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Artist for your game

A topic by SomeonPC created Aug 21, 2019 Views: 153 Replies: 5
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This is my first game jam and I kinda just want to see what its about. If you need a digital artist I'm your guy, I'm also an animator. I live in Western Australia so my timezone is  +8:00 hours.





I'm in a team that's planning to make a game about dinosaurs. You can join us if you'd like. 

We're currently 3 people in total. Our timezones are +2 and +3.

Here's our discord:



You say you already have an artist...


Yes, we currently have an artist, but more helping hands never hurt.
E.g. a) one person can focus on environments, the other - on characters.
b) one creates characters and the other - animates them

hey man.  I'm from South Africa(not sure how our time zones differ). We're only 2 people. If you still need a team my partner and I wouldn't mind having you as our main artist as we are more into the programming. 

Deleted 350 days ago

All good. If you change your mind let me know.