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Most of the levels were made on the last day with a very tight schedule, so balancing was the last thing on my mind. Definitely should have spent more time on a proper tutorial and a more gradual difficulty curve. I also only play using WASD on basically every game, so if someone doesn't remind me to also include arrow support, I just forget about it.
I'll try to fix the tutorial and arrow problems on the revised edition. Not sure how much I can do for the difficulty curve but I'll give it a shot. Thanks for playing!

I really needed a better tutorial system in place, but time was really running out, and level making took a while. I'll try to have a better system in place for teaching mechanics in the revised edition of the game. Thanks for playing!

I tried adding a redo button, but just run out of time. And I also forgot about arrow key support, I only play with wasd so it just slipped my mind. I'll try to upload a revised edition as soon as the ratings are out. Thanks for the review!

Fun and short game. I like that it had 16 levels, not too many not too few. I don't really understand why people say it was difficult, I finished the whole thing in maybe 5-6 minutes. I also really liked the ending where it shows the tiger going backwards, that was really fun to watch! Great game, well done!

Quick game, but really fun. I really liked the time rewind mechanic, but aside from reviving you it didn't really do much. The music was great too. Overall this game was incredible, I just wish it could have had a couple more levels or temples to explore

neat game, but I felt like the difficulty spike was a bit too harsh. I needed to get keys but my 50hp guy was just getting one-shotted by 3 unavoidable knights. I'll try a fast-spawning minion only strat and see how that turns out. There's enough room here for a lot of strategizing which I like. Also the music was awesome! Great game, well done!

That was incredibly fun, the transition screens, the epic audio and sound effects, everything was just so good. I also have no idea how you made it clear which ones were the bosses, but still managed to have a normal difficulty curve. Amazing game, well done

Fun puzzle solving, there were plenty of levels too and the difficulty curve felt natural. I will say that the last level was a bit hard, but that's to be expected for a final level.
I would like to see the path that the boars take before I move, I would usually just have to make a random path to see how they move before trying to solve the level. Maybe also a small animation to indicate which boar moved and to where, because it felt like they were teleporting everywhere. On that last level especially it took me a while to understand their pathing.

Still, very fun game, especially for your first game jam!

Ohhh, I see. I thought it might be like an initiative roll or something, but couldn't confirm by myself, thanks for clarifying!
Also yea, I did exaggerate with that 3-4 step thing, but in my defense it 1) feels like it, and 2) I did get an encounter first step as soon as I left the castle, so it might count protected areas as steps too.
I will rate some more games and then try out that final boss, I'm really eager to try that out!

seems nice, I especially liked the little poem at the start. Music was great, and the hand drawn tigers looked really good, but the game doesn't really reward me for getting the image close to the original. Also I can't start drawing outside a box, and I also can't stop drawing if I leave the box.
Still, a fun game!

Fun and short, had a solid boss battle and made full use of the limitation and theme. It was a bit short, only 3 very quick levels, but still enjoyable!
I don't really get why I can only shoot to the right, and not in all directions though. Also the tiger boss would still hurt me even if I was nowhere near the left side of the room.

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Very fun game! There was a lot of content for just a jam game. It was a bit difficult at times, the enemies were showing up every 3-4 steps (a lot), and there were a lot of misses on my guys, but it was still enjoyable enough to give it 3 tries and an hour of playing time.

Some small bugs (or inconsistencies, not sure):
the battle music didn't stop playing after I got beat, and persisted to the next run.
the order that units would go in battle. I'd use 3 guys, then the enemy, then 3 guys again. (edit: I'd have 4 people in my team)
Surprisingly few bugs for a jrpg made with a custom engine.

And just for personal difficulties on my end:
I had no idea what to do after I escaped jail. The repair guy did not show up because I didn't read the bookshelf. After I went back and read it he appeared, and even then it took me a while to  find that secret catacombs entrance. Also was there supposed to be a boss in there? I got the dialogue after I got the ring but no boss showed up (I just gunned it for the exit).

And last paragraph because this doesn't fit into any other paragraph:
Very fun game! From making fun of generic jrpg tropes, like grave robbing and the eye of the tiger, to the fun characters, like the mermaid spider chicken and squid (the squid might be bugged, the tentacle attack dealt 0 damage and healed for 0). It's clear that those characters aren't supposed to be as strong as the typical ones, but I still found them really fun!

Overall: great game! If you didn't mention that it was made using a custom engine I legit wouldn't have known.

Cool and short game! clearly inspired by There Is No Game, and I think your version captured the same exact feelings as that game did. great job!

Thank you very much for the feedback! I have already tried some of the stuff above and can give immediate answers.

  • The bullets being shot sound effect is still very much WIP, as well as the slider options for the sound system as a whole. I will definitely be fixing most of these problems and bugs soon.
  • Customization for the character was already planned actually, glad to see that others want this as well! The achivements currently do nothing, but will unlock cosmetic features for both the character and game's theme as a whole.
    The background tiles on the Extras option menu is actually a prototype working on that.
  • Clone was an ability I wanted to implement but for some reason haven't yet. I'll move it up the priority system so that it comes out before version 0.5
  • Shot was also an ability I wanted to add, but it was later replaced by the Bomb ability. Removing towers from far away with easy to get repeatable abilities was simply too easy.

    The bomb ability provides tower removal but with a risk, and the black hole perk is now the substitude for an easy way to remove towers.

Now for the other stuff that you mentioned

  • Better UI. honestly I was kinda avoiding that, but will definitely put some more work into it.
  • One Time abilities: Some abilities already have a limited ammount of use, but I see the difference with your idea. Will definitely experiment a lot with that, I feel like it could add so much depth to the game.
  • Time Dilation ability: amazing idea, definitely adding it and potentially replacing "Precice Movement" with it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Again, thanks so much for the feedback! It really goes a long way in motivating me to work on this more. Super glad that others want to see this project through the end!

I loved the art style, super unique and it really made me understand how the house was layed out. It was a bit frustrating not knowing I had to have the suitcase to interact with items, but I still managed to beat it with no resets, so I guess it's fine.
Great game!

This was really fun! I must have found 4 different Ivans before someone told me he was wearing a green shirt. Thankfully I found the right green-shirt Ivan before time run out. Great experience!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! I'm currently trying to nerf the boss rounds however I can. One idea I had is already out on version 0.1, but I've already thought of another way that it could work, which will be coming in future updates. If you want to follow the post jam version of this game of course!

The black hole effect when the player dies, that looks amazing! Rest of the game too, but the black hole one really caught my eye. I almost wanted to keep dying just to keep watching it. almost.

Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to do that. It's the second time I'm making a game using my own engine, and I already run into problems exporting it into an executable. Just thinking of all the changes I'd have to make so that it could run in a browser is a lot. If I made it using unity then it'd be a whole lot easier.

But for mac it should work, as well as any other operating system. Not sure if it does, as I haven't experimented with it, but from what I've read it should be functional.

My god that game over screen is incredible I need to learn how to make that.

Oh, right, review. Very fun game! I felt like I was playing super hot all over again, but with a time limit and more effects and that dash to get bullets mechanic, wow that's a really good game. Yea, I got no words, it's an amazing game, well done!

It's a very unique aproach to a bullet hell, not bad mechanic wise, but some small improvements could make all the difference in this game. The game-over audio is a bit weird, don't feel like it matches with the tone of the rest of the game. The main menu could really use a different less saturated color. When the rest of the game is in this black background, the super vibrant pink is just out of place. And last but not least, please change the camera so that instead of being centered on the player, the player is on the top of the screen. I never have any reason to look above my character, so it's just wasted space.

Not that bad otherwise, had a fun time playing!

Really fun game! the fact that you can't actually directly kill enemies, but only deactivate them is a really unique idea. combining a range attack to deactivate them with a close-up one to finish them is so fun. Very fun and very addicting!

I really liked the merging of asteroids and bullet hells together, it's such a nice combo of genres, and you implemented it perfectly in this game. going begind enemies to bypass shields, and only specific parts being able to shoot, really liked this combination! very good game!

Very creative and extremely fun! All the strategies you can implement in this game give it so much more depth that most bullet hells.

Great game! the speed might be a little too fast to clear some pixel-perfect levels (like the don't shoot only dodge exam) but otherwise really good, and very creative. I would just suggest making the shift button slow you down, I wouldn't add anything else to it. Really fun and addictive overall!

Great game! I liked the intro cutscene and enemy variety, but a bit more clarity on what the upgrades  do would also be great. I also run into a bug when trying to buy the first upgrade, forgot to take a screenshot of the error message though and I haven't been able to recreate it. Great game none the less, I enjoyed it!

That was really fun! It's very punishing if you get hit, as your power also goes down, and then there's not real way to bring it back up, since the enemies that drop the power ups are too hard to kill if you've lost a power level already. very fun though, I like the enemy variety, and that graze system is just incredible!

It's my first time exporting a project from java to exe, so apparently I did it wrong. It should work now though if you're willing to download it again

Thanks! And I never said that this was a game, this is just my way of saying "I can't participate again".

Thanks! I already passed the first part with flying colors, so I feel like the support you're giving me with these comments is really helping!

Thanks! I'll definitely need it

Thanks! I'll need it 😅

wait, there were multiple levels? I only saw the first, then the enemies stopped spawning and I thought I beat it

Oh no... this game predicts the future!
First there was the earth, then we built cities, so the third stage predicts the future!

Seems nice, but I have no idea what I was doing. I was simply moving around, firing with my semi-auto, and before I knew it the enemies stopped coming and I was left with 28 hp.
Still nice though, well done!

Thank you! I'll probably update the game one the voting period has ended with the limitation switch being disabled by default. It just makes the game way harder than it needs to be, and I'm too lazy to remove it completely.

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed the levels you got to saw! And just for reference, there are a total of 25 levels (4 secret levels and 1 end level).

I'll also make it possible to beat the level-menu. Just to make it even more like baba is you.

Fun game! Only thing it's missing is some of that catchy gymnastics music, going up and down and up and left and swirl all around and duck under that massive wall! And again! Up and down an-

Yea, I think I got carried away there. But that's the only thing that could make this better! Oh, and sometimes a wall would give me double points.

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Thank you! Also, you're probably gonna need a lot of free time.
I suggest turning off the limitation after the jam is complete, and try to beat it. A few levels are gonna get hard, but nothing as extreme as the Level 14 Secret Sub-world.

Which one is level 14? What is a secret sub-world? Well... you'll figure that out soon enough.
it's the most difficult and unfair level in the whole game. Keyword here being unfair.

Good luck, and thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! And no, no prior experience, at least that I can remember.