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The animation when you abduct a house is really cool (the art in general is cute too), and the game itself is pretty fun/exciting with a decent difficulty level (aside from sometimes dying when you first start but ig thats a bug).

Good job! :)

The character switching is pretty cool, and the abilities look nice when used.  The game has really good atmosphere/mood too.

It's a good base for a game - definitely worth fleshing out more and finishing. Good job :)

The text rendering is pretty fuzzy and could be a lot more clear, and some instructions would be good. It can also be a bit rough getting through tight spots to grab things (at least with the scissors).

The footstep particles are cool, atmosphere is decent too (so +mood points), and I didn't notice any bugs.

Not bad for something made in 5 hours, and the ending was cool. Good job :)

The backstory is cool, and the animated art is really nice - the little particles when you pick things up is a nice addition to that.

As far as innovation goes, it's very unique - this idea is great in both innovation and humor.

The music is nice too, and fits the game well.

As far as suggestions go, I'm not sure I have much to add - however I didn't figure out until later in the game that I could pick up multiple things at once, so maybe that could be more clear. It might also be fun to add some enemies around the main area that you fight off while collecting things - nothing too difficult, but maybe just some little monsters or something to slay while you collect. (Idk if that would fit well, just a thought I had while playing).

Love the snowman btw lol. Also the world being a circle rather than a typical rectangle is kinda cool.

The dragon fight at the end is really fun - love a good boss battle. Using the letters from your town name as ammo is great.

All around, a well polished and very enjoyable experience. (Btw, my "Speedrun time" at the end was 5:53 - I was probably a bit slow but thats alright :P)

 Good job!

Oh damn, things were going pretty straight forward for a bit there but then suddenly I'm walking back with the ball and boom - a huge trail of blood! then the whole thing changes up starting with some dudes doing a satanic ritual or something in the building lol, love it. The multiple endings are cool too.

The art is cute, and everything  went smoothly. Good job :)

Really fun, and solid retro feel. The snowman area is a nice touch too lol.

My best score after various tries was 7881 (with 37 delivery time and 0 collisions). Adding a highscore display would be cool (so you don't have to keep track manually).

This game is great. Good job!

Interesting mix of puzzle and town-building. I did notice one little 'bug', which is that if you click the building hud button in the bottom right while that button is hovering over an empty tile, it gets instantly placed down in that spot instead of letting you choose where to put it (in other words, it'd be better if placing wasn't possible while your mouse is hovering on the hud button). Otherwise, gameplay was smooth.

It's fun and fairly unique with a decent balance for difficulty - good job :)

Certainly an interesting/unique game! The camera perspective is a little strange, but understandable given the time constraint (also the music only played in the menu for me). The "offensive decor" and shark dialog are pretty funny, so +points for humor. I like variety of different dialog options/paths, and its a good take on the theme. Overall, cool game - good job :)

Pretty fun little platformer/puzzle game! It's short, but solid. I didn't notice any bugs/issues, aside from one time that I got stuck under one of the moving platforms, but that was mostly my fault for standing under it then pressing the lever :P Maybe a restart button for when you get stuck would be good?

One small tweak I'd make would be to switch the "Advance Dialog" button to something closer to the WASD keys, such as perhaps R or Q. Having W as a jump option in addition to space is nice though.

Good job!

Its pretty cool to see the animals come to life once they drop onto your planet. Imo the instructions could be a bit more clear, as I was a little confused as to what I was supposed to do/what everything does. Trying not to squish your people can be a little tricky, but fun. Good job :)

Love the winter/christmas-y music! The art is nice, and the falling snow is a great addition - helps set the mood.

I'm not sure how to unselect a building that I've selected from the right menu (if thats possible) - it would be nice to be able to do that, so you could check and compare the stats of your different options (or maybe just showing the stats as a tooltip when you hover would work better).

Overall, a very enjoyable game! Good job.

Very cool, unique approach to city building. It's pretty fun, and the large variety of traits keeps things interesting (although I did find it fairly difficult to survive long term). I like how you're able to take people back out of houses to rebalance things when you get the chance.

The game looks great, has a decent atmosphere/mood, and is well put together. The music is nice too. Good job :)

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It's very difficult - I think making things a bit easier on the player (especially on the first level when you're still learning) would be good (for example, you can be killed almost instantly at the start of the game, which I feel might confuse people).

That said, it's pretty fun - it's a good base for an action game, and the traps & strategically placing them is a cool mechanic :)

Btw, the explosion sound when the guy kills you is too loud, especially in comparison to the rest of the game - adjusting that would be a significant improvement. I also noticed that the exit button when you die seems to freeze the game on the web version.

Good job :)

Decently challenging, and a nice set of moves with dodges and all (although maybe the dodging could be adjusted, as it feels like you need to react practically instantly for it to work sometimes). For mood, some music would really help.

I won after a couple tries. Nice job. :)

The music really fits the game well, with the nice chill setting in the beginning then the rougher guitar track when things switch up. The plot twist is really cool and innovative - I love how it starts off as a city building game then suddenly turns into a tower defense.
(also like the "A nice friendly snowman!" tooltip when you buy snowmen... ha.)

Might be cool if you could sell buildings, so you could replace houses with banks or rework your setup as you progress. Also slightly strange that there are non functional houses already on the map when you start which look about the same as the money-generating ones you place.

Overall, great game! Pretty enjoyable, good job :) Also the little snowman hats that fall on the ground for a little bit when they die is a nice effect, and the extra dialog when you keep clicking after winning lol.

Do you have Java installed? Could you try running the game from a command prompt (via java -jar) and telling me if there's any errors there?

hell yeah

Thanks, I think it should be fixed now :)

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Hi, ty for playing :) There's a game over screen (with a menu button) when you lose. Could you run the game from a command line (with java -jar "Mutation Garden.jar") to see the error that happens when it crashes?



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Awesome, love the music and the whole atmosphere.

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Use mouse to navigate (hold left click to move toward your cursor).

Right click to shoot your weapon at your cursor's location.

Bigger enemy ships are stronger and do more damage, so avoid them if you aren't strong enough to take them, then come back to them once you can.

Enemies drop ship parts once destroyed - pick them up to get stronger.

You win once all enemy ships are destroyed.

Info & Credits

Programming, music, sfx and sprites by myself.

Music & sounds made in LMMS

UI skin by "RAY3K", from


Pretty cool idea with the theme.  The mobile game look is nice.  Was cutting some pretty laughable cakes at first, but got the hang of it :)

See game page for instructions/assets etc

Here's the entries for the last one (Discord Jam 2), and here's the entries for the first Discord Jam.

I like the parallax space background and upgrade system.  Fun little game.

Good luck :D

The categories will be same as in Ludum Dare:

Overall, Graphics, mood, Audio, Fun, Humor, Innovation, and Theme.

Theme voting happens here, with entries judged by those who have submitted games.

Cool lights! Cool music and atmosphere too.

Good polish and art, good puzzles. The simple ambient music goes well with the rest of the game to set the mood.

Really well put together! It's fun to play too, and certainly unique.  Nice take on the theme.

Shaved off quite a few beard hairs, woo. I liked how the cut beard hairs faded out a bit, nice little detail.

Controls really well, fun to play too. 


The goal is to increase your profits and keep the employee view rating up by maintaining a good view in every room.

Rooms without decor will decrease the total view rating. Placing decor (paintings, TVs, etc) will improve the view of the room. Each room needs about 3 pieces of decor to reach a perfect view rating.

Your profits are affected by the average view rating. Good views means good profits!

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character.

Need more space for rooms? In the shop, you can use your research points to build an entire new floor.

Pretty cool and fun mechanic. You should make something else with it.

Cool art style. Good job!

I can't get the colorization to work. Am I doing something wrong?