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You're supposed to avoid the asteroids hitting the planets, and you do that by accelerating their orbit by pressing space. Sorry if that wasn't clear ;(

Interesting little game! I wish it was longer but I know you can only do so much during a jam. The part where I noticed you could go "through the looking glass" was a big mindblow for me. Great work!

Interesting idea. It felt a little weird having to keep track of both the space at the top and your HP, I feel like that could have been one and the same, but other than that nice!

A very well put together game! Not that unique, but for what its worth, it does the platforming right :) Glad to have played it on stream!

Very claming game :) just wish there was sfx and maybe more things to do. Glad to play it on stream!

Thanks! Yea the way it was coded was a bit laggy :/

This was such a polished and well executed game! I loved playing it on stream :)

This game had a lot more to it than I was expecting for a jam game. Glad to have played it on stream! I Could play this for a long time :)

This was probably the weirdest game I played on stream so far, but I had a great time playing it xD Great work on those thrusters!

Thanks for the feedback. We unfortunately ran out of time before we could make the gameplay interesting :(

Lovely game! The drawings were adorable and the game was very challenging too. I spent so long figuring out the last stripe, got so frustrated because the cake did not have one haha, but in the end I figured out what that paper on the tree was for! Great work!

I'm Portuguese not Polish :P

Thanks for the feedback =)

Awesome game! I love it!

Yes I understand we need to make a balance update. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for the video! ^-^ And yes, we might eventually add more breeds and more levels!

Thank you so much! :D

This is a pretty solid RPG entry in my opinion. I enjoyed the gameplay, and I thought it was well established. Was this done in RPGMaker? It looks like it. Unfortunately the ONLY link I can make to the theme is that you can't see the enemie's HP, but honestly that isn't a new idea so I don't think it's a very original game. Good job nonetheless!

Thanks! I did not have time to develop the ending further unfortunately :/

Thanks! Yea I agree the idea of the viewport was not a good one in practice xD

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I think you had a good concept and you managed to pull it off very well! I just think that as a game it lacks some gameplay aspects, like some better AI and level design. Also the flashing graphics are a major headache, maybe you could make the waves move slower and be less contrasting with the background. Perhaps some light blue waves against a white background, maybe.

Nice game! I love how you used multiple approaches to the theme in one game, with the level design and the graphics. Very interesting!

I like the game. The SFX and the Graphics are nice. I just wish those damn enemies were a bit more predictable! Good work though!

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Very solid game! I enjoyed the progress aspect and the visuals. I left the game running in the background for a while and when I came back I had this much:

Surely I could have gone deeper if I wanted xD, Im assuming the number of maximum floors is infinite? Great job!

Only complaint is that it was a bit hard to place objects, a bigger clickable area would be appreciated

Thanks! Yea that was happening to me too, it's a problem of the terrain colliders :/

Nice game! I like the aesthetic and the gameplay. I think it's missing some sounds and music, and also a message at the end showing that you've won the game so that it doesn't take you back to the start so quickly.  Other than that good job!

Lovely game! Super polished and really fun to play :D

Thank you! I'm glad people find the game interesting xD

Great game! It's very hard to do parkour with a shrinking view xD The idea is super simple put very effective and well implemented!

Really nice game, I love dungeon crawlers amd mazes. Unfortunatelly I don't really see much of the theme here, except the fact that the camera takes time to pan.

Nice game! I just can't really get how you're supposed to hit the shuriken when you're blinded. I think some 3D sound might help to locate it, unless the point of the game is being impossible :P

Thanks :) yea the idea of not being able to look up or down was part of the "limited view" experience, but I understand it can be frustrating

Thank you!

Thanks :D

Wow you went ahead and decided to make a game with my worst nightmare: giant invisible spiders. Bravo!

I love the idea, just wish the game would consist of more than just pressing E. I also had a really bad preformance issue in Chrome with fps as low as 2.5 when I had 10+ candles, not sure if it's just me.

Thanks! :) I admit I got sick of making this game pretty fast xD

Thank you :D

Really enjoyed the game! Just wish the art style was a bit more consistent throughout, but I understand lack of time was probably why.

Really cool game! I especially like how you can choose your weapon at the start of each round, so your'e not forced to use the new one if you don't like it. Also really nice SFX and graphics!