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Dove into it without reading the instructions and swam till being blasted X5 when I've finally reached the end.
Going at it I didn't feel tired to go again, which I'll attribute to the procedural design, fast pace, and difficulty level.

The audio was a good choice. The track complementing the pace and the dolphins the immersion.

Solid game except for when crushing into a wall and getting ungracefully stuck for a while. 

I had fun so you did a great job! :D

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Those pacman ghosts can walk through doors! took me down a few times :D

The research facility looks good and the world outside it is stunning!
Mechanics worked smoothly with the exception of the doors being a bit off and the enemies occasionally stopping the chase. 

Absolutely great work on the world's design!

Then I was meant to fall to the abyss :D

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Thank you very much for taking the time to play. I'm glad you liked it :D

It's fine, we only had 7 days. I also needed to pass on some things in my game because of the time constraint

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The visuals look very nice and smooth
The UI as well feels spot on

Movement feels a bit too jumpy but once you get the hang of it, it gets fun :D

The audio fits the game as well

Played and had fun :)


Adolf Hitler, Revived :D

I didn't see this concept coming at all!

I appreciate the humor and the caricatures profile pics

Played till the end and had a good time :D

Wow the visuals are stunning!
That monster is so cute!

The audio creates a playful atmosphere and the gameplay is... interesting :D

I hope to see this game developing into something more :)

I've made a weird heart!

Wow, I really like the vibe of this one!

Love the minimalistic approach to the gameplay as well as the art
Each effect is spot on and the gameplay is smooth
The audio is great and contributes a lot to the game atmosphere

The concept of increased heartbeat when getting closer to the goal is well executed

The combination of the audio, gameplay and art gave me a nice warm feeling while playing

Played until the end and had a lot of fun, great job! :)

I love the visuals!
The characters design is very nice

The concept of painting the level is unique and the mechanic itself works well

The bg music is fitting as welI as the sfxs
I especially like the sfx when the girl finally gets through the door. Feels like an accomplishment :D 

If I have a grip it is how long the girl takes to cross the level :P

Finished the game and had fun :D

Reminds me of The Binding Of Isaac

Loved the enemies as negative emotions and your take on them!

The game looks very good

The audio is ok with the bg being repetitive

Lol at the ending loved it :D

There's a bug that even if love's hp reaches zero the game goes on

Played till the end and had fun :)

Very nice take on the theme!

Loved the mechanic of the girl walking blindly.
The fact that to save her from spikes the player literally picks her up on his shoulder was awesome :D

The puzzles were done nicely
The bg music sounds great
The visuals looks good, in particular the characters. 

Played until the end and had fun! :D

I'm a sucker for movement skills in platforming
After my first playthrough I just had to buy everything on the shop!

The pixel look feels very natural here - Love the dodgy look in the merchant's eyes :D
The controls are smooth
The audio does the job well

I'm not sure where the blind part of the theme is but I can definitely see the love 

Considering this is a time attack game, a retry option would be nice

Had to play until I've got all the shop stuff!

A take on Asteroids with limited sight

I liked the eerie bg music and the  sfx.

The gameplay was solid
The upgrade system add a lot of fun to the game
Continued playing until l died at level 15 just to see how much I can upgrade the projectiles :)

Something about the camera was felt off.

Had fun playing! :D

Felt like being in a fantasy world!

The attract attack looks and sounds fantastic!

Taking sacrifice after sacrifice to the cave grew stall pretty fast


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An asteroid like game with a blind twist

The gameplay was smooth and solid

The laser powerup was really fun to use!

I liked the overall atmosphere and the minimalistic design

Auto fire on click would be a nice addition. Constantly clicking the mouse was tiring

Played until score 1000!

Interesting visuals
I really like the dissolve effect that's tied to the audio

The controls are not responsive enough making the platforming a hard task

When I reach the point I see my friend in a cage, the controls freeze and I can't progress from there.

Audio would have had a huge positive impact on this game!

The way sound and touch briefly reveal the environment  was a great concept :)

Played till I got stuck :D

I like the main character's determined look :D

Couldn't find any hearts to proceed to the third stage.

Those Zombie like hearts are nicely designed!

Really liked the sprites and the overall look :)


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Always like a good mystery room game!

Really feels like I'm in the mc's partner's room.
The PC and phone made it feel real, with stuff like having children discussion to the secret correspondence about the key!

I'm not sure if I understood the ending, but don't want to spoil it for others here.

Encountered some obvious bugs but none game breaking.

The overall atmosphere got me into it from start to end.

Had fun :)

Finished the first stage and had a few tries with stage 2,3

From the hotdogs to the fork jammed hamburgers, the sprites look good and creative

Took me a while to get used to the vertical jump resetting the horizontal velocity.
After that the platforming was pretty fun :)

The chicken sfx reminds me of whenever I don't turn off my alarm clock :D

I had fun playing :)

Took me a while to find someone to play with and I sure am glad I did.

We both had a hand raised up to hide the other's side of the screen.

Describing to each other what we see and why the other died was a fun and novel experience.
"Now jump left and up. Yes exact- NO STOP JUMPING!!" *Poof* :D

The gameplay was solid with fitting art style.

The melancholic background music was very fitting!

Solid game from all angles and definitely one of the best entries in the jam 


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The controls were a bit hard to grasp but once I did the gameplay was a smooth sail.

Good difficulty curve scale for the levels.
The last one took me quite a few tries.

The ending was a nice touch of the reality that can come with love at first sight blindness :)

Played till completion and had fun :D

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This was great fun!

Controlling both of the characters simultaneously in order to solve the puzzle on the fly felt great!

The graphics are fitting and the "Don't look me in the eye" mechanic is interesting

Why is that btw? A culture where you're saving your visual image until the wedding?

Took me a while to realize they can look at pits without moving in "Turn the other cheek" only to realize I sometimes can't look at pits in later stages

The game clicked for me but as others said some instructions can make it a lot more accessible

The footsteps sfx played a vital role in my enjoyment

Had a great time playing till the end :)

I liked the idea of switching between the characters in order to avoid obstacles from different planes :)

Is there a destination to reach?

Wondering around, I couldn't find an objective 

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Loved the BG, it looks stunning! the Particles also fit nicely

The hearts movement was strange yet I managed to coop and shoot the evil ones down while capturing the good ones :)

I also found that staying in place while holding fire will get me to the end :P

Played till the red halo completely disappeared


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Have no idea how I got through the minefield level XD

Getting all those blind followers to survive was quite fun!

I played to completion, thumbs up

If you continue developing it I'd suggest more levels, more obstacles and maybe some type of a separator mechanic that can allow the player to split his cult. Also 2 Players vs mode will probably be fun as hell, with each player trying to steal has much of the herd to himself :D


The game worked smoothly

Played through a couple of stages in all the difficulties :)

Is there an end?

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Loved the heartbeat concept!

The audio lives up to the name of the game :D

the last level "Fight" was frustrating for me, didn't realize I need to stick to the edge near the end

Played from start till end and had fun :)

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The story presentation is great and fits with the theme

The Pixel graphics look good and the gameplay smooth

Something about the blur felt jarring to me, I think either stronger blur to really hide the level, or weaker blur to just make the surroundings a bit hard to determine

The game looks professional, especially considering it only had 7 days for development

I played from start to finish, Nice work!

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A simple and clean look

Liked how you're bound to die if you take the wrong turn

The player heart was moving too slowly for me. Felt like eternity till reaching the last crossroad before I last lost

I've Finished all the levels so I had fun :D

When I first lunched the game the main screen had my interest.

After that the game slowly lost me as I dully crafted one pipe after another.

Then as time slowly passed on the atmosphere started shifting!

Going from that dull back and forth into an urging creepiness
The sense of tension that resulted made the rest of the game much more fun!

I was sure the MC was building a Frankenstein and dreaded the moment the project will complete!

Especially when giving it intelligence

I didn't seem to encounter any game breaking bugs

Would be nice to be able to change target destination while moving. My misclicks were hard to bear

Overall had fun :)

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Stepping on your lover to get to next level O_O

I'd say the pink lovers fit the Theme perfectly :D

While it lacks a lot of polish, I had fun with the unique platforming mechanic!