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This game that caught me off guard when you introduced being able to build a pillar on the wall! Fun use of the mechanic, though I think the player needs a significantly reduced hitbox size. The game has potential!

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Platfaller -


Rouge One -

instantly recalled both when I saw this topic, generally for the same reason. Heaps of polish, fun twist on the theme. Platfaller's use of shooting to change platforms makes for some really high skill stuff and rouge one is a ton of fun in trying to balance good and bad stats with one number. :)

Yeah, the soft locking thing was an issue that cropped up pretty late when I was testing the game and I accidentally did it to myself... 3 times on the same level, haha. The idea was that there wouldn't be enough keys for everything so you'd have to choose between health or treasure, or maybe some special item or extra ammo. I appreciate the feedback! :)

Absolutely fantastic. Great twist on a concept I've seen a couple of times in the jam, the shooting to move your platforms makes it stand out.

I really, REALLY like how even though the platforms aren't necessarily physical, they act as cover for your enemies. It can make the decision between playing a platformer or a shooter tough.  Also, I don't know if it was intentional, but being able to jump in the air if you ran off of a platform was a great inclusion. It added quite a bit of skill that wouldn't have been there if you were only limited to jumping on the ground.

Great work.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, the browser version takes my mouse input but not my keyboard.

I downloaded it though and its a ton of fun! Simple but lots of polish. The sounds are good, the camera shake is noticeable but pretty unintrusive. Theres a lot of game juice.

Design wise, I think the player moves too fast. It seems fitting for a temporary upgrade that might spawn but on it's own the player is almost invincible if they play smart. Also, the physics feel just a tad bit slippery. That's pretty nitpicky though, otherwise this game is absolutely fantastic.

Yeah, I definitely wish I could've made the game feel more "lively". Muzzle flash, camera shake, blood particles that stay in the level forever, the whole shebang. My time could've been better spent. Lessons for the next jam though, right?

great game with a lot of polish for 48 hours!

2 main thoughts on this. the 1st is that the first few levels can be frustrating if the target spawns just behind another "pawn" or civilian. There are algorithms for preventing this but because theres such a short time limit for the jam I get why you wouldn't put it in. The second is that for me, green and yellow were very difficult to tell apart. Even when I found the target I wasn't entirely sure if it was the right one.

A great rapid fire, fun game though.

Thank you for the feedback! I am disappointed that I couldn't put at least one more item in the game, and one that would really start to explore the whole "one inventory slot" premise at that. I had this idea for a bag that could carry 3 items in it, but to get your items back youd have to drop the bag, which would spit both the bag and the items on the floor. I could see it creating this sort of mad scramble to get your gun from the bag, or some health potion or something. There's certainly potential I never got around to implementing haha

Fun! I felt it was a bit awkward to move around though. Having only "leap into space" as my jump option made getting around quite finnicky. Perhaps if the power behind the jump was determined by the distance between the slime and the cursor, it would be more controllable?

Don't worry, I didn't :).

My game is

This is fantastic.  There was some clunky stuff here and there, and I managed to squeeze out of the room one time, but otherwise its pretty clever. Balancing out negative and positive attributes is good fun.

I liked it! I think the design would've benefited from only allowing the player to place a platform while on the ground. The puzzles were stumping me but I ended up just abusing my ability to place platforms while in the air.

I can't seem to move in the browser version. Looks like a great execution on a good concept though. :)

I'm really hesitant to outright explain anything in game (I want to rely on the level design and player experimentation to teach mechanics), but the idea there was that both characters are able to turn towards "transparent" obstacles, like the hole/pit you see on "Turn The Other Cheek", which was supposed to display said idea. 

It's an extremely unintuitive and clumsy (but necessary) mechanic that I wish I had spent MUCH more time on developing the feedback necessary to allow for players to understand it. Probably my number one regret for this jam, haha. I'm glad you liked parts of it though! :)

Done! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

I knew that it looked really bad without full screen, but I didn’t know you could actually adjust the size! Ill see if I can fix it :)

Id love to hear your thoughts on mine! I’ll play yours in a bit :)

I'd appreciate the feedback! :)

Yeah, I kinda wish I had spent more time working on feedback like that over fiddling with sprites or UI. I’ll keep that in mind for my next jam, whatever that may be :) 

Theres a pretty serious bug where completing the first level gets rid of the UI, which prevents me from moving to other levels. All other levels already have the "level completed" UI enabled before I do anything. I'm sure you'd be allowed to patch the game for the jam as that would qualify as a small adjustment :).

Interesting game! I feel like it could've used a more noticeable pattern for the floor though. The gradient did help, but I found myself going "Where am I?" a few times during it. If you added additional things to remember, like shirt color or hair style or something, it would become a real test of memory and feel pretty fast paced and hectic. I like it :)

Haha, I totally understand. There are probably 5 or 6 levels that I’m not entirely happy with, because they ended up feeling cheap or trial and error, especially if you didn’t know the level beforehand. Im glad you liked it!!

Mhmm, totally agree! If theres anything I learned from this jam, its to be a lot more conscientious of how I design my levels from the player's perspective, and to make the camera a LOT bigger, haha.  I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)!

I agree. I fell into the trap of looking at levels from the perspective of a developer instead of a player. After the jam ended I regretted a couple of the level design choices I made, unfortunately. Glad you could find some enjoyment in it though!

thank you!! I think I did go overboard on how hard some of those levels can be, but I kinda like brutal platformers, so I didn’t think of it being an issue at the time haha. Glad you enjoyed it regardless!

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your "control the environment instead" take on the platforming genre as well :)

Cant believe I forgot that, thank you so much for letting me know. Its fixed now! :)

oh geez! I think I missed something in the zip. I’ll fix that ASAP, thank you for letting me know.