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I love this, it's delightfully silly.  You really feel out of control, especially until you realize that you can't control your car or register bumping someone while a dialog box is up. 

I did find that I could use a little strategy though, which kept it from being frustrating.  As a hint to others going through this, you won't register your next collision on a colored car until after you close the dialog window, so if you wait to do so until you're near your target it can make things a little smoother since if you time it right you might hit them without you doing anything!

Excellent use of theme, nice work :)

Haha, love it!  Thanks :)

The face on the triangle one on the right is great

That probably would have been a good idea.  It's available once you start backing up but a sound cue/visual cue probably would have helped a lot in that regard.  Thanks for the feedback and for playing! :)

Thanks!  It took some messing around with but I like what we managed to fit into it :)

Thank you for the feedback and for playing! :)

A fun little puzzle platformer, wish there were more levels!

The collision physics seemed a little unhappy, I found myself sticking to a lot of surfaces and having some odd jump interactions, still love the look of it and the use of the lighting :)

Got to 4, like a number of others here, wish when you lost that it'd restart you closer to where you left off as the early levels are a bit of a slog to get through once you've gotten the hang of the basics.

Still, neat little game, I like how you can use hitting the goals to help you navigate in the dark.  Good work putting it together! :)

Took me a couple tries to fully understand the game.  First death was to not realizing that each button press flipped the direction the character went rather than needing to be pressed repeatedly like a Joust or Flappy Bird, second was to hitting a flying saucer to see if it'd do anything since only stars had been mentioned, third was to hitting an asteroid because the screenshot made it look like you were supposed to jump from rock to rock somehow.  Once I realized the only thing I was supposed to touch was stars and that I was on the clock things went much smoother, heh.

All that being said, it's a cute and fun little dodging game with some pretty tricky setups, especially with that time pressure.  Good work getting it together! :)

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Always cool to see a 3D entry!

One thing you'll want to remember with 3D games that use the mouse to look is to bind the mouse to the window so you don't lose control if you move out of the embedded game area.  Enjoyed the tone and music, though the physics seemed a little buggy :)

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Fun introduction and good use of cartoon sound effects and props :)

The controls for using some of the weapons was somewhat unintuitive.  I kept accidentally dropping the TNT when I meant to throw it and I never really got Bananas to work.  It'd also be nice if the round automatically ended to the appropriate result if no lives are left so you didn't have to wait out the 5 seconds.

Overall a cool concept though!

Fun little puzzle game!

The delay between button press and movement was a bit long for my liking, I kept seeing a solution but feeling like it took too long to actually make the moves happen to do it.  I also kept having the shapes de-sync so that one press would move some of the shapes and another would move the others.

Still, cool concept with some neat little complications as you move through the levels, good work! :)

Fun concept with neat execution!  I like using the text on top to help divide your attention as things start to get going faster, as well as giving you something to do while waiting on the earlier parts. 

It'd be nice if the difficulty scaled a bit to make the earlier parts go faster if you're solving them quickly as I found myself getting a little bored waiting for the dude to make his way close enough to the next hacking puzzle, but the later parts of the game get appreciably hectic!

Super original and cool concept, my only complaint is that it's a little anti-climactic when you play it and end up getting a word that's already been discovered XD

Thank you for the feedback and for playing!  :)

Those dang sound glitches, heh.  They only turned up in the web version for some reason so by the time we discovered them there wasn't much time to fix them.  We managed to get rid of some, but not all.

Still, glad you had fun!  Congrats on the good time! :)

Thank you!  Sorry to hear the dragon ended your run, but glad you had a good time :)

As a hint should you ever want to try again or for others reading this later, try lunging through shields from close by to counter the knockback.  There's likely too many to do it for all of the ones in front of the dragon, but it can help when you really need to avoid a firey fate!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing!  Honestly we probably got a little too enamored of what happened when you got killed by a charger but you could kind of spite push them back for a bit while impaled.  I think we'd definitely go with something more clear in hindsight :)

Thank you!  We went back to it a couple times while working on challenges for the levels since we wanted more to do than just timing when to bring up your shield.  Glad to hear that that iteration time paid off :)

Difficulty is always so tricky in jams like these, you become blind to the difficulty of your own mechanics pretty fast.  Glad you enjoyed it though, and thanks for playing!  :)

Thanks!  We considered trying making an android build but none of us had the SDK installed and figured most people wouldn't want to go through the trouble of side-loading it :)

Yeah, definitely agree that it could have used more polish but such is the danger of jamming, heh.  Thanks for the feedback and for playing it!

Thanks for playing!

A fun little game, I was glad when my number stopped going down at 10 while I was fighting the first boss. 

Would love more idea behind what the different tags in the top left are doing for/to me but I like that they change from run to run.  Art, SFX and Music felt good and the effects were understandable.  Good work! :)

Haha, appreciate the sentiment, though we've had a decent number of comments already :)

I encourage people to try out the rest of the games in this thread!

This thread is meant for jam games others made that you think are neat, no self promotion I'm afraid :)

Here's a couple I thought were interesting in my initial pass:

Switch is very short, but is a really interesting take on the Only One theme as you can only control one thing at a time, either the player, or the singular platform.  The positioning is finicky and it could use some polish on the controls but it's definitely worth a few minutes.

Yeah! is a short narrative game where you chat with people, but the only dialog options are variations on the word "Yeah".  It's fun to see just how much tone can go into one word with varying caps, punctuation, and spelling.  

Hello everyone!  There's a *lot* of games out there this jam, and it can be difficult to see all the hidden gems and neat experiments that have been created.  I know I've been curious what to try now that the 0 ratings list is empty, but I'm aware that if I "randomly" click around I'm likely to hit a lot of the same titles as other people, just due to human psychology. 

Because of this fact, I had an idea I thought might be neat!

In  this thread, post links to games you've tried  so far that were particularly fun and/or interesting but haven't gotten many comments.  They don't have to be the best games you've ever played, so long as you think they're worthy of checking out.  The rules are as follows:

  • No posting your own/your friends game (There are plenty of rate my and rate trading threads already out there for self promotion)
  • Games posted should have no more than ~5-10 comments (This is to help raise awareness for games that haven't gotten enough love)
  • Mention why you chose to link the game in your post (This will help attract clicks from people who find those things interesting)

Then, try out some of the games listed by others!

I'll post a couple from my initial search in a reply to avoid cluttering this description/rules post :)

So, after an hour or so of work I finished my mighty final boss for our game!  Curious to see it in action, I hit play...

If you're still game, I'd love to show my team some fan art!

If there are too many asks, don't worry about it; appreciate what you're doing for the community regardless :)

Great music and SFX! 

The controls are really difficult to get the hang of, I was only able to get about 12 points, but I  could see it making for a good mobile game.  It'd be nice if some of the early parts gave you some broad obstacles to try going around in each direction and straight up through in order to get a better handle on maneuvering with the control scheme, but the quick restarts helped a lot with the low time to live.

Cool game!  I kinda wish the text came out faster without having to skip to it all being out but that wasn't too bad.  I also had an inordinate amount of fun spinning my face icon on the party screen.

Some of the rounds felt a bit like guessing, but I found I had more time than I thought I did in the later rounds so I could pick a few at random to answer in my head in order to pick yes or no, typically got me 2 out of the 3 each time.  I also agree with many of the other comments that the little voice things were great :)

Managed to almost get 4 points!  Music, SFX, and graphics are great, though I'd love more visual indication about how much I've rotated.  It took 4 games before I figured out how rotation worked, since before that I never used it enough to cause a visual difference (but did enough to slowly and then quickly drift out of bounds).  The velocity bars were super helpful, so just adding something like that for rotation would have been perfect.

Way to really make me regret that I can't control both things at once though, really feel that theme in this one :)

Felt like I had to play this one since our game is called almost the same thing, haha :)

Kudos on going the 3d route! Haven't seen too many of those.  Like the concept, though I didn't see the tower on the map for most of my first playthrough, so you may want to make sure things like that stand out better (and maybe call out the WASD keys on the map as well just to make sure the player doesn't forget in the rush of shooting). 

I love that you go all sorts of different creatures in with simple animations and that you got sounds and music in as well, it makes a big difference.  In future games like this you should be sure to give some sort of time survived or enemy score so you can compare how you did with previous runs.

That is some great looking animation on the main character!  The fist weapon feels very unwieldy though with it's super long windup, so I'm not sure when only having one item would really make a difference since there wasn't any real reason to swap.

Still, a fun little experience with some great visuals, took me 3 tries beat it :)

Yeah! :)

In all seriousness though, a fun little short narrative piece.  I love how it shows how much inflection exists in small things like spelling and punctuation in a chat medium.  Would have appreciated if the waiting on replies was a little snappier, even if that would harm the meta-narrative of the game being a phone, but the waiting wasn't too bad.  Good work :)

An interesting game of pushing your luck!  Being invincible while holding the fire is a good paring with a scoring system that rewards letting go of it in line with enemies for as long as possible :)

Definitely ran into a few bugs with the fire getting stuck in walls (and some enemies moving through them) but I like the concept.  My only real complaint is that the way the game plays currently it rewards waiting a long time for all the enemies to pile up which can get boring quickly.  If that could be addressed along with a slight increase in overall pace and unique enemies I could see myself spending a decent amount of time playing it.

Oh, for future games though, please don't blink the controls text on and off XD

Really cool concept!  I liked having to figure out ways to manipulate the character's momentum along with the platform to get through various obstacles.  

I'd definitely make the platform thicker for blocking horizontal beams though, getting it in the right position was rather finicky on the second level, and not in a way that was gameplay difficult since the character was stopped while I was working on it.  It would also be interesting if you kept more momentum along the horizontal axis so you didn't have to remember to start holding the button again when you switch back if you're not trying a complicated maneuver.

I would love to see more levels with more interesting usages of the mechanic! :)

Love the art and sounds, those platform noises are super soothing :D

I'm not really sure what the point of the dodgeball is, it seems to just push enemies around and then get stuck on the platform they were just on.  The territory control aspect is interesting, but seems to reward non-moving, which would justify the dodgeball pushing but the AI never really stops running at any point.  It was also difficult to tell if I was working towards any kind of end goal, as there was no score or anything to see how I was doing.

The character designs and animations were fun to see though, and that's probably the best menu screen I've seen yet.   Great work! :)