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Update 1 - April 4th

- Level 22 has been modified

Vampire Garden community » Changelog · Created a new topic Update 2

Update 2 - March 19th

- Level 73 has been modified (thanks again to

- The undo sound effect is now quieter when undoing multiple moves in a row

Vampire Garden community » Changelog · Created a new topic Update 1

Update 1 - March 14th

- Level 59 has been modified to remove an unintended solution (thanks to for pointing it out!)

Interesting, I was hoping the first three levels would establish the walls well enough, but I do suppose it would've been clearer if there was an early level that had more of them, presumably in a narrow corridor where the player could be forced to move around them.  If you have a rough description of which level the difficulty jump took place in it may be helpful.

Also, there is indeed a slight cooldown on movement unless all movement keys are released.  Said cooldown is slightly longer (still only around 1/3 of a second) following the first move after a key press.  This is to reduce the amount of missteps that occur.  The one that felt laggy is probably the one for the initial step, but without it, it is somewhat easy to accidentally move two tiles instead of one.

Interesting, that is similar to why I haven't bothered with GM Studio 2 (completely new and arguably clunkier interface).  It makes a lot more sense knowing that it is 8, I had forgotten that it used such a similar loading bar.

Cool game, the lighting effects are great.  I would like to see levels that are a bit less linear and that make use of being able to deactivate the switches, though I understand that you were working under strict time constraints.  I end up scrapping ideas and starting over quite often during jams, so I usually start with something like art or basic movement code that I can reuse pieces of in case I need to switch projects.

Also, just out of curiosity, is there a specific reason for using GameMaker 7 (I am assuming that it was used based on the loading bar) rather than one of the newer iterations?  There's nothing wrong with it (I am actually quite fond of 7, as it was the first engine I used), though it is definitely rare to see nowadays.

I finished all three levels.  I think the game would benefit from having the condensed light either be bigger (giving the player a better idea of what the map looks like) or slower (giving the player a better idea of what routes can be traveled down, which I personally think would be more interesting).  I thought that having to click the switch after finding it was a bit unintuitive, and I think it might be better to display a victory message of sorts after the switch is touched that can then be clicked to return to the menu.  The collision system was a bit annoying at times, especially in the third level, where the player often can't travel down a path because they are slightly misaligned.  I'd recommend making bigger pathways, snapping the player to a grid of sorts after movement (for example, you could round the player's x and y coordinates such that they are even integers), having smaller hitboxes, and/or making the player stop completely rather than bouncing back when touching a wall (this is probably the best option).

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That makes sense, it started in windowed mode for me so it might be worth checking on another computer if you have the chance, though it could also just be on my end (which may indeed be the case since none of the other comments mention it).

Nice game, my only suggestion would be to put in a way to skip dialogue that has already been heard in a previous playthrough.

Great game, I would love to see this mechanic with something like moving platforms (or some object that behaves differently depending on whether or not it is visible) to force the player to be more strategic with where they stop the enemies.

Cool game, I thought that the idea of guessing where the invisible walls were by how the walls around them looked was interesting.  I feel like having the enemies go completely invisible might have been more meaningful,  as I could still track them fairly easily from their eyes alone.  I think the game window is also a bit too small (I ended up using alt + enter and played it in fullscreen), and I feel that it may have been better to scale it up a bit.

Good game, I really like how the theme was used.  I enjoyed the ambient sounds, and the game has a great atmosphere overall.  One minor complaint is that the ending is a bit abrupt.

Fun game, I love the clean aesthetic.  Level generation works well, though it did occasionally produce levels easier than the ones that came before them (one time I had a dungeon 11 that only had one enemy).  The different weapon choices were cool, though I think having them just unlock rather than having to purchase them would make more sense since the points don't go down after a purchase.  As a side note, I also use GameMaker and I would recommend incrementing image_index immediately when you first start moving, as otherwise the character will not animate when you move small distances, which can look odd.

Both bugs should now be fixed, thank you for catching them!

The first issue should be fixed!  I will look into the second one now.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!  It only happens in the web version, which is a bit odd.  I will look into it.

This is spectacular!  I wish I had seen it while ratings were still going, I hope you continue to work on this.

Thank you!  This jam was a ton of fun, I look forward to the next one!

I really liked the style of the game, and use of the theme was interesting.  The art was also quite nice, especially the effect when hitting a ghost.  My only recommendation would be speeding up the player's movement, as I think it could make the moment-to-moment gameplay feel more intense and engaging.  Great job!

I really liked this game, the mechanics are really cool and the different walking animations are a nice touch.  Details like having the player have a chance to get a hat or television were also great and made the game feel polished.  My only recommendation would be to make space throw newspapers, as the old man can't jump anyway.  Using the mouse feels a bit unnecessary, but this is a very minor gripe that is inconsequential.  Great job!

I really enjoyed this, the concept is simple and easy to follow.  I like that each level has its own style and I thought the difficulty curve worked well.  In terms of improvements, I think it would be nice to have a button to reset a level for when you make a mistake instead of having to run out of time or fuel.

I think I will have thoroughly enjoyed this as I play it.  I would love to have seen an expansion on this concept (the expanded version is great, by the way).

I really love the story, it is rare to find writing that so thoroughly encompasses the range of human emotions.   The monsters are also absolutely adorable.

The lighting, atmosphere, and style of the game feel incredibly polished.  I enjoyed the minimalistic gameplay and I think it was a lot of fun to mess around with.  The only issue I noticed was that walking into a wall with an hourglass and dropping it made it fall through the map.

I really enjoyed this game.  The puzzles are very interesting and fun, and I do hope you expand on it.  I think that the difficulty curve might be off, however.  I felt like the very first puzzle was the hardest, as it required manipulating the red blocks and freezing in mid air.  I feel like the blue blocks should've been introduced first, as they are easier to manipulate.  Another thing that would be beneficial is some sort of checkpoint system.  I got stuck on a red block near the end of the game and had to start from the beginning.  Overall, I really liked the game, and I would love to see an updated version!

I quite like the concept and the UI is very clean.  I think a good addition would be a way for it to check whether the player is correct or not.  It might also be interesting to incorporate a time limit or way of encouraging speed.

Thanks for the feedback!  Also, congrats on your LD40 theme win!

Unfortunately, this was made with GameMaker, so I can't make a linux build.  However, a web build is very likely.  For now, you can find a test one here.

Thanks!  It is indeed original, though kind of a spiritual successor to a game I made called Conditions.

Cool game, I liked the art.  There were a few bugs with the collisions and camera movement, but I liked it overall.

Great game, I really liked the dialogue and the art was very clean and well made.  I also liked that running into an enemy takes the counter down by one rather than restarting the level, and it prevented the game from getting frustrating.

Fun game, I liked the trade-off between the different sets and trying to optimize my solution to get a better score was fun.  My best was 4000.

Thanks!  Indeed, the first 8 out of 30 levels are designed such that the player cannot make them impossible, so you could brute force your way through them.  After that, the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and a wrong move could make the level unsolvable.

This game is bananas!

It took me several tries, but I was eventually able to find all 25 bananas.

This game is bananas!

I liked the effects and I found all of the bananas in just over 6 minutes.

This game is bananas!

I got a score of 292.

Spectacular game!  I loved the effects and the music is superb.