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Super clever game conept.  I really enoyed the aesthetics of the game, mainly the audio and particle effects on the bar.  I found it pretty difficult in terms of balence; it would be nice to be able to move a bit faster as the enemies can currently move much faster than you.

Really enjoyed seeing a platformer in this jam.  Had lots of fun solving each level and would love to see more added in the future.  The retry and continue buttons seem to be broken on level 4 however it was not a big deal since the level select screen was there.

Great game in keeping with the theme.  I felt that the movement of the astronaut was really smooth and fun to move around as.  The sound effects + music was relaxing and made exploring space feel great.  My only issue I encountered while playing was that I had a hard time finding cooper at the start as it looked similar to iron.

Fun game overall.  I enjoyed that you could destroy incoming projectiles.  It would have been interesting to maybe calculate the score based off how many enemies were killed rather than simply time.