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Tiny Town DuelsView game page

My Submission for DJam6
Submitted by LandarVargan (@LandarVargan404) — 21 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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Decently challenging, and a nice set of moves with dodges and all (although maybe the dodging could be adjusted, as it feels like you need to react practically instantly for it to work sometimes). For mood, some music would really help.

I won after a couple tries. Nice job. :)


Nice game! It was unfortunate you weren't present, but I played it on stream! Here's the VOD:


Honestly, it's a fun game, but it seems a bit unpolished and the controls feel clunky. Not to criticize too much, but I also don't understand how it matches the theme. Good submission though 


Overall, I think this game could use a lot of polish. The controls feel strange, and unresponsive at times. 

I like the take on the theme! The town being too tiny for the two men definitely makes it stand out from other takes on the theme. The same gameplay could exist in multiple different environments, like samurai, indoor jousting, or with lightsabers, so the gameplay doesn't feel entirely attached to the town though.

For fun, it feels a bit too clunky and awkward. I enjoyed swinging at the enemies feet over and over and them constantly failing to dodge, but that felt more like an exploit than intended behavior. The animations taking so long, and the occasional failed dodge because you pushed the button too late (even still before the enemy attacked) feels bad. From the player perspective, if I press the button before the enemy attack lands, I feel obligated to succeed the dodge.

For innovation, it's a typical 1 vs 1 fighting game. It's not that it's bad, but it's a bit bland. I'm sure if you had more time to work on your game,  you'd be able to add more to it and really give it it's own identity

I think the graphics could use a little extra work too. I like the swinging animations for the attacks, though I think the characters could be a little more than just stick figures. The background was nice though! I like the beach town setting.

The sound effects for the actions, though It could use some ambient music.

For humor, I don't think you were focusing on that category. I  think it's a bit funny that you jump over the swords though. ha!

Same goes for mood. I'm not entirely attached to my character or the enemy, and the town existing as a background makes me feel disconnected from the environment. I like the drawing of the beach, and the little boats in the background make the scene nicer.

All round, it could still use some work, but it's a good start! I saw in another comment that you were considering a post jam version, and I hope you keep at it!


Once i started reading the animations of the bad guy, i was able to win [barely]! yay! Fun game! I wish there was a little more story or some little tid-bit for winning! :)


Thanks for playing! If I get around to a post jam version more story and kill blow cutscenes are high up on my todo.


This game is hard haha!


Yeah, balance is one of the things I didn’t get enough time to do sadly, the trick is to only attack after you block one of their middle attacks (The jump dodge doesn’t give you enough time to get a free hit in (bug), so you have a roughly 50/50 chance of not being blocked)


Actually I just realized you can spam the downwards attack to keep the enemy on the defensive and eventually win, thought that was only an issue in my post-jam version lol