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Thank you for your comment, that's very nice of you. And you are being too nice :)
Music wasn't us, we took it from and sounds too. We just arranged them to match the gameplay.
It was made in a bit more than 2/3 days. We couldn't work the full week unfortunately. It would have been nice because we would have liked to add many more things :)

And you are right, it's unfortunately based and randomised object placement. So we didn't have time to add a kind of gamification where things to be unlocked in a certain order. Let's say it's a "prototype" for an idea that could be expanded. But the base gameplay is there, and that is the most important. I'm sorry that it felt a bit biaised by winning with luck or unluck for you but hopefully you enjoyed this scratched idead.

Anyway thank you very much for you kind words.