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Very interesting concept, great execution. The pace was a bit much to handle, but that’s just me. Also, I think it’d be nice to be able to click on event logs to see the info and location of the parties involved.

Amazing concept, good execution. The boss fight was a great twist.

Neat! It was a bit laggy, but that’s probably a local issue. The collectibles are an instant 5 stars.

Cute little game. It urked me a bit that you can’t see what effect a building/object has on the town until you click it, and that you can’t cancel after picking it.

Finally, Populator 3. Can’t wait for Populator 2! Also, I’m lovin’ the debug logs.

I find the idea of the objects falling down from the sky not just being a visual aesthetic choice, but a physical, tangible in-world event that can cause people to get squashed by stones falling down on them really humorous.

Nice, I think that’s better than any score I’d managed to get while developing!

Very cute, fit the theme, too. I do wish there was a skip/fast-forward button.

I like how intuitive the gameplay was, but the fact you could only move forward or rotate, without any option of strafing or going backwards, made it unnecessarily infuriating.

Very original take. Good job!

Thanks for the review! Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn't add any effects to the game within the time limit due to the issues caused by my bad audio manager. I agree that the enemies' drops were probably a bit too small, I'm planning to fix that in future builds.

An explosion effect was actually added in the post-jam build, so that's already been taken care of :D

Neat idea, definitely overwhelming lol

Neat, simple idea. I liked the little UI animations.

Creative take on the theme! The unskippable text felt pretty slow, but other than that, neat concept and execution.

Really neat, the main mechanic is solid!

Yeah, I should probably explain that on the game page. You power the towers by dropping the cell directly onto them.

Neat! Really nice graphics, though the difficulty seems a little bit too low.

Seems like I accidentally exported with the wrong build settings yet again, sorry about that! The one I just uploaded should be working.

Hey, thanks for letting me know! It seems like the Java version I used was too high for most people to run, I just uploaded a Java 8 build which should work for most.

Yep, it functions now.

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What I got from the pop-ups is X3DAudio1_7.dll and XAPOFX1_5.dll are missing. Maybe you didn't package them with the rest of the files?

The executable doesn't seem to work on my end

Hey, thanks for drawing this to my attention. My computer was freaking out a couple of hours ago and apparently during that process it somehow managed to set the build private. It should be fixed now.

Looks neat, though it definitely needs instructions. I had no idea what to do or how.

Thanks! :D

Neat little timewaster, very enjoyable. Surprisingly polished for a game jam entry.

Neat little timewaster, I enjoyed it.

Neat. The gameplay's nice, if a bit monotonous, and I dig the pico-8 asthetic forced onto the graphics and sfx. I appreciate you took the time to write any kind of a story.


Great game

Good job!

Interesting concept and good execution.

Pretty unbalanced, but the concept's very original and interesting.

While not really fun to play, definitely an original and funny concept. Brilliant execution, too.

I honestly don't know what Mark could put on the ranking to even seem mediocre in comparison to this. Transcendental work.

Nice concept, feels good to play. You made a typo in the controls menu.

It's a shame you just looped a few seconds of the ending, I actually was looking forward to hearing the song in its entirety