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Two lovers are forced to traverse a dilapidated dungeon together while remaining unseen by each-other.
Submitted by Docien (@DocienRoo) — 4 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Game Design#44.2004.200

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I think its the best game ive played in this jam
Very cool use of mechanics, nice leveldesign and good puzzles.
I think the last level need to be fixed tho :D coz u can just look at the sensor and u r free to go.
Very good job!

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This was great fun!

Controlling both of the characters simultaneously in order to solve the puzzle on the fly felt great!

The graphics are fitting and the "Don't look me in the eye" mechanic is interesting

Why is that btw? A culture where you're saving your visual image until the wedding?

Took me a while to realize they can look at pits without moving in "Turn the other cheek" only to realize I sometimes can't look at pits in later stages

The game clicked for me but as others said some instructions can make it a lot more accessible

The footsteps sfx played a vital role in my enjoyment

Had a great time playing till the end :)


I don't understand why male character is able to rotate in place without moving and female don't, it's confusing and has to be taken into consideration during resolving levels. Generally I like the idea of the game and it's executed quite well.


I'm really hesitant to outright explain anything in game (I want to rely on the level design and player experimentation to teach mechanics), but the idea there was that both characters are able to turn towards "transparent" obstacles, like the hole/pit you see on "Turn The Other Cheek", which was supposed to display said idea. 

It's an extremely unintuitive and clumsy (but necessary) mechanic that I wish I had spent MUCH more time on developing the feedback necessary to allow for players to understand it. Probably my number one regret for this jam, haha. I'm glad you liked parts of it though! :)


nice game :D
But I think you should adjust the size of your game in the dashboard because your game look like this without using full screen lol


I knew that it looked really bad without full screen, but I didn’t know you could actually adjust the size! Ill see if I can fix it :)


You can change that by this opinion in dashboard

By the way I really like your design, I think this is the most creative game in this jam, 5 star for Innovation definitely.
I complete all the stage, really have a lot of fun from it, thanks.


Done! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)


I really liked this. Although I got stuck pretty early, the ideas involved are really interesting. It didn't take long to realise they couldn't cross paths by sight. I began to imagine them as two medusa's where if they caught they eye of the other, both would turn to stone. A way to highlight the line of sight between the two players might be a nice addition.

Jam Judge

Game concept is nice, however the characters sometimes get stuck and are not moveable. Also you could make the 2. player move with the arrows, wich would make the game nicer and easie . Good job.


Nice game, it was a fun ride!

Submitted (1 edit)

I love the concept of the game. Got stuck on some levels too cuz of the complexity!

Pretty fun game to play, although I think music would've made it better too. But I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't or didn't have the time to make music.

The sound effects were great. Nothing much to say about that. 

Took me a few levels to understand how things work like nns said in his comment.

Overall I give it an 8/10

Good job!


Nice game

1. "It seems like sometimes the can turn  toward walls/objects, but sometimes they cant", - true. I would say that most of the time they cant rotate "inplace" but in the "Back And Forth" level I had to and somehow one of them did.

2. The main game mechanic that the characters can't make a step if one of them sees the other one is completely unclear during the first few levels. Sometimes they just didn't move and it seemed arbitrarily. Write this directly in the game description.

3. Replace "interact" with push to make it more clear.

Check out my game as well:


Nice game! One of my favorites of the jam. It reminds me of some old windows adventure/puzzle games I played as a kid. I wasn't sure of which directions the characters could turn. It seems like sometimes the can turn  toward walls/objects, but sometimes they cant. Some feedback for this would be awesome. Very cool stuff. :)


Yeah, I kinda wish I had spent more time working on feedback like that over fiddling with sprites or UI. I’ll keep that in mind for my next jam, whatever that may be :)