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It was overall a good game. Nice Tower defense game. Keep up the good work!

Thanks bro!

Graphics are beautiful and story telling cutscenes add a nice atmosphere. Gameplay could be improved.

Thanks man! We spent most of our time on the prefabs for each component so that creating levels would be as easy as dragging and dropping. We didn't have a lot of time left for level design. But I think the levels we added was enough to show the potential of the game.

Interesting concept. Could be enhanced by adding a charge to the the galaxy change so that the player can't change galaxyies over and over again. Also a killbase score system would be better that a time based score system. Nice graphics and controls though. Keep up the good work!

Very chellenging but I liked it. Made me rage a few times. The end scene with the bacon atom was pretty fun

I think if you make it a mobile game it could potentially be something great. 

Also please check out my game . My friend submitted it for the both of us.

I don't know if it is just me, but the thrusters are way too weak. it can't even lift from the floor.

It was fun. I suppose that is what a game is all about. Seems like jetpacks were only added to fit the theme. again, was fun tho.

Graphics of the planents are cool. I would have maybe let the player keep his resources if he returned home, so that all resources aren't lost if he goes into space and dies. otherwise i really enjoyed it.

Might be the best in web browser game submitted. i like how you merged outer space with limited space for the theme. Graphics are good and the way you control the planet and not the kittens are cool.Very well done!

it's cool.Good use of sounds. Just a tad bit difficult.

Game concept is executed really well. Sound effects are well suited and gameplay is good.

Graphics and sound is neat.

Gameplay feels good. I would have rather implemented a kill based score system rather than time based, but over all it is a decent game.

Good out of the box thinking for the theme "space". Controls are a bit wanky though.

All good. If you change your mind let me know.

Hi,  we are a team of 2 programmers looking for an digital artist. Experience with animations is preferred, even if it's just dabbling.

hey man.  I'm from South Africa(not sure how our time zones differ). We're only 2 people. If you still need a team my partner and I wouldn't mind having you as our main artist as we are more into the programming.