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Games that deserve more eyes!

A topic by Lunin created 75 days ago Views: 114 Replies: 11
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Hello everyone!  There's a *lot* of games out there this jam, and it can be difficult to see all the hidden gems and neat experiments that have been created.  I know I've been curious what to try now that the 0 ratings list is empty, but I'm aware that if I "randomly" click around I'm likely to hit a lot of the same titles as other people, just due to human psychology. 

Because of this fact, I had an idea I thought might be neat!

In  this thread, post links to games you've tried  so far that were particularly fun and/or interesting but haven't gotten many comments.  They don't have to be the best games you've ever played, so long as you think they're worthy of checking out.  The rules are as follows:

  • No posting your own/your friends game (There are plenty of rate my and rate trading threads already out there for self promotion)
  • Games posted should have no more than ~5-10 comments (This is to help raise awareness for games that haven't gotten enough love)
  • Mention why you chose to link the game in your post (This will help attract clicks from people who find those things interesting)

Then, try out some of the games listed by others!

I'll post a couple from my initial search in a reply to avoid cluttering this description/rules post :)


Because you had an idea that attempts to help others :P


Haha, appreciate the sentiment, though we've had a decent number of comments already :)

I encourage people to try out the rest of the games in this thread!


haha I'm on the case!


Here's a couple I thought were interesting in my initial pass:

Switch is very short, but is a really interesting take on the Only One theme as you can only control one thing at a time, either the player, or the singular platform.  The positioning is finicky and it could use some polish on the controls but it's definitely worth a few minutes.

Yeah! is a short narrative game where you chat with people, but the only dialog options are variations on the word "Yeah".  It's fun to see just how much tone can go into one word with varying caps, punctuation, and spelling.  


Idk if it deserves more eyes, but I would still like for people to play it and give me feedback :D


This thread is meant for jam games others made that you think are neat, no self promotion I'm afraid :)


I did not read the thread and ended up self promoting, I'm still gonna leave that there but this game I thought was really good in particular

Submitted (1 edit)

Platfaller -


Rouge One -

instantly recalled both when I saw this topic, generally for the same reason. Heaps of polish, fun twist on the theme. Platfaller's use of shooting to change platforms makes for some really high skill stuff and rouge one is a ton of fun in trying to balance good and bad stats with one number. :)


This is the first game i was willing to give 5 stars on for all categories, it's just so well put together.


Share Your World -

I'am very interested what is hidden in this game, as you see only one word from 45 words long text. It will be revealed only if we share those words together.


Not sure if it meets that less than 5-10 comments, because I haven't look at the page in a while, but there's a game that's really good and deserves a lot of recognition, which is clumsy clones. It's amazing.