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Oh wow! You went through the trouble to find and post the exact time-stamp? Thanks a lot!

and also for playing, of course!

Sorry for not reading your comment earlier. I just got back to itch from a break.
The post jam version just adds music and makes the controls / credits actually work.

I may continue development on it, but I've said that in the past, and it didn't work out, so don't get your hopes up for this one.

Thank you! It's a shame I didn't have time to add on to it... just another switch would bring a whole lot of new level designs to the mix!

Oh, right. I hope you continue developing this! This could become a great game with a few upgrades and / or a leveling system!

Ah, ok. Hope you continue developing it!

I think you can just upload another file. As long as you label it post jam then it shouldn't be an issue.
I would think that a maze design would be better, if you tested it and it didn't seem appealing, then you made the right choice.

I didn't really have time for art, and I'm best at programming rather than drawing, so naturally I made the engine and levels for the game, and left the artwork as bland as possible. Probably a mistake, but oh well.
Also, the spare sprites I had from the other project were simply not useable for this one, so I left them out.
I tried making non-linear levels (like the first one with multiple switches), but it didn't really work out. It would need another switch type, and I didn't have time to implement that.

I'm using game maker 8, not only because I started with it, but also for real life reasons. I currently have college entry exams to study for, and spending that time learning a new engine (or even layout and functions of newer versions of game maker) is simply not worth it. I much prefer studying for the exams and making games with an engine I'm already familiar with to unwind, rather than learn something unnecessary and not even make a game out of it.

Why did you remove the timer? That gives the player motivation for something to beat.
Also, you could just have a circle that reveals the area around the player, but completely hides the rest.
I just feel like there's room for improvement... Hope to see it evolve into something great!

Glad to see that you'll revisit this game in the future! It is a neat idea, and I'm sure it will be great once polished enough! Have a great day as well!

I thought that the submition time was increased by an hour...
Anyway! It's still fun to play! Something about firing a thousand arrows like a minigun is oddly satisfying!

I only managed to collect one, and then it was game over after a few milliseconds...
Maybe increasing the hitbox might help? I don't know... maybe I'll still be terrible at playing. Who knows!

I have no idea what the correlation between the game and the theme was, but it's a good game nonetheless! The music was nice, there were multiple areas, each with different assets to explore, a variety of enemies, and even some story behind it. Not bad!

So pretty!
All the animations are fantastic, the slimes are adorable, the player is so well animated, the background is amazing, this entire game's graphics are amazing actually!
It could have used some music, sound effects and some better seen platforms (instead of those invisible ones), but otherwise it's great!
Oh, it would also be nice to be able to see your remaining health.

Nice game! Usually, light is your friend, but here, you need to kill it! It gives it this balance, where you choose when to let them live, so you can learn the level, and when to kill them to advance.
The music is catching, and the levels unique from one-another.
Great game overall!

Very cool game! Extremely innovative, a large variety of puzzles and even new mechanics half way through the game! The ambience fits in with the tone of the game, the artwork is clear and the mechanics self explanatory.
One of the best entries by far!

That was a lengthy game! I like the idea, and the levels seem good, the ending is great and the ambience is fitting, but the one problem I have with this game... are the controls. They are way too loose. I can't control my jumps like that! I spent probably 10 to 15 minutes on the last stage, just trying to make the simplest of jumps! The delayed jumps didn't help either.
Great game nonetheless! I would have preferred better controls though...

I like the turn based style of this game! The levels seem nice, the armor / weapons / health orbs are found when needed, and I have no idea what to do with my gold! I guess I can brag about it like score!
Good game overall!

I tried playing it, but I can't rotate the planet, or move the hook once launched...
(I shift clicked the flag the second time, still doesn't work...)

I don't see how the theme is used in this game...
Just having a small window isn't enough...
I know you only had 1 hour, but you could make a lot more within that time than what you're showing here. Try adding a light circle around the player, or have the enemies fade in as they get closer to you. Maybe have them increase their speed the longer you are alive, and your time becomes a highscore system. I think all of that is possible within one hour.
Good luck next time!

I like the mood that it sets! The music is good, the shark adds an extra layer of fear, and the food feels rewarding to grab, especially since it's so hard to see outside your little light circle.
Nice game overall! Maybe it could do with a couple more mechanics, but I don't really mind it as it is!

This game had me at the edge of my seat the entire time! And I even had doubts about the existence of monsters for the first 10 or so minutes! Then I saw the spiders, and my sanity dropped down to 0. Same for my character, but he was stronger. He lasted another two or three minutes.
The mood this game sets is great, the non-existent ambience is fitting in this scenario, the enemies look creepy, and the torches apparently don't protect me from them unless I run!
Great game!

The light turning could have been more sensitive (and fast), especially since the Minotaur likes to run full charge at you out of nowhere!
It could also use music, or just a sound effect for getting killed.
And also something about the Minotaur constantly knowing my location... That's infuriating...
The idea is there, but it needs a lot more polish (or game mechanics).

I like the idea of the game, but I think that there are too many levels with too few mechanics.
The dark level with the campfires was nice, because it introduced and new element to the game, but we didn't get to see it again...
I also think that the artwork needs some more polishing, but the music was fitting, and the goal (even though not clear at the start) easy to differentiate from the rest of the game in later levels.
In general, I think this game needs some more polishing, but the main idea, mechanic and style are implemented!

This is challenging! It seems like you have some parkour sections that seem fun to try, but by the time I get there the FOV is so low it just ends the run. Maybe it's different for all computers, because it only gives me 5-6 seconds for each attempt. (Unless you specifically made it this way, in which case... maybe a difficulty option would be more appropriate)
Great game nonetheless! Fitting music, innovative idea, and not bugged out movement (which I thought there would be with the ever changing FOV)

Simple game, simple goal! Addicting and fun! Maybe it's a little too easy with the amount of arrows earned for killing zombies, but I don't know. That's just my personal opinion.
Nice game overall!

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I like it! Enemies force you to look at the monitor, but the fuel tanks and mines force you to look outside, bringing a nice balance to the game!
The sound effects are fitting, the controls seem responsive, and I have no idea how to beat this game! Great!
Oh, right. The Like my ex part was also hilarious! Extra points for humor!

Oh wow, this game definitely needs a Seizure Warning at the start. My head is dizzy...
The idea of the game if very interesting, using something like echo location to see your way around the map, but as far as I saw, the map doesn't really have that much depth to it.
Maybe making it a large "find your way" game would be nice! Just trying to collect money for more weapons doesn't seem worth it to me.
Great idea, and great implementation of it, but the level design needs work. And do something about that seizure thing... maybe toning down the color difference would help? Like black and gray, or white and light yellow.

The art is fitting, the music adds to the chill, the sound effects are definitely working, and the level design is nice! I like that it's not generating levels, but maybe the enemies could also have some sort of pattern, like that red ball dude, who goes up and down constantly. I died right at the start by a pale zombie (or whatever that thing was), instead of it just staying to the right like I thought it did.
Great game overall! Would play again! (maybe with some upgrades for that light radius!)

I like it! The voice acting was great too! (Thanks for the subtitles, by the way!)
Sadly I wasn't able to beat it... but the gameplay is there, the music ups the mood, the jokes are... jokes, so they naturally improve the game, and the animations sure make it great!
The blindfold especially is challenging, too bad I can't look up and down, but that would probably make the game too easy.
Great game overall!

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Really fun! The addition of music would make the up the mood of the game by a lot! Even a simple scream for the kids would be nice!
The gameplay was intriguing for a while, but the addition of a new element after a certain amount of kids would add a lot of depth to the game.
It's a nice prototype!

The music was fitting, the graphics matched the style of the game, the ghosts turning invisible while not moving was nice (even though I think it would be better if the opposite was true), and the level design amazing!
Forcing the player to think outside the box (yes, literally) made the levels so much more enjoyable!
Great game!

Yea, I really don't think that this game was made to support a thousand candles...
Anyways, that aside, the music is great, the enemies pretty, the light from the projectiles unnecessary (in my opinion), but they do add to the atmosphere, and the candles don't need a hitbox, if you ask me. I got stuck in my forest of candles around the crystal trying to get out multiple times.
The atmosphere that this game has is great! From the mystical crystal, to the fire-spitting candles, to the enemies! Great game overall!

I feel like the beard fairy now!
The sound effects are fitting, the controls give it a little bit more challenge (which was needed), and the aliens have a very familiar design, strangely enough!
I feel like it could go a little bit closer to the theme, but not seeing the entire area I had to shave is probably good enough!

There are a couple of bugs with this, but if you fix them this could become a great game.

Bugs (for me at least) include:
Not being able to attack monsters.
Being able to move while cleaning a window.
Not being able to stop cleaning windows. (I think this one is triggered if you do the one above first.)

If it weren't for those bugs, I am sure I would have enjoyed the game much more!

I feel like it's not following the theme. I mean, the target may be invisible, but the red line makes that unnecessary...
The fighting is somewhat good, but because I can't run and attack at the same time it means I often get hit. More often than a rogue should, at least.
I think it needs some improvements... the music was good at least!

I was not prepared for a horror game! This is great!
The story is good, the controls are forgiving, and the feeling of nervousness is definitely clear!
Great game!

Really like the game!
Missing health covering the screen, missing ammo doing the same, and having a death trigger if either of those reach 0 is a really innovating idea for a game!
Also catching music! Extra points for that!

I think there is some buggy-ness going on with the light projectile. It went through wall multiple times.
Speaking of which, the collision wasn't as smooth sometimes, so I couldn't move through a corridor because the other wall pushed me back a little.
I have no idea what that "enemy" was supposed to do. I didn't get much of a chance to interact with him, he just left the room (probably through a wall I imagine).
Also, I didn't try this but, wouldn't you just be able to complete a stage by clicking blindly through the entire window?
Anyways, I like the idea, and where it's going, but I think you should find some other way of revealing the area, other than an unstable bouncy projectile that likes to go through walls.

Is there actually an exit to this maze? I've searched every side and every corner, but found no exit...
I like the premise of this game. The fact you can see through walls could make for an interesting mechanic, but the range should probably be increased a little bit.

A really unique experience! The voice acting was unexpected, and the branching story parts were great!
Also, how does he know it was a sunny day outside? And why didn't he just get some food from his garden? Also, how does he have a garden?
So many questions for the sequel!