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I found the game quite hard, but still managed to finish it. Took me a bit over 8 minutes. As many already mentioned, the color pallet here is amazing! Good amount of content too. Excellent game! 

Simple, but interesting and very fun! I really like the difficulty and how it seems easy at first until the snake grows really large. The reference to the theme is also a quite nice.

Excellent game! Movement is very polished and the visuals are good. I'd love to know if you made the music yourself, because it's great! Only minor issue I found is the camera. In a few places you can't see what's ahead.

Here's an example (You can't really see how much further the spikes on the ceiling go):

Other than that I think it's quite enjoyable game. Great entry!

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Yes but it is based on youtube tutorial with some changes. It uses Character Controller instead of Rigidbody. It's much better to make your own controller instead of using the ones in Unity Standard Assets as those are very laggy.

Good take on the theme but gameplay needs some work.

Really nice graphics and art style. Sadly it doesn't always launch properly on my computer and bugs.

Thank you for playing my game! I'm looking forward to see your game being expanded too!

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't do any optimization so that could be the reason too. I might also add an option to disable lens dirt. I'm gonna expand this game. If you are interested you can follow me on page.. Thanks for taking your time!

The last puzzle is hard to do yourself. There is one book that acts as a lever but it is hard to find because I ran out of time and didn't add any hints which one it is. It will be fixed as I'm expending this game further. If you want to see more of it then be sure to follow me on page. Thank you for playing!

Really hard old-school rouglike. It was fun to play after I've got the controls. Would love to see it expanded. I have a question. Is there any end game screen or something? I've killed all the enemies i think and nothing happend. Maybe I missed something but I'm pretty sure all enmies were dead.

Very fun experience. The mechanics are really well done. The crowd AI could get a bit of work. Sometimes they walk in each other. Would love to see more of it! Good job!

Amazing atmosphere and really good take on the theme. One of the best games i've played so far. I had a bit similar idea when making my game with the diffrence being that in my game you can still interact with doors and such while having only one item. Really well done!

When I first saw the inventory I knew this will be amazing. The way the Mimic moves is awesome. I find it really cute. The camera could be improved a bit. Great work!

The beginning was really good but the gameplay itself needs some work. Good job!

Really original. With some more work put into it this could be really amazing game. I really like the idea of being single bullet that rolls around the level. Great work!

Cool idea. I would like to see more. Good work!

Clicking the button was really rewarding! I like it! Good work!

Great game! I would love to play more levels. I like the idea of the timer acting as health. The gun has nice feedback, and reacoil. Really fun to shoot. I also like the graphics. Only bad thing was the sensitivity. Even on max it was still to low. Other than that, good job!

You had great idea. The gameplay could be really fun but first the sensitivity is way to high. Second thing is that the enemies could give more info about when they will actually shoot. I still enjoyed the game. BIg plus for making so many levels. Good work!

Totaly agree. The last puzzle needs some hints. I will be expanding this game. If you are interested in it then you can follow me on page. Thanks for taking your time!

Pretty unique take on the theme but the gameplay needs some work.

Very cool little horror game. I like the atmosphere created by the clock ticking. I felt some tension. Good puzzles. I only wonder what would happen if the time runs out but at the same time I don't want to see the answer myself ;) Good job!

Very unique. Graphics are pretty good. I felt lost a few times. I still don't understand the smell sense mechanic. The hear sense also was a bit difficult. I know it kinda tells you where the danger is but still it isn't so clear. The controls need some work. There is also a problem with the movment smoothness. It is laggy. It's probably because you used rigidbody based controller. It gets updated only 50 times per second so when the camera is attached to it and you have for example 100+ fps you can see it clearly. Hope that helps you improve your games in the future. You've done great work! I really like this idea. And big plus for controller support and use of it's features.

The controls take a while to figure out. Levels are well done and make you think about next move. I like the graphics and sound. Cool game! Good work!

You can try my dungeon crawler with only one inventory slot represented by the crosshair

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I know the last puzzle is too hard. Unfortunately I couldn't add any hints because I ran out of time. I'm going to expand this game, so that will be fixed for sure. If you would be interested in it you can follow me on page. Thanks for feedback! I'm looking forward to see the video. I will get ton of useful information from it. It will really help me improve the game. Thanks for taking your time!

That's really unique game. Interesting take on the theme. I like these retro visuals and colors. Very fun gameplay. Maps are well designed and the difficulty is very balanced. Only thing to note here is the text that can be a bit hard to read sometimes. Other than that, nice work!

There is actually a point light too. I forgot about it :)

There should be a note with some hints in the library for sure. Thanks for playing! I'm planning to develop this game further. If you are intersted in it then make sure to follow me on page. Thank you!

I've tried to do my best. Glad you like it! It's going to be expanded in the future. If you are interested in it you can follow me on page. Thanks!

Thank you! This game is gonna be expanded in the future. If you wanna see more then follow me on page. Thanks for taking your time!

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The mushrooms are using standard shader material with some emission.

 Combine that with some bloom and you achive this effect. In order for this to work correctly you also need to change color space from gamma to linear. You can do so in Project Settings > Player > Other Settings.  I always use bloom along side Color Grading with Mode set to ACES and Post-exposure set to about 1 so it's not so dark.

I always use bloom along side Color Grading with Mode set to ACES and Post-exposure set to about 1 so it's not so dark.

 Make sure you also have HDR enabled in Project Settings > Graphics. It should be enabled by default.

I'm gonna expand this game. If you are interested in it then follow me on page. Thanks for playing!

Here's mine

It would be awesome! Keep it up!

I have a question. Are you gonna expand this game? I would really love to play more of it. Even with this difficulty. It's really rewarding. With some more polish and maybe controller support it would be amazing game.

I'm glad you like it! I want to expand this game. Leave a follow on page if you are interested in it. Thanks for playing!

It's really hard. I like the graphics and sound. Very cute slime design. The difficulty needs to be improved for sure. Good job!

Here's my dungeon-crawler with only one slot inventory represented by the crosshair

Here's some good old Dungeon-Crawling. Take a look!

Here's mine