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Released a new update yesterday - it introduced a new faction, balance changes, bugfixes, and some cosmetic improvements.

A new update (0.4.1) is in the works, but it isn't tested yet, so probably won't be released today. It includes a bug fix for unit selection, AI improvements and possibly more.

Jauki, žēl gan ka savos projektos parasti nesanāk tik dziļi aizdomāties par sižetu. 

Izspēlējot demo prasījās kaut kādā veidā atzīmēt izmantotās kartiņas - labi, ka saliekot vienu no paneļiem vismaz daļa pazuda. Personīgi man ļoti patīk 18. gadsimta settings, nebūtu iebildumu redzēt visu spēli tādā vidē.

Laba grafika un atmosfēra. Kas iedvesmoja spēles tematiku/konceptu?

Danke par atsauksmi 👍

Wow, thanks for the playthrough!

Thanks for pointing that out, I mixed up and marked the linux build as android. 

thanks for playing!


thanks dude


Here's a timelapse of the drawing process:

thanks !

This game is an entry for Ludum Dare 45 jam! You can vote/rate it here:


the art looks really nice

Yes, we currently have an artist, but more helping hands never hurt.
E.g. a) one person can focus on environments, the other - on characters.
b) one creates characters and the other - animates them


I'm in a team that's planning to make a game about dinosaurs. You can join us if you'd like. 

We're currently 3 people in total. Our timezones are +2 and +3.

Here's our discord:


Update: we've received permission to use the music from the author of the mentioned album

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EDIT: The team is complete! (we can maybe accept someone if they really want to, but otherwise please find a different team)


As of this moment, we're a team of 4 people. Anyone is welcome to join us (it would be preferable to have less than 8 people in the team, however).

Current members:

  • Me (2D artist)
  • Another guy (another 2D artist)
  • Another another guy (programmer)
  • Another another another guy (another programmer)
  • Another Estonian guy (programmer #3)
  • Another French guy (audio designer)

Game info:

  • It's about dinosaurs!
  • Preferably in 2D (or pixel) artstyle
  • Preferably made in Unity
  • Specifics depend on the final jam theme and personal preference

How to join:

Jump into our team discord server and say that you have joined.

Here's the link:

Our main inspiration: 

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm making the LD page right now, so it's coming soon :)

By the way, the game has been updated with quite a few bugfixes and improvements.

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An update with bugfixes is coming within 24 hours

PSA: the game runs better when not on full screen (at least on Chrome)

Thanks! It will be a slow grind

Awesome, thanks a lot! (also, I should check into more often :D )

Here's the link to the game page on Ludum Dare 43 website :)