely can see where your problem comes from, I suppose I got so used to it by the end of the jam. I'm not quite sure how to make them much more different, if you have any ideas I would be open to them.


I really liked the game but there was no cool down on getting resources therefor if so pleased you could get an auto clicker and mine each planet super quickly before your air ran out, when I ran into the enemies I wasnt very sure what to do, Maybe there should be a tutorial on how to fight them? overall super fun game


I appreciate the feedback! I do have controls on my actual game page, if you wouldn't mind trying after knowing how to play. I'm also working on a new version with controls built in to solve your issue.


Great idea for the game! Very engaging explorative spirit and at the same time quite challenging. One of the best entries I've seen so far. Gameplay, art, sound, theme are all on a high level. Amazing job!


Thanks! I'm working on a new version that's even better, and makes it more of a complete game. 


That's great, please let me know when push it live!

Graphics of the planents are cool. I would have maybe let the player keep his resources if he returned home, so that all resources aren't lost if he goes into space and dies. otherwise i really enjoyed it.


I'm glad you enjoyed it, I definitely did think about having some way to deposit your resources but unfortunately I didn't have time to implement that alongside the necessary features.


really enjoyed playing! i agree with @aerger on the resource management, maybe adding some random chance into the size of the planets? the music was great and fit the game's mood well, and the game felt smooth and responsive. a great game altogether.


Thanks for taking the time to play my game! I did think about adding some size randomization, and I might do so in the update I'm working on.

Space is a harsh mistress, and this game reflects that pretty well! Punishing resource gathering, interesting building and upgrading mechanics. A lot of thought and detail for a jam game.  The resource-gathering could be toned down a _little_, but overall I think it's pretty great conceptually, start to finish. I can tell there's an underlying story here and I wanna get more into that world as a player.  :)