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Please accept my Discord friend request, I’d like to DM you about something relating to Makeworld @Harsh Lakhan

This was quite fun, took me about 3-4 tries but I eventually beat it, it looks like there is no penalty if you can’t sustain your factories, so I just saved up and bought everything at once, allowing me to have 2-3 extra factories in place of what would normally be a bank.

The sudden turn to tower defense was a nice surprise, although I partially suspected it due to the health bar, if you’re aiming for having as big a surprise as possible then hiding it until the building takes damage might help

Not sure how hard your artist worked but if they were lazing around toward the end of things it would have been neat if they drew up a defrosted version of the map to show after winning the game.

Nice work!

Thanks for playing! If I get around to a post jam version more story and kill blow cutscenes are high up on my todo.

Actually I just realized you can spam the downwards attack to keep the enemy on the defensive and eventually win, thought that was only an issue in my post-jam version lol

Yeah, balance is one of the things I didn’t get enough time to do sadly, the trick is to only attack after you block one of their middle attacks (The jump dodge doesn’t give you enough time to get a free hit in (bug), so you have a roughly 50/50 chance of not being blocked)

First non-host reply!!!

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First post

Forgot to do that. Thanks for letting me know.

I have never been more sure in my life that this is a good first game, nice work lol

Nice work! I’d give some feedback but kolebas has said all that I would