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The new V0.3.1 fix a bug not loading properly the player data on reconnexion, and increase the drop rate of summoning stones upon replaying previous fights

A whole new version is now provided the 0.3

Thanks ! 

Hello there,

I am going to submit this game to the jam :

I've made it for a previous 1 week game jam, but got so short on time that I ended up having to rush the end and not making most of the features.

So here is what I expect to be able to add :

A achievements / Quest system, to reward the player progression in the game.

A shop for the player to purchase items.

Actuals skills for characters to fight in the battles with visuals and custom effects?

A equipment system, that can be looted by the player at the end of battles or purchased in the shop. Each with different random stats, rarities, image, and additional skill to use in battle. Every character will be able to equip every weapons and those weapons will be able to be upgraded showing their hidden stats the further they increases in level too, so it'll be up to the player to pick carefully the right weapon for the right character.

If I get extra time i'll work on adding more battles to grant a smoother progression. 

Can't wait to see your work too !

Hello Double King, thank you for your interest.

If you permit me, let me explain and clarify few things !

Firstly, this game is a demo and was made in 10 day for a Game Jam. That is why the game feel and was really rushed to be released for my Game Jam, so all the battle, dialogue and exploration part is totally fucked up as you stated ahah. I just didn't have the time to create deep dialogues, and to perfect every systems.

To get character ideas while making the game jam I offered to the other game jam devs from the others games to add their own ideas of character to my own game, which I did. Your ideas are quite nice and I may add them too ! There is 29 characters ATM, and i plan on having at least 150 of them before being happy with that, so there is room for creativity here.

Well that was for the first disclaimer part.

Secondly, the good new is that I am still working on the game ! I fixed a lot of bugs, and added all the missing stuff in the battles, like the level progression (that didn't work in the release), the perks usable, particles effects and sound when you fight, a quest and achievement system ect... However now that i'm not rushed anymore I take my time, I expect to release a second version of the game by start february. And keep on iterating to add more and more feature over the course of the year before starting to release something more consistent here and on steam.

All the stuff like skiping dialogues, a longer tutorial to guid you through battles and upgrading characters, an auto save feature, a player ranking, a connection with an account, and ofc all the story, dungeons, towers challenges and game balance will come along the development at some point. So there is no need to worry.

If you wish too and have a way to be contacted, I can do so when i'll release the next version of the game. 

Again, I thank you for your interest, that's nice to be able to read your messages.


It would be awesome to have a windows build ! :D

Infortunately for me I ran into two critical bugs. The TAB touch don't work on my browser and release the mouse lock on from the game, which do not feed tab to the game and therefor prevent me from switching characters. So I can't go past the tutorial. Since I cannot reassign the touch, nor download the desktop version of the game I cannot play it.

Moreover, when I press space to jump, the dog is stuck in a infinite loop of jump and makes it really slow to walk, and cannot run anymore. So I cannot even jump above the crates to go past the tutorial neither.

Therefore i'll rate this game it by his old playable version on desktop before the tutorial released. It's a good use of the art, and the concept of switching character to suicide on the environment is great. This would deserve more polish to make it a full completed game. Thanks for your work !

The smoothness of the controls with the innertia makes it a very pleasant experience !

Too bad there isn't more ennemies, or a backstory, bosses to fight and different levels, weapons upgrades ect...

It becomes boring after few minutes, and imo this game would be worth some extra work to make it somehow complete with a lot of elements ! 

The theme is totally here, made me feel unwell. It's a sad game. Well done !

Super idea to "swipe on the keyboard". Since I have shortcuts on opera it kept opening tabs and shortcutes though, si I had to figure out to press K+L, and D + S and Space instead of a full swipe. But once done the gameplay went smoothly.

It is very short, but the art is cool, gratz, very innovative.

The gameplay is smooth, eventhough the game is simple to the basics it is well made together.

I must admit the ending is funny, as well as the theme respected !

Couldn't open the settings from the game, so I had to restart the game to change the mouse sensitivity, could be a good addition to allow it ! 

For a first game it's a good start !

That was a concept that I havn't seen, well done, codewise it must have been quite hard to make !

Nice tilemap based little game, took me a long time to get used to the gameplay though :D

Gratz on the art !

Got the exact same pattern for my playthrough. Didn't know if that was normal till I read your comment.

Still nice to see a big open 3D game like that 

Thank you Imbalisko. If you are curious it was achieved in seconds using 

There is a demo showcasing the parallax effect i just took the script for my scene and pasted the background game object :P

It was fun to shoot on the zombies, however it is too short, they don't seem to respawn and the day do not increment.

I liked it though, well done, I wish there was more ! 

This was quite nice, I like incrementals games like that and enjoyed unlocking everything.

Well done !

I don't get it, right at the first I got killed, and then nothing happens, even if I try to interact with characters of doors.

I disagree with GrumpyImp. The controls are those of a turn based game so you have to get a time of adaptation. Took me a moment to understand what I was doing but made it to the end. Thanks for the game !

Those are all AI generated images, thanks for the feedbak !

20 stars on 20 stars, would play it again. Quite fun idle game, by one of the best JS game creator !

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This game was really funny to play ! 

A bit sad that everybody get 4.3 stars at the end, but damn, you turned out to be an expert in Idle games Robin ! It's quite fun to see the IA starting to match instead of you, and becoming way better at doing it than yourself lol


This game is properly awesome.
The more you go, the more creative you can get. It's hypnotizing to see all your workers building your stuff.

I enjoyed those 2 hours playthrough, thanks you !

Simple game yet quite fun to play, thanks ! 

It's impressive to know that you created all this environments ! Thanks for the game !

Hello there, thank you for your comment. Maybe the left alt button does not work on the webGL version.

You have two option then, you can putthe webversion in fullscreen and then the leftALT will work.

You can also exit the store with "B" or with "numpad0"

If you do uses a regular keyboard I advise you the use of B, space, and the arrow keys !

I don't got what it was really used for since i'm not a pixel art guy, however I can see how polished it is. I made a cool drawing and was able to save and load it. That's cool !

Sound like you were having fun !

Didn't had the time to make any proper ending but it sound like you got to the end of the game.

I'll try out your game soon, and let you know my feeling. Thank you for the feedback ! 

This game need a real tutorial, I just clicked everywhere, nothing seemed to work. I spent 10 min figuring out what to do lol

Too much resources types, the enemies take at least 5 min before appearing so you dunno what to do and if the game is bugged or not

But it does look good and fit the theme ! So well done !

Some stuff is wrong with this game, like it launch itself in 300x200 for some reason, the fact that having a chromatic aberation and screenshakes all around the windows when you play.  And the fact to have to start all over, considering how easy it is to die when you don't know the levels make it a terrible user experience.

However it does fit the theme perfectly and I must recognize that some solid work was made on this game, so GG ! Well done.

Honestly the difficulty is fine to me.

My comment was more about the game not fitting the theme too much cause you keep dying and restarting your actual level, instead of a definitive death. But I must tell that a definitive death and having to redo everything would have made this game a terrible experience.

I had some problem with the game. On the first video screen when you must shoot through multiple camera to get the first key, it crashed the webGL player everytime.

So I bypassed it and just kept going forward in the game. So I eventually got the 3 last keys and wanted to try to get back on track to the beginning of the level to get the first one again.

However the entrance to the beginning was blocked by a cube, so I was locked with 3 keys on 4. I dunno if something was supposed to happens when you clear the game, but hey.

I liked the idea of the feature, shooting through camera to kill ppl. However some stuff like the box to hide into were properly useless to the gameplay. There is no way to even access the boxes without being seen or shooted. So you just shoot everything without using them.

Also the design of the levels was very poor, I was damn lost, cause every single room and door looks the same. 

But overall I enjoyed to play it cause of the main feature !

Basically thinking the same as Leida. Super short game and innovative, but that's it. Thanks for sharing it !

I liked the idea of collecting causes of your non dead in your room. I've died like 10 differents ways but havn't found the way to die for real.

Nice job

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I enjoyed this game overall !

Died a 56. 

GG, I read it was your first completed project, which is an achievement !

Few problems, like the unintuitive controls (Arrow up and down should rotate you to face up and down, and the color switch should have be on another key), or the imbedded webGL which havn't the right dimension, so I had to download the standalone game to play.

But overall it's playable so I think it's a real good first game 

It does respect the theme indeed ! So 5 stars there.

I loved the sounds effects. However yeah the gameplay was a bit poor and not that much fun.

Looking forward for your improvements in the next jam ! <3