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Thanks! And I never said that this was a game, this is just my way of saying "I can't participate again".

Thanks! I already passed the first part with flying colors, so I feel like the support you're giving me with these comments is really helping!

Thanks! I'll definitely need it

Thanks! I'll need it 😅

wait, there were multiple levels? I only saw the first, then the enemies stopped spawning and I thought I beat it

Oh no... this game predicts the future!
First there was the earth, then we built cities, so the third stage predicts the future!

Seems nice, but I have no idea what I was doing. I was simply moving around, firing with my semi-auto, and before I knew it the enemies stopped coming and I was left with 28 hp.
Still nice though, well done!

Thank you! I'll probably update the game one the voting period has ended with the limitation switch being disabled by default. It just makes the game way harder than it needs to be, and I'm too lazy to remove it completely.

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed the levels you got to saw! And just for reference, there are a total of 25 levels (4 secret levels and 1 end level).

I'll also make it possible to beat the level-menu. Just to make it even more like baba is you.

Fun game! Only thing it's missing is some of that catchy gymnastics music, going up and down and up and left and swirl all around and duck under that massive wall! And again! Up and down an-

Yea, I think I got carried away there. But that's the only thing that could make this better! Oh, and sometimes a wall would give me double points.

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Thank you! Also, you're probably gonna need a lot of free time.
I suggest turning off the limitation after the jam is complete, and try to beat it. A few levels are gonna get hard, but nothing as extreme as the Level 14 Secret Sub-world.

Which one is level 14? What is a secret sub-world? Well... you'll figure that out soon enough.
it's the most difficult and unfair level in the whole game. Keyword here being unfair.

Good luck, and thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! And no, no prior experience, at least that I can remember.

Oh, I really like the idea of an open world game that you can climb mountains and stuff!
How you can carry a million apples the size of your body is beyond me, but still really fun!
Sadly, I wasn't able to climb the mountains... just two of them, and the other two where just laughing at me.
Really cool entry, well done!

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Great game! I got stuck on the last level for wayyyy too long, but...

Still 0 deaths! And I collected all the orbs too! I'm a god in this game, I know!

Really fun game! Well done!

The portals confused me at first, but when I understood them they seem like a great idea!
Really liked it, well done!

Very cool game! Very fast too, I must have been going a thousand miles per hour!
Thankfully the parkour wasn't too difficult for that to be a problem.

It's a shame you didn't have time for a boss stage... but look at the bright side! It gives you something to do for the post-jam update!

I really like the way you've implemented attacks! Took me a while to figure out, but once I did it was great! I may have overused the ninja-star one, but it just gives you the best offense in combination with the best defense, unlike the side attacks that leave you open and only cover one half of the screen.

Still, great game! The attacks just need a bit re-balancing, and a better tutorial.

It's nice, but kinda difficult. I try as much as I can, and yet can't survive long enough to fill my second power meter. which, by the way, I feel should evaporate all enemies on screen.

Some music would also bring the game to life. Some simple sound effects could also be useful...
Still, it's a nice game. Just needs a few improvements.

It's a good game, with nice atmosphere, but I got stuck when I got the tea... I couldn't figure a way out.
Oh, also the springs don't bounce you every time, but that's just a minor glitch.

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It's a really fun game, but I got stuck in the level where the guard fires at you almost instantly. Add that it's exceptionally frustrating to reset in this game, and you get a rage quit.
But till that point it was really fun! Maybe once the voting period ends you could update it and add a reset button, and perhaps have the psych point be controlled by the mouse.

I could definitely see myself playing this more with more buttons! I hope you update it!

Really fun game! Kinda reminds me of my entry...
which is why I like it so much!
I don't have any improvements to suggest, it's just an amazing game. Well done!

Really nice game! The radio transmission, the drone sound effects, the different stages, it was all great!
It feels complete, well done!

I like that you can change the world with the arrow keys, but most of the time I just ended up falling because I didn't know how it would change.
Great idea, it just needs some polishing.

Great game! I really felt like I was on a mountain!
The levels were fair, and the ending really throws you back in a loop! Really liked it

Seems nice, but the zombies are way too fast.
I found the best strategy to be to leave every house to die except one, and then protect the town hall and that one remaining house. Seems to work quite well actually!

It's...          unique......
         yea....                                                    unique is definitely the right word here....
                                     I                     liked                                                     it
    but                                                               got                                                                                         stuck
                        on                                                                    some                                      level


Wait, there's a boss battle? Don't make me get stuck on it now... I still have another 44 games to rate...
Maybe after the voting period has ended I'll give it another try!

The jumping doesn't really work... If I hold down W, it auto double jumps for me, sometimes I can cling to walls, and then when I wall jump it gets stuck in the jumping animation.
I also can't change direction mid-air, making some jumps almost impossible to land, aaand, there just aren't any checkpoints. I probably would still be playing if I hadn't to go back all the way.

It's a good try, and the game could be good, but there just are too many problems that need fixing.

It's a good brackeys tutorial, but there are some problems with it. Firstly, way too slippery. Also too fast. I just pressed A and was immediately thrown to the wall. Not to mention that I couldn't stop because it was so slippery.

I got stuck on the third level, and had to leave it there. sorry.

The game had a lot of bugs. For starters, it resized itself to be a bit larger than my screen, so the door or whatever on the bottom right of the first level, yea, totally just lucked into that one.
Also, you tend to get stuck a lot... like, a lot lot. Even the enemies are complaining about this.

I suggest having a fixed hitbox, and just change the image drawn. Also, if you just check full screen on the game options, game maker does the rest for you.

I would prefer if it also had some sound effects, or music, but the bugs above take priority over this.

Simple and fun. What more do you need from a game anyway?!

Really fun! The dialog, the frog, the art, the frog, the music, did I mention the frog?, they were all amazing! But I have to ad, that it was complete! Really liked it, well done!

Well, that was something. Quite an interesting idea, and it certainly was memorable. Nice!

please don't... It took me around 20 to 30 tries to beat it, and 5 of those I had to restart of accidentally pressing the plate, and another 5 times because an enemy pressed it

I... can't play it. It throws me this error message.
And I really wanted to play this too... Really like games with Undertale characters in them...
(Undertale is my favorite game, that's why)

The game is amazing! Only thing that could improve it now is music and sound effects!
I would like to see a full version some day, with spells you can unlock, more flare to spells you cast. Making it a roguelike or roguelite wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Well done! This has potential for a full game!

Nice game, but it's way too fast paced. I was constantly running out of money, and the grid was a bit weird, I could only move diagonally on it.
But it was fun! I can definitely say that much! Well done!

Really fun gameplay! I thought there were going to be enemies, but just having a million spears to make a mountain-sized trampoline is fine too!
And yes, I did do that. And it kinda started to lag. Then I moved further up and it was fine, so I guess you did take some kind of measure against this insanity!

Great game!

It's fine, but there are some major bugs here. Sometimes when I press to attack, the bird doesn't move at all. Sometimes he hurts enemies, and some times he instantly dies to them (even at three hearts!).
I managed to get off the map, and then had to restart the game because nothing was working, and I couldn't beat the frog. Or damage him. Yea, this game needs some bug fixing...

The mouse is allowed, I think, because it doesn't affect the gameplay. So you're fine there.
The idea is nice, but these bugs just make the game unplayable for me. Sorry...

Well, first of, the limitation was WASD or arrow keys only, and this game uses the mouse pretty much for everything.
Second, my game bugged out right after the candy part...

I would like to play it, but I can't. You just can't upload the .exe file for unity games, it must be the whole thing. The UnityPlayer.dll, the CrashHandler, MonoBleedingEdge and the Data.
The .exe alone doesn't work for the windows build.