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Thanks for the comment! Wait the traits do that? the traits should be static and predefined. Are you sure about that? 

As shown in the text tutorial on the left, there is a yellow button on levels with cameras that you press and then you turn it off.

Hey, thanks for the comment! The camera is supposed to be a one-hit end as you are able to sometimes run past guards but you are supposed to have to find a way to turn off the cameras in each level.

Thanks! Any chance you could play mine? I think you know the pain of WebGL not being an option :P

Turns out it was due to me extracting to a new folder with WinRAR instead of just extracting here (Can't tell if that's windows or WinRAR bugging out there). Anyways, got it to work! It was very fun to mess around with! My few critiques are: allowing the player to see the destruction / final dynamite go off after the goal is reached would be nice, the dialogue system could be made a little less ugly as right now it's not great to be the main method of tutorializing, and it would be awesome if you had made the walls/furniture in pieces in blender so you could explode them even if the user did have to deal with the performance issues that come with that. Overall super fun though!

Really well executed and fun! Unfortunately plagued by the same idea it seems ~65% of the jam did but regardless, it was the best implementation of it I have seen thus far.

Here you are :)

I would do a rate-for-rate type of things but unfortunately, I already played around 50 or so and am burnt out. Unfortunately, since an asset broke our webgl build we only have windows one and therefore only have 8 rates. Would love some more :)

Heres mine and my teams :)

Unfortunately, it crashes once the dialogue finishes and then won't open unless I redownload after. I don't quite know why to be honest. 

Playing yours right now! Mine :)

Thanks! It was ‘T’ to restart btw :)

Very nice feeling! Since you decided to not follow the theme which is fine, my main problem is just that difficulty scaling felt slow and dying by 50,000 easy enemies rather than 5 hard ones doesnt feel fantastic. Otherwise good job!

Very very fun! Initially, I thought it was going to always be at high speeds but the deceleration and reacceleration all the time makes it way more fun than I thought it would. Great job!

Very fun! The tutorial for me took a minute to understand but felt great once I did!

A great game in a game jam of mediocrity. All the games minus this one I have played insofar for this jam have been fairly subpar, to be honest. This is the first of them that is truly a great and interesting game. If only there weren't the sticky controls then it would be near perfect. Either way, great job!

Awesome! I wish there was a tutorial and the WebGL version worked(probably why you have such high karma but no ratings). Overall though, it was very fun!

Very fun and simplistic! Wish it was a bit easier tho :)

Yea we have had problems with the difficulty curve. Sorry!

Hey Jonas! I was wondering if you could tell me why my game won't show up in any category except for all? It should be under pc but since it isn't it won't get played since few people rate in all categories. Any info would help! Thanks!

The title. My submission only shows up in all for some reason so I cant get ratings.  I don't understand why as every other pc game shows up in the category.

I really like the idea and gameplay! It could use some extra tower types but what it currently has feels quite good!

Really fun! It would have been tedious to restart in other jam games but not this one! Score: 60301.

Here's mine!

Amazing! A tiny bit frustrating but that might be due to my ineptitude rather than your mistake.

Really fun! Cant win tho since the level before with moving medkits kills you when you are in the dialogue scene

Which levels were too easy? For the last 4 this should not have been possible. I may be wrong though. The earlier ones were made to be easy though.

Wish it was a little more interesting (i.e. enemies, faster movement etc) but not to bad.

Very fun but unfortunately very similar to about ~half the games in this jam.

Really addicting game!

Really fun game! Overall besides the final challenge being a bit to hard life wise it was really fun!

Awesome! A little annoying at times but overall amazing!

Awesome! I wish falling didn't end the level though. Also, when you die the momentum carrying on and killing your next guy can be very frustrating.

Really fun game! Wish it had more levels though.

Just click on the grey boxes that highlight when hovering.

Congrats to the winners! Jonas, is there any chance that games in the top 30s~ will get shown as honorable mentions? Just kinda sucks to slightly miss top 25.

Thanks for the feedback. Puzzle design is a weird thing since I have had multiple people request harder puzzles. Sorry about that confusion. I now put it in the desc due to the number of people with this problem.

just wondering

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Huh that could be a bug? Ive never experienced that before. Thanks for the feedback though.

Cool to see another young programmer! Im 14 and this was my sixth game jam and my best one. Ill play your game when I get home! Heres mine if you want to play it.