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Hey this game is pretty cool and I have to say pretty juicy, that being said, keeping jam time in mind. I think some improvements can be done!

To me what the game is lacking is a bit of clarity. There are all these monsters that somehow have working AIs and work around the key system. But what they do is not very clear unless you die and try a bunch. It can be something that's wanted from your design, the experimental aspect. But I think that the player still has a bunch to manage and doesn't need that learning curve on top of the controls.

For instance just having some enemy intent like what they think they'll do could be cool. Especially since you seem to be able to easily light up and put effects on certain keys.

Also there are some little details that could lead to a least frustrating experience, not that I had any, I had a lot of fun, but to others this can be an issue. To attack an enemy you have to mash the key they're on. And once they die, if you kept mashing, you go on that key. That can get you killed especially with the skeleton when the played didn't mean to go on that position. So maybe having a different way of attacking like direction with the right hand or something like that could be could to counter that. Or keep pressing the key.

Other than that, I would have to play a bunch more and be very picky to find other things to enhance because oh boy this game is really awesome. I don't know how much time you had put in this game but it has a lot of enemies, a lot of art, and even though the whole game revolves around a single mechanic, the itchio page is very well done and the feedback and juiciness of the game is awesome. With a lot of system on top of a solid base.

So congratulations to you all for that amazing work!

That is a good jam game in my opinion. I just wished some little things would happen if you just killed humans without collecting them or stuff like that.

The game is definitly funny and it is well polished in everything, menus, gameplay, sound, integration. There is a lot of assets in this game for such a small team with so little time. So i'm impressed by that.

Anyway i'd say maybe for the game to be better, just a litte bit more of user feedback. Having a time for instense or understanding when the game is done in order to try to beat the highscore would make the game more clear and fun to replay.

It's a bit short but I rather a short game well made than a long one unpolished.

Thanks for that entry !

Haha that's very nice and it was a challenging thing to do what you did with music. I know. I sometime use jam as an excuse to practice music as well hehe ! Never would have thought the music was made by the dev because it still sounded very pro so good job on that ! What software do you use to make music ?

I could hear the sfx well, after i've tried most of the game in this jam i'll try to turn the sound up !

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I was about to stop rating game and then I see this and it BLEW MY MIND AWAY. This is such a cool feature to make the screen move around. It is amazing and I feel like those .io game that every kid are playing right now ? You make a game like that with that feature and you get big money and a lot of fun from players !

Anyway thank you for blowing my mind. I have to say, even though I'm very excited after playing this game, it has a few thing it could be improved on. I don't know exactly how but I feel like feedback would be nice, maybe moving the screen to where some was killed to see a death animation would be nice ? Also some music would be super important right now and escalating diffuculty with for instance a game that gain in speed with every point threshold or kill.

Anyway I'm asking a lot for a jam but I feel one or two thing could have been there to improve the overall quality. But gotta say, so far this game is the one with the most originality, you deserve to win the innovation prize and I hope you will !

Edit : I've read some other people's comments and really the window so you can play on the space that is your desktop on your computer is truly amazing

The game is nice, really love the music and I like the idea of this hexagonal space you have to expand to and defend. The game is wayyyy toooo ambitious for a jam. A good AI with all the feedback to understand what's going on... If you had a team maybe but on your own ? Anyway jams are what you want it to be and I feel this game is something with greater potential, I would love to see more !

Some audio feedback would have been nice other than that, well I feel it's a very polished unfinished product... Really liked it though

Every one is talking about sound but since you went compo style and did everything by yourself I have to say I am impressed. That choice made that the game is lacking there and then but I find it very inovative to swap around different stuff and control them. Very imaginative. I just wish it was a bit simpler like you have keys to slow down and you could jump from one thought to the other.

Also a super good way of using the theme space. Very imaginative again.

Oh and thanks for explaining everything in the game !

A game that is well made and tweaked just right ! The only thing I find a bit lacking, especialy when you see the gorgeous graphic when you are done, are in fact the graphics, music and sound. The music was so low and I had such a hard time listening to it that I can't even sing it right after the game ended. I find the graphics very still, a bit of animation at least on the flame would have been good and other than that... Not much to say !

I'm impressed by the quantity of level you made in that short amount of time !

Oh I didn't understand the story as well, something about bacon...

Thank you for making that game !

Simple nice game but I really feel some music and sounds would make things more interesting. Several difficulty modes, ressource managements. Nice game !

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Ok so I really enjoy the horror part of the game. I found something weird around the manor. The game was pretty simple and I really feel the gameplay is there so you're not board while traveling. But honestly with that setting I would have put much more efforts into making just some kind of story telling. And keep the fight for just seeing different graphics of monsters and such. For instance I would have put more efforts into the dialogues and put like comas, ponctuation and such.

The game is really cool, since it is rpg maker the graphics and musics are really nice so no problem on that part. Maybe a better choice of landscape but the only part im having trouble with is the beach area with tropical trees.

Oh also, where did the theme go ?

Honestly I wish I could invest the story more and interact around, that would have been dope !

Thank you for your entry

Very simple game, all about the ambiance wich I love. However I think even for such a small game that there is room for improvement. For instance I feel like sound wise and control wise there's nothing to add, it's prefect, but I feel the graphics could have been much more detailed. The ground texture is a bit repetitive, the spaceship part look too much like placeholders and so does the ship. Also there is no skybox and you can cleary see the limites of the moon. Some high moons or big crevace would have been really nice with a lot of distance to feel like you are indeed in a planet and not a game.

If all those little details would be filled, for what it did, to me, the game would have been simply perfect !

By far the game I enjoyed the most. For once I don't have much to say except that it would be super nice if there were some music there. Honestly there's not much more I would had. Even if the game is easy I had one or two game over before beating it. Oh maybe some death visual effects would have been nice for the asteroids and such.

Thank you for this game !

Hey !

So I'm very sorry because I didn't have much time and couldn't read through everything. Those type of games are not the game I usualy play and enjoy but I still liked it ! I think that it's hard to create a good atmosphere in the time of a jam but I truly think you did a pretty good job especialy with the graphics and how they progress throughout your playthrough.

That being said I feel you could have a better atmosphere even if you had little time during the jam. I think those steps could have been down. I think the music is pretty repetitive and there are a lot of free music out there that can blend in the atmosphere a bit better. Also some sound effects would have been super nice. Something else than the classic unity footstep sound, something more soft would have been great. Maybe a grandfather's clock clicking or the wind in the room, some little stuff like that anchors you even more in that space.

I really think sound is important there because you'll spend a lot of time reading, and you don't want people to go crazy while they do, sound and music has to be dynamic and accompany you through this journey.

Anyway I loved the mirror like everyone else, awesome game mechanic.

Thank you for making this !

Hello !

So this is a simple game where waves of enemy try to reach your base wich would kill you. I didn't really understand how to use the third weapon, I didn't find the enemy quite difficult once you learn how to quickly change between weapon one and two and they weren't really any threats for you and your hp so the game is pretty blend in that regard.

However it is a game that definitly feels good to look at and play through, I really enjoyed the movements and the different weapons available as well as all the animations, bullet paterns and everything else in the game. For it to be perfect I wish a more fiting and upbeat music would be there.

So yea, I enjoyed my play but with a little more tweaking I think I could have a much better experience !

So I wanted to test it out and I updated Java but it seems an exception occurs everytime I want to play, unfortunitly it means that I won't rate it... Sorry

Wow, really enjoyed that one ! I really loved the music and the mood of the game even though it has literaly nothing to do with space ? Except maybe you have 3 spaces to drive on ? Meh

Anyway I feel it's a great perfect game ! The only thing I would have to add so the game feels a bit better, without thinking of the theme, would have been to use more the space around the game area. It's a bit empty and the only thing you have are red squares. With a different choice of assets like blinking glowing mines for instance and some particles flying everywhere and changing color with the music or something, we would have a very pleasing looking stage to drive on!

Also on another note, try to make the game more visible if you have the time. I played this because in rated games it is in the bottom and that's how I choose to rate a game. If it had at least just a screen of the game, many more people would have play this entry. It is a shame because it's a good entry

Ok so since this is an android game not many people played it and I saw that on the games in need of rating page, so here I am !

So, the game is pretty lacking, there's not a lot of stuff going on and I feel like the control are pretty hard and need tweaking. That being said. I truely enjoyed the idea of a space shooter where you turn around so,ething on mobile. Like a planet or something. And so I really like the idea. Also I like the execution with a menu to explain everything and some nice messages in the credit. The game is just not done in my opinion. Not bad. You went for simplicity and that's what works for jams like these. So don't be too mean with your game. Even if it was for a very short amount of time I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the feeling I got by playing it.

I hope to see whatever you do next, feel free to send me any game you might make and I'll give you feedback ! Good luck in the future dude !

This is such a little fun game and very well crafter ! I have to say it is done !

I find the music loop pretty repetitive and the game mechanics pretty obscure when you dont understand how to trigger them so an instruction menu or a pop up when soemthing appear for the first time would have been a nice addition.

Other than that I truely think the game by itself is perfect and can last forever, even the destroying thingy that seems to be evil can help you stack up some other kittens. Anyway I'll go back and play some more, thank you for an amazing game

Unfortunly I can't open the game, I won't rate it right now but it would be super if you could fix it ! You can since it is allowed to fix critical bug. In the meantime I won't rate the game !

Thank you for giving feedback in our game !

Alright ! Tested out the game. I like the play area idea with the gauge, but I feel it is still lacking a bit of something... I know it's hard to do more than that in the amount of time but I would have love the to see some bonuses pickup appearing here and there to make you take some risk for more points. Or even have something that lock the zone for some time. Some little arcade thing would be really nice and I feel the game could have a lot more depth with that ! Also I have some trouble with the controls where it takes time for your character to start moving and stop moving. Maybe gravity and sensitivity needs a little tweak in the input settings of unity ? Also maybe it was meant to be this way but I can't move if I first press the spacebar and then try to move. If it's volunteer maybe some feedback, like the character changing color, would be nice for the player to understand he is stuck

That being said I have to say the execution is pretty nice, I love the HUD, I love the music a lot, and I love the idea of the game. It inspires me !

Anyway all I said is meant in a constructive way I hope you'll find it nice and helpful !

Argh ! Didn't manage to finish the game but it was a fun little experience. I enjoy the Idea and the fact that more and more strangers gets in the train invading your personal space. I must say I had the same experience since I live in a big city.

That being said I feel there is  room for improvment. For instance I had a huge sensitivity on the horizontal axis and so later on, especialy on stages with a lot of stranger and so little room for your personal space, I couldn't have the precise movements to place myself well and most of the time I ended up turning on myself stuck at one place gaining a lot of stress. Maybe it was what you aimed for and the weird control where you can only go forward and backward is a nice touch. I just wish rotation would be at least tweakable by the player with an ingame menu.

Also not knowing wich direction you are facing combined with the sensitivity issue for me made it that much harder to navigate.

Other than that, fun little game, I can imagine how fun it would be without strugling with the controls. I also like how the stranger move around even though sometime they are a bit... physical hahaha

Thanks for your feedback we appreciate it a lot

Hello !

So I played your game and enjoyed it ! What I really like is the setting and the kind of celeste atmosphere, what I also do like is the fact that you used construct 3 for a game jam like that. I really think it was a good move to make a lot of content quick especialy since you are completly on your own on that one. I also enjoy the music a lot. 

There still are some flaws and I hate to finish by that but here I am in my message. I find that the game by its system gets kinda repetitive, if you are lucky you just go to the planet section and farm ressources without going into any trouble and if you are not you get a little swarm of ships and they are way too fast... Well not really, the thing is since the camera is very close to your character you can't react and kill them before they hit you and that's really too bad. It's nice that dying is not that punitive since you could just lose everything on your planet but still having to farm up again is frustrating in my opinion. Also I find the sound design to be a bit lacking and the sound of mining a bit strong. 

Seeing your planet grow with that much content and how you can use your ressources to build everything is super awesome though. 

Anyway here's some suggestions : I think that upgrading your planet should upgrade your character, for instance the view around your character, the size of your lasers, the amount of ressources you get by clicking, the speed... all of that would make the grinding much more fun I feel like. It is indeed easy but at least you get a sense of progress outside of your planet and you feel like you're getting stronger. I think that's possible with the amount of time of the jam. NOW what would be even better would be different types of enemies and hazards to put some more action in the exploration but that I feel would require some extra time or help.

I hope you find all this usefull and I wish you good luck in the future !

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Of course ! We just want to give you the experience that is more enjoyable if you want so but we don't expect you to take that as a base for rating. It must be fair !

Thank you a lot !

Thanks for the feedback, i'll be sure to check out your game and give some of my insights ! On another note we ( meaning my codeveloper and not me at all ) did a post jam version that you can test out that is much much more polished and manageable !

Thanks for the feedback, all the problems you had we are very aware of but we didn't have the time to do so. However I would suggest you to test out our updated version that fix most of the problem you had during your playthrough, you'll have a much nicer time exploring and playing the game !