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Thanks for letting me know! Looks like you submit a lot of 2d sprite art, and recently starting putting out mobile games. I presume this will be a 2d / mobile based game then?

Can you tell me some other details of the project? 

  • What's the premise? 
  • What genre is it? 
  • Can i choose my own IDE for it?
  • Is it paid work or volunteer?
  • How large is the team?
  • etc...
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First of all, Thanks for checking this post out!

My name is Sam Solomon, I just released my first game, and would like to get to work on another.

I'm looking for paid work, at or around $20 per hour. I'm proficient with Game Maker Studio 2, I'm passionate and skilled at design and programming, and if needed I can help with art / animation / writing.

If the project interests me, I am willing to work unpaid if necessary, things that interest me are:

  • Games with Simple mechanics
  • Games with Unique Mechanics
  • Metroidvanias / Souls Likes

Here is a link to my game, just send me an email if you would like a key to check it out. (

And here is my Github / Linkedin

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You're welcome, thanks for playing! I'm glad you were able to make it.

An optional ghost to follow might be fun to program, thanks for the idea.

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Yes! I'm glad those were you favorite parts, since the game was so simple, I figured it gave me leave to ask you to master something. I've uploaded a new version with the softlock fixed.

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Thanks for the review! I've uploaded a new version with many fixed typos.

The Game has been released, it's on a 100% sale right now so i can get eyes on it, and I would love it if you would claim it and leave a review or comment on the page. if you miss the sale just send me an email and I'll get you a key.

The Game has been released, it's on a 100% sale right now and I would love it if you would claim it and leave a review or comment on the page. if you miss the sale just send me an email and I'll get you a key.

The Game has been released, it's on a 100% sale right now and I would love it if you would claim it and leave a review or comment on the page. if you miss the sale just send me an email and I'll get you a key.

The Game has been released, it's on a 100% sale right now and I would love it if you would claim it and leave a review or comment on the page. if you miss the sale just send me an email and I'll get you a key.

The Game has been released, it's on sale right now so I can get eyes on it, I would love it if you would claim it and leave a review or comment on the page, your help was appreciated in the dev process. if you miss the sale just send me an email and I'll get you a key.

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At the end of the world, there stands a wall so tall that you can't see the top.

The Lonly Wall is a pure platformer. It contains one set of jumping mechanics, and one goal:  See what is at the top of The Lonly. There are no enemies, so only your skill stands between you and achieving that goal.

Failure means falling, sometimes a short distance, sometimes a very long one. 

Check it out if you're in the mood for a challenge.


Air Dashes

Wall Jumps

And so on...

Hopefully this is the last update!

I added a second hit box for the barriers, and added a better explanation of the forward jump, plus a hint near the top (right before you have a chance to fall waaaay back down) that indicates the player should be looking for shortcuts.

I decided against the indicator for when your jumps are used up, I didn't like the look of it and decided the system was simple enough to grasp not to need it. (and by extension I also am not turning the jumps off when you fall through barriers.)

I fixed that edge case with the camera zoom, Another zoom out level would require more redesigns than I am willing to do at this point. (and there shouldn't be edge cases like that anyway, I want the player to be able to see their next jump at all times)

And the big one, the difficulty curve.

Instead of adding easier parts, I decided to go the opposite direction and ratchet up the difficulty in the first half. I made it much easier to fall back to bottom, so now the tension should rise appropriately the further you climb. Whereas before the tension was more of a straight line, now it should spike at each interval. I also made the very last stretch as hard as i possibly could, while keeping the layout the same, now the jumps required of you at the end are very precise and use your entire move-set.

p.s. I don't expect you to play-test again, I just thought you would appreciate an update.

Your welcome!

If i had spent money on the game, i'm sure I would have gone back and scoured the level for the last secret. Probably not to much to worry about there.

With the controls I could get working on the controller, the game actually felt very nice to play, the movement wasn't to fast when it was a controller setup, probably because it takes less thought to use it, I'd be very interested in seeing what full controls feel like.

Congrats on the Job!

My Take on Pizzahog - it's Great! a interesting mechanic and consistent tone

Good Atmoshpere - everythign fits together to create a fun tone, i especially like the cozy cheerful homes in hell.
I love the take on "Only one Projectile", making trick shots is satisfying

Advice and my Experience

for the first button in the game, because it was placed some distance away from the door, it  was not immediately obvious that it would stay pressed, I assumed it would unpress  and died for it, you might consider just putting the button closer to the door.

I exited and changed the controls so that W was jump after reaching the first checkpoint,  things happen so fast in the game that the extra effort needed to press space instead of W to jump was detrimental to me, i personally had an easier time after i did this.

I ended up throwing the box at the green guy to discover the entrance the hidden room 1, not a criticism, just a note

that is awesome that the box comes back a little when you are close to it, really helps lower that difficulty curve without the player even noticing the help, i didn't see it until I was near the boss.

I beat it! missed 6 coins somehow. found 2 secret rooms. I presume the :( means you aren't mad, just disappointed

If I were making this, I would focus on interesting level design that involves trick shots more than swarms of enemies, and spikes. If you do want more enemies, then try slowing the game down, a little, it will make the combination of one hit KO, spikes everywhere, and enemies to avoid easier to manage in the beginning.

there is a pixel wide gap you can see through at the bottom of the panels that cover the hidden entrances and exits
i managed to get stuck in a wall, could be a fluke, could not repeat it
sometimes when i fall on spikes, two sets of NOOOOO! will appear (indicating that my pizza is screaming i guess? ;) )
it's possible to leave the fire hazard at the last possible moment, your pizzas will catch on fire but the game will keep going without resetting
you can get two failure sounds if you die and then your pizzas or vice versa.

The list of controls when configuring the game contains duplicate entries for certain commands, not sure why.

I could not figure out how to get a controller working right, I couldn't seem to map anything but the mouse to aiming, and i couldn't trigger the fire action with the controller either.

Awesome, this is great, thank you for writing all this out! 

Everyone seems to like the tone and the writing style, it so funny to me because so very much of it is just the first thing i thought of, I've barely had to change it at all.

I'm glad the visuals work, and that I've gotten rid of almost all the quality of life problems as well.

Things I'm taking

I was hoping I wouldn't need to fix that dashing hit box problem. but sounds like I need to.

I also like the idea of disabling jumps in barriers.

Another sign explaining the hold forward mechanic for the second jump is a good idea, i explain everything else after all.

The difficulty curve problem: I'll give the player a few breaks where they can make progress easier. I can't really take away any of the challenge, as if i don't have it they definitely will not be prepared for later, but i will try to give them more breaks.

Fan-art (I know...if you draw it)

Things I have Questions on

I'm very unsure about how i'm going to add indicators for jumps you have left that don't look horrible, any suggestions?

Why another zoom level? right now the zoom out lets you see as far as you can jump horizontally and vertically.

Questions about your experience

did you find ANY shortcuts? because if you didn't, then i can see how things would have gotten way to frustrating at the end. Doing the caves over and over would not be very fun.

have you explored much? (ie. found the mysterious hatted kew statues? or the Noe A. Tablets?)

how long did you play?

Again, thank you so much for writing all that out, it's so very helpful!

p.s.  The down dash is new.

Thanks for playing again, I'm excited to hear about your experience with the rest. and your right about the walls, I'll fix that mechanics introduction.

I've reworked the game and added a ton of polish, I'm play-testing now if you want to check it out.

I'm play-testing the new version here if you are interested:

I am play-testing the redone version here if you are interested

I am play-testing the redone version here if you are interested

I am play-testing the redone version here if you are interested:

For anyone who may be following this board

I have redone this project and am currently play-testing it, please check it out here:

As promised!

It's alright, after consideration and watching some people play it in real time, there were quite a lot of un-enjoyable things about it. I've switched gears to working on it instead of the project i was working on. So updates will be forthcoming.

It's so perfect, I'm not a friend of the creator or anything, I just think it was the most original and well designed game of the Jam, and I can't fathom how it got the scores it did.

One Color Dungeons

wow, it's surprisingly nerve racking watching someone play your game in real time for an audience, really highlights all my mistakes. Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for the review! i'm glad it got you so intrigued. I've gotten a lot of feedback from people about the controls.

I'm thinking of adding 

  • a down dash meant to cancel your horizontal momentum on a dime if you wiff something.
  • the ability to keep whatever H speed you have when using jump 2. 
  • And (possibly) making the wall slide into a wall stick, but this one i'm not sure of, I kinda like the flow of taking a break on a roof and then having a bit of a frantic fest climbing the next wall.
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Turns out the mechanics i made were way to complicated for the very brief intro i made before expecting them to climb a wall. I wish i had made a proper difficulty curve instead of a right angle, teach players slowly and by design ya know.

I managed to squash every technical bug, but i left in text that indicates the game saves, when it does not save at all(something i had to cut). So infuriating!

This is game that takes the concept to the extreme.

one sound for winning

one sound for losing

one sound for progress

one color for safe

one color for danger

one color for progress

one color for winning

one button to press

one color on the screen at a time.

I think it's flawless in it's execution

Yep, I didn't realize it either, I put in probably 16 hours so far just hitting the community hard, and it's got me...40 ratings. certainly enough to get a relatively accurate average, but still, a little underwhelming.

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Here is my favorites list so far, the first few are ones i have been willing to give triple 5 stars to

About half way through building the wall I realized i needed something to spice up the game-play a little, so i whipped out a tile-map that pushes you away from it to take away some of the freedom of movement they have, give them some things to avoid, etc...

problem was that it was janky as all get out! if you entered it from above or below it would flip you out. so I just ended up making sure the player could never enter them from above or below instead of fixing it. XD

I agree, I feel like my game has gotten plenty of ratings to get a semi accurate average, so it's time to stop sniping every single rate swap post and let others take the spotlight. that sucks that not everyone rated though.

Lets get every single game to ten ratings so everyone can have a sort of fair shot at this!

you can filter the submissions page by games with the least number of ratings, 


this page automatically lists the games with the least number of ratings:

Started using Game maker last year, quite enjoying the experience. 

I loved your game as well!

here is mine,