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Nice game but might be too hard.

I searched all of the places and only found antidote in the last searched one so I guess I have to redo the full search for each of the three objects. The problem is it took 3 full days to search everything so if unlucky the player won't get it in time and on average it should take (3/2 (average per object))*3(number of objects)=4.5 full days to find all three objects so basically there is very little margin of error. At least it seems this way.

I kept an eye on the map more than I looked on the main-screen itself. I was very cautious and was ready to throw some rocks or meat but then received a message that a guard was killed. Ah, forgot about that rule:)

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Thank you for your feedback.
There is some balancing issue here and there I give you that. Sometimes you can by really lucky and find 2 objects in a day, some other times you dond't find it until looking to the very end. Sorry if you experienced that kind of issue.
And lucky you didn't try the post-jam version because the wolf is faster and there is a guard during the day Ah! :D

Anyway glad you played it and your feedback will be taken into account (like everybody) if we tend to extend the experience one day.
Thank you