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Thank you so much ^^

No you are not doing anything wrong. The game is supposed to ramp up in difficulty as soon as you get Guards, but maybe there's a bug I'm not aware of where the rate at which attacks appear is too fast (might be the case), or it could be just RNG having a bad day. Regardless I know the game is poorly balanced and a bit rushed in design, it was made in 72 hours after all, but I just haven't had the time or energy to work on it more, so for now this is the state it is in, I'm sorry :C still hope you enjoyed some of it at least! Thanks for the comment

I'm not sure what you mean. The game doesn't autosave if that's what you're asking

Thanks ^^ glad you liked it!

Nice game! Though it is pretty hectic, and the bugs on the browser version are a shame.

It's a bit weird that you have to charge the people correctly, and even if you charge less they still get mad and leave xD

Here's the VOD:

This is a really interesting game!

Just wish there were better graphics, though I appreciate the Windows XP background

Here's the VOD:

It's hard to understand what you're supposed to do but then you get the hang of it and it gets pretty engaging.

A run button would be a nice addition.

Also I seem to only be getting 1 tentacle for my performance, which is not fair xD

Here's the VOD:

Man I love this game haha

Worth iiiiiiiit!

Here's the VOD:

Fun and well executed game!

I don't have much else to say about it

Here's the VOD:

Great game!

I just suck at it, and I couldn't finish it.

Here's the VOD:

The idea is pretty unique and fun.

Just wish it was easier to understand what I'm supposed to do.

And it felt like shooting in the rythm didn't matter for the combo.

Here's the VOD:

Wow this was hard to understand. Maybe I'm just dumb.

I like the concept of it. A lot of people seem to have come up with the elements idea x)

And kudos for having made it fully customizable!

Here's the VOD:

Once you understand the controls the gameplay is pretty fun.

But yea please explain it somewhere, took me a few tries to figure it out.

Also, the balls didn't seem to match the music, and that final part looks impossible.

Here's the VOD:

This was a really funny concept xD

But damn am I bad at this game.

Here's the VOD:

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Interesting concept, I like it!

As a geography enthusiast, it was more fun for me to identify the flags than to actually match them lol

Definitely the game could be a bit more intuitive, without requiring so much explanation, or at least explain it in-game

Here's the VOD:

This game has such a random concept, and I love it x)

I wish there was an actual ending to it though.

The graphics were awesome and the music too!

Here's the VOD:

This was an interesting and unique idea!

It didn't seem like chosing the animal parts mattered that much though in the end.

And I won without even realizing what I was doing lol

Here's the VOD:

This was pretty fun (and hectic)!

Only realized you could switch weapons too late x)

Also, it would be nice to get a score at the end, and settings too.

And more sfx would have been nice too.

Here's the VOD:

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I think this is a very unique idea, and I like the concept a lot :)

Just wish it was better explained, and things were labeled better.

Also some sfx would have been nice too, but I get you ran out of time.

Anyway, here's the VOD:

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Man for someone neorodivergent like me this game was hell to play lol

I couldn't play both games at once, I essentially would play one until I got to  a safe spot, then would continue the other one. But this back and foth was miscalculated and I lost.

It is a unique concept, but not sure how well it fits the theme. Graphics were great as always, and the sound design was nice too.

Also wow I can't believe you made two games in one jam. Good job!

Here's the VOD:

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing and the feedback :D

Thank you :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ 

I found a fix:

1 - Click on this keylock next to the URL 

2 - Go to the list of cookies

3 - Select this one under "Local Storage" and click delete

4 - Reload the page

I hope this works!

You're right. I tried it on Chrome and it doesn't work... I'm so sorry about this. Can you try on another browser like Edge or Opera? I will try to get this fixed, but unfortunately I can't right now because the Jam rating is still going on. Thanks for pointing this out!

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You mean you can't play the game at all? What browser are you using?

Because that's one of the endings. I'm sorry that the battles are poorly balanced right now, I will try to fix that in a patch

Thanks :D I'll be doing a patch soon and I'll include that!

Thank you :D

Hi, thank you for notifying me. I've approved the bundle already :)

Thank you!


The ship has no health, it's a one-hit kill, the collisions are funky xD


You are too kind, thank you :D

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Am I suposed to be getting negative points? My highscore is -607 xD (I eventually figured it out you're supposed to RIGHT-click the crates duh)

The game is pretty fun! Audio seemed to only be playing on my right ear though...

Bom trabalho!

Very cute game! Really liked the aesthetic, just miss some audio.

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Awesome entry! Hard as hell too, but it really felt like a retro game. Great job!

God it's a shame the game isn't complete, because this is BEAUTIFUL! I really see a lot of potential with this, both for the premise and the cute as hell art style.

The movement controls weren't the best choice, if it's an exploration kind of game you need movement to be as smooth and easy to do as possible, and yea, clicking isn't a great option.

In the intro, the narration text was way too dark to read properly, please make it a bit lighter!

And yea, you definitely have something here. Just need to put some more work into it. Good job so far!

The art style is awesome! I played both versions, and I still miss some sfx like when you get hit or when you're selecting units. Also, the text seems a bit out of place when everything else is pixel art (at least on my side only capital letters are good)

Great work though! I would like to see this expanded further

I love the subject matter you picked, and that in the end you brought up current events to match. Great work!

One piece of criticism: the arrow shooting was kinda frustrating, and for some reason when you shoot it doesn't decrease your arrow count. Also, some platforms you had to do a leap of faith to discover them lol

Simple but really fun game! I love the Gameboy-like retro aesthetic. Great job!