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Hilarious ! Nice isekai

Way too much pixelised. Good game overall. I like the sword hit mechanics.

Nice looking

Really nice done ! All thoses houses and models, it feel really like a little city. The movements and camera are sweet, and it's so funny to just kill randomly everybody and to see them run everywhere ! Thanks for this game !

Well done ! It's a very new gameplay idea I like it ! Took me some time to get how it worked but that's really cool !

I finished it at the third try ! It's well done for a first game. I'm really looking forward to see what else you are going to make ! 

So I played it multiple time, and yes, with more time you could have made some solid gameplay. I enjoyed it though, that was a pretty nice idea ! 

The story killed me, it's WTF and funny. Though in your levels 13-14-15 we drop to 3-4 fps, it's insane and unplayable.

I found that by just waiting in the left top corner I could just survive every levels without moving. Which was needed, because even when you dodge a barrel, it can still kill you.

Thanks for this game !

The story killed me, it's WTF and funny.
Though in your levels 13-14-15 we drop to 3-4 fps, it's insane and unplayable.

I found that by just waiting in the left top corner I could just survive every levels without moving. Which was needed, because even when you dodge a barrel, it can still kill you.

Thanks for this game !

I don't know why it took me so long to watch your post. It's awesome ahah ! Very well played !

Very nice ahahah ! Awesome. I whish there was an option to see every people character but yah, that's fine !

So mysterious

It look so embarrassing, but also so fun ! It grants some more value to the game ! Really !!!

Oh my god this face ahahahah !

The eyes glow because of the lightning setting. You must use post processing, by launching with high or ultra to get rid of this because I corrected the shader in the post processing. So without it enable it's all screwed eheh

I'm aware of the skin color bug, it's because i'm modifying the color of the material, and not the instanciated material in the mesh. It debug itself if you press the reset button, though. I'll have to fix it later.

Thank you very much for your feedback, and your beautifully waifu maid girl !

Ahahah i enjoyed it. Very nice, and good job with the voices !

I really enjoyed it a lot ! Very well done ! 

Very happy to know you enjoyed it this much ! Thank's a lot for this return ! 

Ahahah yeah I think that's the model shapekeys. The model is 10mb heavy, and every shapekey must contain all the mesh information. Since i've 200+ shapekey it explain the size of the files.

Thank you very much for your feedback !!! 

And yeah.. I pretty much expect to reuse this for another real project later ahah.

The work on the particles is insane ! Very very well done !

That was nice. A bit boring at start, then I replayed many time to unlock everything because it get better and better. Thank you for this game !

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Nice, the art was good, too bad there was no animations. Looking forward for more !

lovely !

An amazing game, the quality is insane for a gamejam, i enjoyed it a lot, even if i'm very bad at it ! 

Nice ! 

Everybody's loving me that's a great moment :')

Very nice little game, could have suffer a bit more work on the graphism and UI, but in overall that's nice ! 

Nice little game ! I enjoyed playing it, very well done. It's cute, even if this is pixel art and the concept is great !

It was really strange. There was content from AAA quality, and content terrible. Like the start button freezing for 2 min, of the health bar with the default unity slider.

I see that you wernt organized, since you made a lot of chairs and quality models and onoptimized textures before making any animations. 

But in overall that's a great submission, it was fun to play ! Thank you for this game !

The style is awesome ! Very well done ! I love it !

It look like once you lose, even if you play again the ennemies don't appear anymore.

Really nice art and sounds though ! I enjoyed it !

Thank you !  I had to focus on the scripts theirselves that's true, i had not the time to put more contents like haircuts models, or accessories which are so important to a character creator. However i'll keep working on it and maybe add bodies, than a male model too, and maybe also cloths in some future.

I'm happy to know you enjoyed it ! 

Pitty there are not music at all neither too ! It's true that i only fit half the ratings categories. Well... At least I have the Graphism one I guess ahahah.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the feedback !

Nice one. You invented nothing but bring back a good old level design and concept to the them very nicely. I enjoyed playing it a lot, thanks for it !

I enjoyed it a lot, remember me Doom. I though that wasn't difficult enough to keep entertening me after rescuing 20 of them, though. But it was totally worth playing it. The art is nice and you achieved a complet level looking like a real game in only 7 days, that's awesome !

Keep up the good work :D

This has many potential. I enjoyed the art a lot. It's sad though that playing the game longer don't gift the player. I saw you didn't had the time to finish the upgrad section so it explain it I guess.

Was really a good submission, very well done !

Tryed to make the cutest girl, ended with with "Dragnar", the evil master chief from the oger tribe.  Thank you very much for your feedback it was awesome ! 

Thank you very much for your feedback JohnnyOuh ! You motivated me all the time on the discord it helped a lot !

That's sosososo awsome it made my day ! That's the cutest shrek cosplay I ever saw !

Really nice art and music. A bit too hard I think :D

Well this one was really really awesome ! A bit too epileptical, I spend 50% of the time runing into walls, and missing my jumps, but that was impressive ! I loved the attention to details with drops of water. When i realized I basically had infinite ammo, I spent my time shooting everywhere to see where I was going. 

A bit sad that the ennemis didn't attacked, but that's understandable. Really a good good submission !