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sTARTED REALLY LATE -Going Solo for SpaceCard puzzle game

A topic by LienPixels created Aug 25, 2019 Views: 193 Replies: 14
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Here i start the thread to motivate me on my mini game for this Jam. 


Good luck :D

Lol 4 hours... D: 

I will not make it on time... but i will finish my game.

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I'm still on the JAM :D no prices for me but finishing this  here is some update.


the art looks really nice


Thanks :D 


great stuff, I think puzzle game is great format for jam!

Thanks for the support check my page for this game there is some nice progress on this project :D


Looks great! ^^ Reminds me of plaing mini games on my father old Nokia in 1999 

i know, the nostalgia :D !! i'm all about retro. 

I have share a demo for web if you want to give this a try. :)

It's now taking shape i was dealing with some color layout for the cards so they are different every time but not just random. 

I will abandon now this page for more updates on SpaceCards check here: