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Steven Miller

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Cool game, I liked the art.  There were a few bugs with the collisions and camera movement, but I liked it overall.

Great game, I really liked the dialogue and the art was very clean and well made.  I also liked that running into an enemy takes the counter down by one rather than restarting the level, and it prevented the game from getting frustrating.

Fun game, I liked the trade-off between the different sets and trying to optimize my solution to get a better score was fun.  My best was 4000.

Thanks!  Indeed, the first 8 out of 30 levels are designed such that the player cannot make them impossible, so you could brute force your way through them.  After that, the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and a wrong move could make the level unsolvable.

This game is bananas!

It took me several tries, but I was eventually able to find all 25 bananas.

This game is bananas!

I liked the effects and I found all of the bananas in just over 6 minutes.

This game is bananas!

I got a score of 292.

Spectacular game!  I loved the effects and the music is superb.

Fun game, I really love the concept.  I think the game should be a little more forgiving.  Making the hitboxes for the hazards a little smaller or adding more checkpoints (for example, I think you should add one after you get the WASD controls unlocked) would go a long way to make the game less frustrating.  I would love to see this updated in the future!

I uploaded a web build over on Game Jolt, but it doesn't run the greatest.  I should probably update the links on the page to show that.

Probably my favorite so far.  Pretty much everything about this is perfect, and I feel like naming everything I liked about it would be redundant, as I would pretty much be making a list of everything in the game.  The level designs are brilliant and the combat is addictive.  I was finally able to beat the game after around an hour.  Amazing job!

Amazing game!  The graphics are superb and the music fits the mood flawlessly.  My best score was 18.

This is intentional, and is put in place in case you decide you would like to change your rating later.  Your rating will only be submitted once.

Great game, the art is wonderful and the checkpoints keep it from getting frustrating.  The audio is very well done and I liked the physics for the slimes (also, congratulations on your win in innovation!).

This game is great, I love the humor and the drawings are awesome (especially the city map).

Great game!  I liked the art and the dash mechanic worked very well.  I did seem to skip backwards occasionally when using the dash ability.  Great job!

Cool little game, I liked the jumping animation.  I would love to see more levels.

Really fun game, the splatter effects are well done and I liked strategy aspect of combat.

I think some modifications to the commands would be beneficial, as it currently takes two actions to give a command (scrolling and pressing F).  Perhaps just using the wheel and having the slime follow the highlighted command or having a way to select commands using hotkeys or using only the mouse might make it a little easier.  I think the main issue is just that using it requires both mouse and keyboard controls.

Great little game!  The text is very well written and I liked that there were multiple endings.

Really fun game!  The controls are a bit difficult to get used to, but the puzzles are well designed and the mechanics are very interesting.

I really like the gameplay and the concept is solid, though the UI is a little clunky.  I ran into a few scenarios where the layering was off, and in one case, I couldn't see the dialogue of a character because I initiated the conversation with my inventory open.  That said, I quite enjoyed it overall.

I really loved the effects and slime physics.  The game play was simple, but fairly fun and I liked it overall.

Pretty good game, though it did end up crashing.  I liked the art, though I fell like making the camera a little lower would help with platforming and would allow the player to more easily see where they are going to land.

Fun game, though I feel like using the arrow keys when choosing between the three objects would've been a bit more intuitive.  The solutions for the  rock, paper, and scissors seemed a little unintuitive, and I feel like making the scissors like paper would be more fitting since that is the object it can beat.  Other than that, I loved the art and audio and the idea was very interesting.

Pretty cool game, though a bit difficult to understand at first.  I eventually realized that clicking on the slimes reduced their size and teleported them and that fully destroying them would reward a point.  I agree that adding a lose condition or a way to build a combo would make for more engaging gameplay.

Thanks for checking it out!  That's actually level 21 out of the 24 levels, so you didn't miss much.  Those last four are much harder than the rest of the game (especially the last two), so you did great!

Cool game, the graphics are quite nice.  I did notice that the player and sword still move after death, though I loved the ambient sound.

Great game, I love the graphics and overall presentation.  The transitions and and effects are a nice touch as well.  Great job!

This game is extremely well done, and it is a shame more people haven't seen it.  The combat is simple but fun and I liked the story so far.  The map is quite good as well, and I liked the inclusion of other areas like the park and bar to explore.  The music is good, though the silence between loops can be a little jarring.  I hope you continue working on this!

Great game, I completed it on my second try.  The grappling mechanic is very well done and I liked the level design.  I would love to see this further developed!

This game is amazing!  This game is pretty much perfect, but I guess if I had to nitpick I would suggest adding a slightly different sprite for the lantern when it is lit up.  I look forward to future updates!

This game is really good.  It is very atmospheric and I thought the map layout was pretty well done.  The sounds were great, though I wish there was music or more ambient noise.  Overall, great job!

Cool game!  The music is great and the gradual increase in speed when moving is a nice touch.

Fun game, having an alternate movement style with slower speeds was a great way to make the later levels easier to handle.  Additionally, the patterns in the background and assets made the graphics much more interesting and visually pleasing.

Great game, I really like the idea and it is pretty unique.

Nice game, the puzzles never got too hard, and the mechanics added later on made for some fun gameplay.

Cool game, I liked the atmosphere, and the UI was very clean.

Great game, it is simple but fun and fairly innovative as well.