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Submissions with the least ratings

This list excludes entries you've already rated and those without any files

Burton Play in browsermajority integration00
Valiant FlyingLongSword25
One Maze zerogmtkgj33
Jam Factory! Cianon32
Sautéed Sheep Phush33
Broach Forge - GMTK2019 fogeZombie30
Choose the one Adure Games31
One Life Peekay0131
Single Fighter FR4CT1ONS35
One Second Grounded Will More34
Only One Enemy That You Can See At A Time chickenblazer35637
Gravity... But Not Really jaunger199936
One Ball arcadeblast32
Teletransportation Paradox thmeethtudios31
Gunslinger's Paradise Bobby9269533
One Item Quest Nathan Jesudason31
Light Way ShadowTheDragon35
Only One of Each cocaw32
Guppy Guardian Simmered Eggs36
I spent 48 hours on a game jam and all I got was a single arrow Massimog33
The Last Stand TheyCallMeNano34
One Door Eathams34
One Point of Contact Procrastinator31
MorphGrid Ethan31
One checkpoint (jam) Shmazman33
One_Click JokerZ32
Chrono PaperAero55531
One Shot Drakgorn31
Bouncing Bullets Saloon Noahnoah5531
Darkness That Festers Spartawarrior32
Sensory Underload MrMuZhiE31
Budget Spacefight TheFridge32
Nucular blast einstein999730
Matrix with only 1 Dimension Shubh Sharma30
Jump Once Monologue.exe37
Rego-One Screen, One jump razivo31
Crimelord potatolord5637
Acid Cloud GuiLogarithm31
Not If I Shoot Myself First! SleepSpell34
Circus Guy CatwoodGamesltd30
Soundscape fimbulvetr33
You Had One Job! GriffinGames36
MisterJellyman Yovador311
N00LYn3 peter_sc32
One-button Maze JT Rudye31
OneTimes jovinlidan32
OneButton.IO Luis Van Slageren30
The Last Sheep DanHarrisStudent32
Unscientific Elements augmissivearts35
One Knight drentsoft34
What goes around comes around Mr.Androyd32
OneToEnd Des134
Teleport Man juanDinner31
The only attack Maki_Roll31
Giant Oversized Screwdriver Havoc LemonyFresh310
Running on Empty Epsilon Wave34
Rhum & Gun DaCookie34
Nil and the Chamber of Echoes Jomiak34
YOLO Wubs32
Only One applepi280831
The Righteous One Noah Dundas31
You die in the game you die in real life. grub31
OneShot Ivanything43731
Space Waves Chrysp30
Bozz d3athk!ss31
HeartGame MelonoDev31
Silent Archer Varga "Archmage" Aronmen34
Bang Bang FroggoBoyyo32
One Arrow (GMTK 2019) TeriyakiPhantom36
Trench Runner Alex0jk32
BulletBall atryx32
One Mum DrManticore36
Last One Stabbing MarcBurner31
IAI TheoMarzona34
Multidimensional Ogre JillingYouSoftly31
there’s only one you. Zwinzler Games32
One Shot bigbird32
Focus! Friendlyking31
One shot introvertedMage31
Ricochet falasvido32
OneShot GeAmDeMa30
The Clockwise Rocket Clickityclak37
0utsider pooplol33
Exotic Matter in Space Christian.F30
One Shot Dungeon Jsonthefallen32
The Coin Stacker Douglas Asted30
1-Perspective Tug of War (GMTK2019) (B)re(A)d Interactive30
COLLAT BanjoDave32
Incomplete Entry Cosmic Downpour35
The Lonely One CrispJam30
The Blob Brothers and their mission to the moon Kaiser_Dev30
S.pace Russian Roulette32
Star Shot MattWongCode4U32
One Can sparksjam35
ONE WEAK POINT Rayasticot31
one bullet shooter helloimtw30
Hop Skip and Jump! ... because you can only jump VGPhil34