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Submitted by whycardboard — 6 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Really well put together! It's fun to play too, and certainly unique.  Nice take on the theme.


this game is really fun, and makes great use of the theme. having the vertical view represent the ammo and the horizontal view represent health was just brilliant and works perfectly. 

reloading is rather annoying though, since you have to constantly spam r, which is rather clunky when trying to focus on fighting enemies. i think what would work better is making it so that whenever you press r your ammo constantly reloads without you pressing it, however you can't shoot while do so and you would also be slower. perhaps there could also be a bonus for reloading as little as possible

the score system is also not very good, with it mostly being based on pure luck on how many enemies spawn rather than skill. this could be improved by having it where you gain extra points the less damage you take, as well as the time you take to complete the level. 

something that i think would also be cool is if the game had more rogue like elements, with items you can find and with bigger floors that you progress through by going to exits rather than by eliminating every enemy.


I loved this! The idea is very original, I love how you utilized the "limited view" theme with health and ammo. The graphics are very clean and pretty. Gameplay is fun too and the difficulty is good (it was really hard to play without a mouse though). I'm sorry I can't rate this because I haven't submitted my own entry, I'd give this 5 stars on theme and innovation for sure.


Really like the game!
Missing health covering the screen, missing ammo doing the same, and having a death trigger if either of those reach 0 is a really innovating idea for a game!
Also catching music! Extra points for that!

Developer (1 edit)

important: using a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor breaks the game. it’s not unplayable, but it’s obnoxious. it’s an issue with the engine, too. hopefully fixed in the post jam!


i fixed it, but it now means that the score is not visible on some screens. so my 1600x900 laptop cuts off the bottom. should hopefully be fixed eventually.


The game idea is interesting and the game overall fun to play. I love the visual style and the music. I would have liked the game more if it did not restart every time I dies. Overall a very well made jam game. Well done.


Fun game, I love the clean aesthetic.  Level generation works well, though it did occasionally produce levels easier than the ones that came before them (one time I had a dungeon 11 that only had one enemy).  The different weapon choices were cool, though I think having them just unlock rather than having to purchase them would make more sense since the points don't go down after a purchase.  As a side note, I also use GameMaker and I would recommend incrementing image_index immediately when you first start moving, as otherwise the character will not animate when you move small distances, which can look odd.