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Alice's GranddaughterView game page

Discover your family's secret
Submitted by incobalt (@incobalt) — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Hey !

So I'm very sorry because I didn't have much time and couldn't read through everything. Those type of games are not the game I usualy play and enjoy but I still liked it ! I think that it's hard to create a good atmosphere in the time of a jam but I truly think you did a pretty good job especialy with the graphics and how they progress throughout your playthrough.

That being said I feel you could have a better atmosphere even if you had little time during the jam. I think those steps could have been down. I think the music is pretty repetitive and there are a lot of free music out there that can blend in the atmosphere a bit better. Also some sound effects would have been super nice. Something else than the classic unity footstep sound, something more soft would have been great. Maybe a grandfather's clock clicking or the wind in the room, some little stuff like that anchors you even more in that space.

I really think sound is important there because you'll spend a lot of time reading, and you don't want people to go crazy while they do, sound and music has to be dynamic and accompany you through this journey.

Anyway I loved the mirror like everyone else, awesome game mechanic.

Thank you for making this !


Hello! Thanks for playing and for giving such a detailed comment! Most of the text was the text of Through the Looking Glass, so feel free to read at your leisure if you haven't read the book! I didn't expect any players to read it in this jam game.

I spent a fair amount of time on the music, trying to make a multi-part composition that blended well as players discovered more chapters. When I finally decided to render the music, I saw it was only two minutes long and I knew that wasn't enough.  I did want to make it more dynamic, gaining parts of the music with each new chapter found, but I don't have time or the musical chops to pull that off in 48 hours. As it stands, the flute comes in as you gain more chapters and the piano fades out a little  (but is always present). I use jams as an excuse to practice making music, so I try to not use public domain music in these short ones.  I had been wanting to up a page turn/pickup sound, but I forgot along the way, I think!

I'm planning on turning this into a larger game, and I'm certainly going to take your feedback into account :)


Haha that's very nice and it was a challenging thing to do what you did with music. I know. I sometime use jam as an excuse to practice music as well hehe ! Never would have thought the music was made by the dev because it still sounded very pro so good job on that ! What software do you use to make music ?


Incredible atmosphere and story telling!


Interesting little game! I wish it was longer but I know you can only do so much during a jam. The part where I noticed you could go "through the looking glass" was a big mindblow for me. Great work!


Thank you for playing! I always try to do these games where I have to write a bunch and then they end up being pretty short in the long run. I'm thinking of turning this into a longer game with a full house right now, so the game is likely to get much bigger :)


While this a very interesting concept, I can't seem to find anything other than the original note to interact with, and so my journey was cut short. The plain white graphics really added to the eccentric feel of the abandoned house, and the music was fittingly spooky. Sadly however, I didn't see the theme at all, maybe I didn't get far enough in? Either way, if you know how to advance further into the game I would be more than happy to give it another try and change my rating, because I really enjoy what I got.


Thanks for trying it out! After you interact with the note, you should be able to interact with the mirror. Let me know if you can't!

My take on the theme has to do more with with exploring a personal space than anything else.


A friend of mine noticed that there may be a bug with this that got introduced due to repackaging. If you can't interact with the note on the desk, try leaving the room and then resuming from the main menu.