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Steven Miller

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Version 2 did not work for me (instead of the water loading in, there was a large gap where the title screen still showed and I couldn't seem to place bridges), but luckily I didn't run into any issues with the original.  Overall, I really like the mechanics, though I think a little a bit more leniency when it comes to inaccuracy would be beneficial.  Things like having the cursor snap to a valid area to place a bridge when near it would also make the gameplay a little smoother.  Overall, I really liked this, and the environment is very well presented, and the ripple and water effects are a nice addition.

Great use of the design document, my best score was 1001.

I found the mechanics really interesting and the level variety was refreshing.  I also enjoyed the dialogue, it was quite riveting.

The art and presentation are excellent and the gameplay is addictive, even if I am pretty bad at it.

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New Update! (10/27/16)

I've been super busy as of late, so it might be much longer between updates now.


-Fixed an audio bug with stampers

-More audio rebalancing

-Undo and redo are now in the game! Click the buttons in the top left or use "z" and "x" to undo or redo respectively

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Thank you! I love the idea with the red lines, I will definitely try to implement that. I really want to add online scores, I don't really know how to do online stuff, but I will certainly look into it.

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Audio Update (9/4)


-Placing, deleting, and rotating machines now makes sound

-Stampers now make sound

-Sound rebalancing for some sound effects (example: sensors are slightly louder)

-Audio now works differently, it now replaces sounds of the same type still playing in order to avoid stacking, and now the pitch can vary slightly

Coming soon: More audio balancing and I'm working on an undo button (I plan to have an undo, redo, and delete all button)

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Minor Update(s) (9/4)

Inconsequential Changes:

-You can no longer synthesize a block going into the destructor or colliding with a synthesizer

-Fixed a bug where using a left-pointing synthesizer with the box over a stamper caused the box-case hybrid to have the wrong stamp

Notes: I actually have 48 levels now (instead of the current 32), but I probably won't add in the new levels until the full version, as they would mess up the level select and save system.

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Big Update (8/21)


-Tweaks to color-blind mode

-2 new chapters and 8 new levels!

-A new mechanic, stampers!

-Synthesizers now light up upon activation

Sound for stampers and some more tweaks will come soon-ish!

Medium Update (8/9)


-Changes to settings menu

-Color Blind Mode! Enable in the settings to make the game color blind-friendly.

Quick Update (8/9)

-Changed the depth of boxes

-Alternator now activates even if the box is synthesized

Quick Update (8/7)

-Fixed level select screen

Audio Update (8/6)


-3 Songs

-Sound Effects (may be modified in future updates)

-A settings menu

HUGE New Update! (8/3)


-8x speed is now in the game! (The setting existed before, but was not actually worked into the UI yet)

-Some graphical changes (the red highlight for where a box will land is now easier to see)

-The way the speeds work is different (yet again), fixing the last issue it had

-HUGE CHANGE: The game now records cycles (how long your solution takes) and machines (the number of pieces you used) as well as your best scores for each level

-Levels now display a screen showing your results rather than closing abruptly

Note: The system for locking levels and chapters is already in the game, but I've left everything unlocked for now. Audio and story will also be added in a future update.

New update! (8/2)


-Fixed a bug with boxes continuing to move after the machine crashes

-There is now an indicator for where a block will move to, which helps make it more obvious when pushers aren't properly oriented.

-The tutorial icon is now a question mark, the mail icon will be used for story pieces later on.

-Slight color changes for level select and error messages

-Speeds now work differently (it doesn't look quite as smooth, but the old system had a very small chance to make the machine crash)

-There is now an indicator to show where the machine crashed

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Rather than cluttering up the description, I will now post information about updates and changes here.