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this is a very interesting idea, but the whole idea of you only being able to see sound waves seems rather pointless since you can also see the enemies and pickups without making any sound at all. The enemies are also damage sponges, even on easy, which makes this game quite a chore to play. i think the idea would've worked better in a stealth game, with the waves made depending on the volume of the sound and the surface it's traveling on.

this game is really fun, and makes great use of the theme. having the vertical view represent the ammo and the horizontal view represent health was just brilliant and works perfectly. 

reloading is rather annoying though, since you have to constantly spam r, which is rather clunky when trying to focus on fighting enemies. i think what would work better is making it so that whenever you press r your ammo constantly reloads without you pressing it, however you can't shoot while do so and you would also be slower. perhaps there could also be a bonus for reloading as little as possible

the score system is also not very good, with it mostly being based on pure luck on how many enemies spawn rather than skill. this could be improved by having it where you gain extra points the less damage you take, as well as the time you take to complete the level. 

something that i think would also be cool is if the game had more rogue like elements, with items you can find and with bigger floors that you progress through by going to exits rather than by eliminating every enemy.

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The atmosphere in this game is pretty good, and it looks pretty nice visually. It's really annoying how the camera isn't centered on the jellyfish though. 

The Shark AI is also pretty weird. They seem to move incredibly fast, with no way to know if one is nearby outside the screen bounds, and there's also always one shark following you. I think it would've been better if the sharks had instead been able to loose track of you and stop chasing, and would also react to movement. It would also be better if the sharks had some kind of movement pattern that they do when not chasing you. Considering the theme, having audio cues help you figure out where the sharks are would also help improve them. 

The light mechanic also doesn't work really well, since you can see sharks and food perfectly fine without it, and it just doesn't feel all the great to use. I think having it where instead the light increased in brightness rather than sized would've been much better.

This game is really fun and polished and makes great use of the theme. It also has a really nice atmosphere and visual style, although the menus buttons look quite inconstant compared with the rest of the game. The game's difficulty curve is not that great though, with the 2nd level being way more difficult compared to the first, and I find it pretty annoying that I can't aim my bullets wherever I want.

This is a rather cool take on tetris, and uses the theme in a fun and interesting way. There is a huge lack of polish though, with bland graphics and it's lack of sound.

this game doesn't really fit the theme very well, and the gameplay is rather simple and bland, which isn't exactly helped by the lack of sound and uninteresting visuals, although I guess it does kinda make sense considering how it was made in only one hour like you said.

This game has pretty great atmosphere, but it's rather annoying how limited the movement it, and I wish the game had a proper end rather than just dying.

neat idea, I liked how there are multiple queues that you have to be aware of to figure out who's a vampire. The music is pretty good too. It doesn't look very good visually though, and it doesn't really fit the theme (although you do say that you do have limited visibility, so it might be a bug). The game could also use a scoring system that is based on your human to vampire kill ratio rather than accuracy.

thanks, btw you're supposed to pick up the yellow cubes to bring up your fov.

That was kinda what i wanted to happen, although i probably made it too hard seeing as how it happened in all of the previous jams I've joined.

that's actually what they do, maybe I made the effect too weak?

oh shit ok

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It's a neat idea, but the slowness of literally everything absolutely kills it. Edit: ok apparently you're supposed to Shift-Click the flag to make the game run at a reasonable speed. This makes the game actually playable and pretty fun. I do think however that it wasn't really all that clear that i was supposed to do that, if the description said something like "the game will run slow normally, you will have to shift-click the flag to make it run properly" i think it would've been much more obvious. The music is pretty nice and catchy, but the lack of sound effects is a little jarring. I also like the way the game ramps up the difficulty as it goes on, and the risk vs. reward system works pretty well.


nice game, but it feels so uncomfortable having the character be all the way to the left of the screen.

Telephones seem to be ringing a lot, even though you said it should be every few minutes.

It would be cool if there was some technology objects like a computer or a phone.

I really like what you're doing so far with the game. It's really cool. There are a few things I think should be worked on though.

I think that smaller objects should drain your "health" less, with bigger objects draining more. I also think that there should be a way to reset the angle of an object while you're carrying it. Bigger objects should also be harder to push around.