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Hey! Sorry for responding late, but I didn't have time earlier...

After you get on top for the first time, it should make the screen white (as you said) and create some lines (another effect) that leads you down.

After you get through that phase, you have to go back up again, and then the game ends!

As I understand, you were only able to get passed the first phase, and it didn't load the rest. I've had some difficulties when testing the game on other devices, but if you can switch from full-screen to window mode, it may fix some of those issues.

Other than that, I can't really do anything else. If the problem keeps appearing, I could try and fix it if you were to send a gif or some kind of video file to me, so I can try and understand where the problem is!

Created a new topic General Discussions

Here you can ask questions, leave feedback, interact with other users, do whatever you like!

Just make sure your comment isn't agressive or non-user-friendly, otherwise it will probably be turned down.

Well, have fun!

Created a new topic Specialized Attacks

Here you can suggest alrernitive Specialized attacks for the game!


  • Color: You can either tell me a basic color (like yellow or red) or a more specific color by giving me the rgb code. You can find that using goggle's color selector.

    Make sure that the color you are suggesting isn't already in the game as a special attack. You can't say light blue, because it already has an effect, or purple for example, because it is being used on the Dance on Strings fight.
  • Effect: Write the effect you want to be applied, and the way to trigger it. For example, it can either be active while close to the player, or it can give a debuff uppon hitting the player!

    Just make sure it isn't too overpowered, or I'll have to make it reasonable before adding.

Your username will be added under the Specialized Attacks Suggestions to the credits, when I actually make them!

Created a new topic Additional Fights Suggestions
(Edited 1 time)

Here, you can suggest a fight that you would like to be added to the game.


  • Music for the fight. Make sure it is either royalty-free, or that the creator agrees to its usage on this game.
    Also keep in mind that the song isn't too long (more than 2 minutes), or I might not make it, or use part of the song to shorten the fight
  • Type of attack. Since it is an Additional fight, orange and blue still have their meanings, but you can add your own one on another color!
    (instead of telling me either yellow or something, if your color is specific, send me the rgb code of it. You can use google's color selector for that one)

    Alternitive, you can choose a type from the Specialized Attacks Topic, if you don't want to create a new one, or the one you have in mind is already there!
  • While not neccecery, I would appreciate if you would give me a refrence to an icon, or the icon itself for the fight!
    If you decide to go with the second option, download this blank one and addapt your idea to it!

Uppon completing a fight, the game will be updated. The user that suggested the fight, will get their username under the battle icon!

There are 3 Main Levels, 5 Training levels, and 3 minutes too late. I can safely call this game jam entry a failiure. The game idea may be good, but the gameplay isn't finished. There are a ton of bugs and the whole game at its curent state is clearly a prototype, and not something completed. Better luck next time, I guess...

(Edited 1 time)

I just added two more Training Levels and one more Main Level. I'll add two more Training Levels and one more Main Level, just so the game has a small amount of content in it, and I can't call it a complete fail (for the game jam event. For a project to just work on it's doing great!)

Edit: The Main Levels use the actual coding part of the game, while the Training levels are just some riddles that you have to solve.

Training Missions Complete!

I have now created all the scripts and such to make level creation for Training Missions take less that a few minutes to add! I just have to change the code solution of each level, and the level is done! Well, of cource the encrypted messeage will have to change as well (the text that will give you a hint to what you're suposed to be righting), but that is just a string with automateable line down mechanics (which I have the code ready from my Candy Wars game for LD39).

Anyway, that is now done and the main level will be done soon enough as well! I have been working on both types of level, so the main one is almost finished as well!

I know I haven't been posting a lot about the progress of the game, but it is being made. I just haven't got much internet access right now since I'm on vacation.

The icon for the first level is now done, as well as the layout of the build and the wire paths. Here's some screenshots of all that.

A main mechanic for this game will be the actuall coding of the virus you're going to use on each level. The coding for that is done, and it allows the user to:

  • Search for different wire lines (red, yellow, blue, light blue, target file)
  • transmit through those wires
  • destroy the target file or the virus you created (clearing evidence)
  • upload the target file (not yet implemented)
  • save and load the script you just made so it can be used at the level

The main menu is done! Any extra information needed to be filled will be done later (for example the controls information tab).

Here is a small video clip showing the main menu!

I was thinking about using real encrypted messeages, but more encrypted on harder levels, and with more hints on starter ones.

Actual coding will require extra work, because the game needs to know what each part of the puzzle does. It's like making a game engine, just simpler. If it's your first game idea, and first game prototype, I would suggest starting with a simple game of pac man or something similar. 

Making sure you can move a player, have key input controls and things like that is essential to programming. One of my first learning projects was pac man, and it improved my programming skills by a lot, and all the mechanics that I used then, I use all the time now.

Created a new topic The Code Breaker
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I was actually thinking of not participating at all. Ludum Dare has me way too exausted to participate, and all ideas that came to mind require heavy amounts of art, something that I couldn't make at any means.

While I was looking through a website, I remembered a little easter egg it has, one that includes the konami code. The game idea seems simple now, and the path is clear. 

You, are a professional hacker - decrypter, and only take offers others can't possibly complete. You will be tasked to break into various computers and sites alike, in a very limmited amount of time, of 30 seconds. Other offers may include decrypting various messeages. Those ones won't have a time limit, and will be consider training missions.

This won't ever be "first place, oh wow this is amazing", but it's better than nothing, will keep me entertained, and I want to do a solo participation anyways!

Any progress through the game will be uploaded as a reply on this topic.

I got to wave 23! Octava is OP!