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Awesome puzzle game, I found one of the later levels to be too hard for me right now but you guys really took the idea and ran with it in the best way possible. If I had one complaint, it would be that some of the more specific rules/mechanics aren't entirely clear. The one which took me the longest to understand was why I wasn't able to move *off* of the brown dice squares when I matched their number, and only later pieced together that it was because I had trailing dice that didn't match the number. More feedback/game feel with that kind of stuff, like shaking the dice thats preventing the move, or drawing a red outline or something, really helps the learning process :)

All of the mechanics are really awesome though, I feel like you could build dozens and dozens of puzzles around them. And the level design is excellent for 48 hours! Great work!

I always like to see a juicy game in such a short jam like this. Good work on the game-feel!

I would have liked to have seen more variety in the types of weapons the player receives. There are changes in the damage, fire rates, and "magazine size" (I think), sure, but ultimately they're all used in the same way and have the same consequences. Weapons that force that player to change their playstyle, like a very short range shotgun that makes you get aggressive, or a grenade launcher that launches a bomb that will kill the player if they're hit by the explosion, or a weapon that shoots a spiked ball that bounces around the screen and hurts the player if they touch it. That, combined with a system where I see the next weapon I'll be receiving, would open the possibility of interesting strategy and tense, wacky scenarios.

There was a game in the GMTK jam in 2018 called Ratatatatouille that had a similar idea, and executed on it in the way I described.

It was a fun and satisfying game though! Good job :)

sometimes enemies just won’t take damage properly. IDK what causes it but restarting is the only way around it. Enemies normally die in ~4-6 shots, 1 from a rocket launcher and 2 from a shotgun, unless any of those weapons are terrible quality.

Never thought I'd play a yahtzee FPS before, interesting idea! I liked the idea of having to multitask, juggling paying attention to enemies and the dice that you're rolling. There doesn't seem to be anything preventing me from just spending time trying to get the perfect rolls though so the gameplay devolved more into like a test of patience than a coherent strategy or skill/luck based shooter. 

One fix to this might be having the player take damage every time they roll dice, and having them get all of their health back when they fill in a slot on the score card. It would kinda emulate the 3 roll limit that yahtzee has, but with a fun FPS twist, and allows for some risk-reward behavior. Might be cool, IDK! 

Good work!

A pretty fun game! I felt pretty dumb at times though, a strategy never really formed in my mind. The "correct" way to play isn't clear to me, so I kinda fumbled around a bit, especially for shooting. The game mechanics are all interesting though, and have lots of potential to mesh together and create a frantic party-sports game with some tweaking. Dunking on short nerds feels great though.

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Very cool idea. I think the character controller is a bit unwieldy, with too little acceleration and inconsistent jump heights. Tightening them up would definitely help showcase your ideas much better, I feel. Also, more feedback on what the gravity ability is doing would be nice, it seems very disorienting to use. Maybe an arrow to show which direction gravity is going when its not straight down, or changing the rotation of the camera. Something minor to help keep player's grounded, yknow?

Design wise, I'm curious as to what the game would be like if there was more of a drawback to having more abilities, and being able to "abandon" certain abilities. Maybe the ball gains more mass when it has more abilities, and can't jump as high or dash as far, so you have to let go of your gravity manipulation to get somewhere or something. There's a lot more to explore, imo. Good work :).

Very creative idea, and obviously the art is great. There were some bugs (I think some "turns" weren't ending occasionally, leading to me getting stuck and restarting, or doors being reversed for some reason. Normal jam stuff, honestly.)

In terms of gameplay, I'm really left wanting a lot of "feedback" on every turn. All of the different characters having different actions is awesome and great, but my tiny human brain can't keep all of that in mind every turn, there's just too much info to keep track of for any given move. Because this is a turn based game, I think you guys should take inspiration from how games like Into the Breach or Slay the Spire display info about the player's AND enemies' moves before anything actually happens.  Where will my next desired move be doing damage, who am I hitting, and how much damage will I be doing? Where is my enemy going to move and or attack? Am I going to hit a switch, and if so, what is that switch connected to? I feel that having all that info readily displayed for the player in some way would get rid of the clumsy fiddling I found myself doing and really emphasize the strategy potential here.

Sorry for the essay! Its a great entry, and I hope it gets expanded upon post-jam, even if its just for fun :).

I love the execution on this idea. If you gave the soul or the body a unique platforming mechanic that differentiates it from the other one, I think there would be a ton of different cool ideas to explore on top of whats already here. Good work :) 

whooooa. On the first level I was like "... whats the catch? This seems pretty standard." and then the second level hit me like a brick. I'm not too sure why I was so caught off guard but the revelation that every tile is connected to others of its kind was similar to a baba is you revelation. My only real wish is that the art made it more clear about what stuff was, so that maybe some of the rules made a bit more sense. But other than that, this is fantastic. If you get the opportunity id love to see this fleshed out more!

For future reference, when doing a WebGL build in Unity, disabling Compression under Player Settings in your preferences gets it to work. Itch really doesn't like something about Brotli compression, I guess.

I had a similar "ball and chain" platformer type idea, so its interesting seeing someone else's take on something I didn't end up doing! I feel like if you wanted to go down the route of a skill based platformer, a way to aim where you're throwing the weight would really benefit this game. Theres also a lot of potential in this being a puzzle game instead of something where precision is needed. Entertaining game though!

This is really, really good. Like really good. That death bug is super unfortunate, but the level design and creativity here is great! Also very impressive how you gave so much personality to some squares. Very much a top of the line game :)

Very unique idea. I can imagine a more fleshed out version where there's a larger number of things to keep track of, and frantically struggling to maintain them in faster paced platforming sections. Great job :)

very interesting take on the idea. there's certainly a lot of room to explore game-design wise here, and I do like the level design. I know you included a tutorial but I appreciated the levels actively forcing me to interact with a mechanic before testing me on it. It seems obvious but lots of people forget to do it.

I personally think the movement is a bit too slow. Additionally, it was very difficult to actually remember what my button inputs would be doing after touching some symbols, leading to me pressing the wrong inputs some times. I think this could've been alleviated by having controls for each character on screen in some way. Its possible that confusion is just inherent to the idea though.

Good entry!

Very interesting to see a wildly different take on an idea vaugely similar to ours :). With some more varied enemy types added post-jam this could be very great. Good work!

Is this the WebGL version? It seems to unfortunately have a number of issues, namely restarting not working. It works in the Unity editor at least, so I don’t know what build setting I changed to make that happen, haha.

For some reason, that issue seems to be Web specific. At the very least the checkpoint system works in the editor, so I have no idea what I did wrong to make the builds act so strange, haha.   Thanks for trying the game though!

Yeah, unfortunately the web gl version seems to be straight busted in a number of ways, haha. I can’t imagine what I did that made it so wonky. Thanks for playing though!

Ooooh, I meant to put the W and S keys, not W and A. I really wanted to make little icons for all keyboard controls like I did the gamepad for readability sake, but man, everything started to fall apart in the last few hours for me, if you couldn’t already tell haha. Some very silly mistakes on my part.

Awesome entry. I love the amount of juice the game has, the whole thing's visual style feels very Vlambeer inspired. I also really enjoyed the small detail of drones that just fired moving to the back of the flock.

I guess my only "real" criticism (more of a nitpick, really) is that I would've liked to be able to visually distinguish the player from everything else more easily. I found that when the camera really started to shake around and there was stuff flying everything, I had no idea where the main character was, aside from inside of this mass of drones, just so there was some visual center my eyes could come back to more quickly. Not really a huge deal though.

But yeah, great art, great game-feel, good audio, and nice simple gameplay with a neat visual catch with the flocking behavior. Just a really good entry.

yeah, I’m not much of an artist/animator. I spent a bit of time searching for a premade one that worked but I just decided I’d rather polish what I have and try to give it personality through code.

The reason it says “shift to dodge” was because I didn’t really know how else to show that rewinding makes you invulnerable, haha. It’s definitely not a totally necessary (or finished) mechanic right now and I wish I could’ve explored it more.

Thanks for the feedback :).

man this game is JUICY. Love all the feedback from shooting and killing stuff.

I think I have two main thoughts on this game. The first is that, despite the levels changing and difficulty increasing, the game kind of stayed the same. I know "point and shoot" sounds like it may be oversimplifying but its ultimately what I did for all 10 levels. I didn't really have to move, or change my playstyle as eras regressed, I just kept clicking on the bad guys.

You guys came up with one of the more unique takes on the theme, I think it would've been better to see you just take it and run wild. The consequences of eras and weaponry rewinding don't feel all that important in it's current state.

The other thought is that the character controller seems to be inconsistent in how it moves, for me at least. This is mostly what drove me to not even bother with moving and jumping.

I like the game, especially with how the menu is structured.

I think you really needed to introduce the spikes more gradually. It took me a while to find out that they were actually hitting my rope, and even when I put that together, I still wasn't *entirely* sure that was the case. This is made even more problematic because the first level sets up the expectation that the rope is inconsequential. More visual/audio feedback would help in this department.  Maybe something like the spikes cutting the rope? Pretty much anything to show that the rope is what's being affected.

There is some light camera shake when you hit stuff and when you get hit. You're not the first to talk about it so I guess it'll be something I have to tweak. Thanks for the feedback!

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I think there's some elegant design here, however I think the best playstyle is to just constantly rewind in short bursts, so there might need to be an additional mechanic that punishes a work around like that. 

I like that a lot of the mechanics are double edged. You need to rewind to give yourself more time, but rewinding  temporarily creates a new danger. You need to hit enemies with the bomb, but the only way to do that is to stop rewinding and hit the bomb yourself. Interesting stuff with lots of potential.

I think this game has a great level design and some unique ideas. Unfortunately I feel it falls into a trap that a lot of "sokoban" (is this a sokoban game??) style games fall into, and thats that actually preforming the solution is more tedious than finding the solution itself. What I mean by that, is that even though I know for a fact what I'm supposed to be doing, it still takes a loooong time to do. This is made even worse by the fact that a single wrong input, or a double tab of the spacebar, can force a level restart.

The two main ways to fix this would be to removed the "confirm input" style of gameplay, and just have me move these characters on a grid, and to compensate for the additional input mistakes that I would make, add in the ability to undo individual moves, a-la Baba is You, or Stephan's Sausage Roll (Two great games to look into if you wanna study puzzle design!)

yeah, a checkpoint system definitely should've been something Id built from the start. unfortunately it was pretty late when I realized it really needed one and it would've had me restructuring a lot of code. I put that time towards more polishing and toning down the difficulty to compensate but I'm not too sure that that was the right choice, haha. I think something like Hyper Light Drifter's checkpoint system would've worked really well here.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think my main criticism here is that the player needs to be given more information during the game. Small stuff like adding a sprite to the spot where my rope will attach before I click  and having it change colors when I'm too far away goes a loooong way in easing the guesswork people will have to do to progress, and reducing frustration. Aside from that, I'd say that the character movement when swinging could use some tweaks. Consistency is key in a game like this. 

One last thing about the gameplay too, is to make the spikes a little more forgiving. It may seem intuitive to make the collider perfectly match their sprite, but it's generally better to make it much, much smaller.

The visuals are good. If you're using Unity, I'd reccomend adding the "pixel perfect" component to your camera when using pixel art. It gets rid of the distortions and breaking on your tileset, and just generally feels better. I liked the spritework itself.

The audio is pretty nice. The music is good, I really liked the rolling around sound for some reason, haha. 

Overall, a solid game jam entry, good work :).

I love the ideas you had for this concept (especially certain "controllers" only having certain controls, theres so much you could build with this!), this is a very smart game. 

My only real gripe is that I feel like you introduced new concepts a bit too quickly? Its not that big of an issue because the mechanics give a lot of feedback so you can intuit whats going on, but I think I would've prefered a slower ramp of difficulty with new ideas. The levels themselves aren't a problem though, I thought they were really well designed.

Overall great job, easily one of the best games I've rated so far imo.

This is great! My only real criticism is the character controller. Maybe the way jumping worked was intentional,  but I feel as though a predefined jump arc only works in very, very specific games. And in this one, which at moments requires precision platforming, it just isn't too great of a fit, and definitely caused moments of frustration with the game.

The pacing and level design was spot on, and the presentation was great too. Polish up the movement, consider some more ways to expand upon the core idea and you could have a really great game to sell in the future :).

I mean... I can't even criticize it. Add a little more content and throw it on a store front and I'd totally buy it for a few bucks. Incredible job.

Interesting game! I like it, but I think there's one problem holding it back: there's no feedback (that I noticed) if you mistime your inputs. Even though I know it isn't the case, it often feels like the game just isn't acknowledging my input, instead of me just having messed it up. Adding something like camera shake and an audio cue every time the player pressed a button at the wrong time would make the game feel way more responsive, and less frustrating too.

I'd also add additional feedback for other things, like when input *is* allowed. Maybe changing the color of the bottom middle reticle, and scaling it up a bit when a dot is inside of it? Stuff like that can go a really long way into making a game feel good to handle.

Other than that, the visuals are nice and interesting. The music is pretty solid too, especially for 48 hours. Good stuff :)

This game that caught me off guard when you introduced being able to build a pillar on the wall! Fun use of the mechanic, though I think the player needs a significantly reduced hitbox size. The game has potential!

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Platfaller -


Rouge One -

instantly recalled both when I saw this topic, generally for the same reason. Heaps of polish, fun twist on the theme. Platfaller's use of shooting to change platforms makes for some really high skill stuff and rouge one is a ton of fun in trying to balance good and bad stats with one number. :)

Yeah, the soft locking thing was an issue that cropped up pretty late when I was testing the game and I accidentally did it to myself... 3 times on the same level, haha. The idea was that there wouldn't be enough keys for everything so you'd have to choose between health or treasure, or maybe some special item or extra ammo. I appreciate the feedback! :)

Absolutely fantastic. Great twist on a concept I've seen a couple of times in the jam, the shooting to move your platforms makes it stand out.

I really, REALLY like how even though the platforms aren't necessarily physical, they act as cover for your enemies. It can make the decision between playing a platformer or a shooter tough.  Also, I don't know if it was intentional, but being able to jump in the air if you ran off of a platform was a great inclusion. It added quite a bit of skill that wouldn't have been there if you were only limited to jumping on the ground.

Great work.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, the browser version takes my mouse input but not my keyboard.

I downloaded it though and its a ton of fun! Simple but lots of polish. The sounds are good, the camera shake is noticeable but pretty unintrusive. Theres a lot of game juice.

Design wise, I think the player moves too fast. It seems fitting for a temporary upgrade that might spawn but on it's own the player is almost invincible if they play smart. Also, the physics feel just a tad bit slippery. That's pretty nitpicky though, otherwise this game is absolutely fantastic.

Yeah, I definitely wish I could've made the game feel more "lively". Muzzle flash, camera shake, blood particles that stay in the level forever, the whole shebang. My time could've been better spent. Lessons for the next jam though, right?

great game with a lot of polish for 48 hours!

2 main thoughts on this. the 1st is that the first few levels can be frustrating if the target spawns just behind another "pawn" or civilian. There are algorithms for preventing this but because theres such a short time limit for the jam I get why you wouldn't put it in. The second is that for me, green and yellow were very difficult to tell apart. Even when I found the target I wasn't entirely sure if it was the right one.

A great rapid fire, fun game though.

Thank you for the feedback! I am disappointed that I couldn't put at least one more item in the game, and one that would really start to explore the whole "one inventory slot" premise at that. I had this idea for a bag that could carry 3 items in it, but to get your items back youd have to drop the bag, which would spit both the bag and the items on the floor. I could see it creating this sort of mad scramble to get your gun from the bag, or some health potion or something. There's certainly potential I never got around to implementing haha