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Yes, we currently have an artist, but more helping hands never hurt.
E.g. a) one person can focus on environments, the other - on characters.
b) one creates characters and the other - animates them


I'm in a team that's planning to make a game about dinosaurs. You can join us if you'd like. 

We're currently 3 people in total. Our timezones are +2 and +3.

Here's our discord:


Update: we've received permission to use the music from the author of the mentioned album

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EDIT: The team is complete! (we can maybe accept someone if they really want to, but otherwise please find a different team)


As of this moment, we're a team of 4 people. Anyone is welcome to join us (it would be preferable to have less than 8 people in the team, however).

Current members:

  • Me (2D artist)
  • Another guy (another 2D artist)
  • Another another guy (programmer)
  • Another another another guy (another programmer)
  • Another Estonian guy (programmer #3)
  • Another French guy (audio designer)

Game info:

  • It's about dinosaurs!
  • Preferably in 2D (or pixel) artstyle
  • Preferably made in Unity
  • Specifics depend on the final jam theme and personal preference

How to join:

Jump into our team discord server and say that you have joined.

Here's the link:

Our main inspiration: 

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm making the LD page right now, so it's coming soon :)

By the way, the game has been updated with quite a few bugfixes and improvements.

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An update with bugfixes is coming within 24 hours

PSA: the game runs better when not on full screen (at least on Chrome)

Thanks! It will be a slow grind

Awesome, thanks a lot! (also, I should check into more often :D )

Here's the link to the game page on Ludum Dare 43 website :)