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Pretty cool idea with the theme.  The mobile game look is nice.  Was cutting some pretty laughable cakes at first, but got the hang of it :)

See game page for instructions/assets etc

Here's the entries for the last one (Discord Jam 2), and here's the entries for the first Discord Jam.

I like the parallax space background and upgrade system.  Fun little game.

Good luck :D

The categories will be same as in Ludum Dare:

Overall, Graphics, mood, Audio, Fun, Humor, Innovation, and Theme.

Theme voting happens here, with entries judged by those who have submitted games.

Cool lights! Cool music and atmosphere too.

Good polish and art, good puzzles. The simple ambient music goes well with the rest of the game to set the mood.

Really well put together! It's fun to play too, and certainly unique.  Nice take on the theme.

Shaved off quite a few beard hairs, woo. I liked how the cut beard hairs faded out a bit, nice little detail.

Controls really well, fun to play too. 


The goal is to increase your profits and keep the employee view rating up by maintaining a good view in every room.

Rooms without decor will decrease the total view rating. Placing decor (paintings, TVs, etc) will improve the view of the room. Each room needs about 3 pieces of decor to reach a perfect view rating.

Your profits are affected by the average view rating. Good views means good profits!

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character.

Need more space for rooms? In the shop, you can use your research points to build an entire new floor.

Pretty cool and fun mechanic. You should make something else with it.

Cool art style. Good job!

Heh, saw it on JGO. Nice job!

I can't get the colorization to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Great pick for the theme!