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now that you mention a threat, i kinda feel tempted to add one in there... don't know what it would be though. thank you for the feedback and for playing!

all of your improvement suggestions were on my list of things to add: fast forward buttons, control settings, and descriptions. if i get around to it, maybe a post jam version might come out o_o. really happy you enjoyed the game!

thank you for the feedback! the delay after the music was supposed to transition into another song, but i only managed to finish the one track. time crunch -_- . as for the sound effects, i agree, they are a little strong. need to tone them down a bit next time. thank you!

really enjoyed playing! i agree with @aerger on the resource management, maybe adding some random chance into the size of the planets? the music was great and fit the game's mood well, and the game felt smooth and responsive. a great game altogether.

great game! the concept is really smart and well executed. i agree with some of the other comments with the addition of powerups, as that could add some interesting gameplay changes. great work!

i really liked the audio and sound effects, it added a lot to the game and it's mood. the game feels good to play, but the ai is a little glitchy. other than that, great work!

fun game, i like the idea of a playable character in a cookie clicker style setting. my only issue is the shop. items you can't afford aren't translucent. was just a little confusing.

i fixed it, but it now means that the score is not visible on some screens. so my 1600x900 laptop cuts off the bottom. should hopefully be fixed eventually.

kind of a neat idea, but sound was definitely needed. a click every time a piece moved would have made the game that much better.

i love the puzzle style, i love the game play, i love the concept, i love the entire thing. its a great game with great puzzles.

i would have liked to play the game more, but the movement was really jarring. the enemy sprites were also very shakey.

this was really fun, the soundtrack was great, but i would have liked some more songs.

really enjoyable game, although i am a bit biased. the one little issue i'm having is the sudden deceleration when collecting food. other than that, great game.

the graphics are really nice, but i found the ai a little buggy in spots. one round it found itself inside a wall. other then that, really good entry.

nice entry, cute little game. fits the theme really well.

as stated in many of the other comments, the game is small and bland. for a one hour game, it is decent, but for a 48 hour jam, it's not enough.

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important: using a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor breaks the game. it’s not unplayable, but it’s obnoxious. it’s an issue with the engine, too. hopefully fixed in the post jam!

just a heads up, i found a glitch where there are 2 players in game at the same time.