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Really cool =)

I love it.

Se sao do Brasil, qualquer coisa gritem =) Gosto de ajudar =) Se tiver um link de contato.....
aqui é, apesar de estar meio morto o site, nao ta abandonado nao. =)

Where you from guys? I think some familiar things in this game. =)

Well, I really enjoyed the game. But I think (just because GMTK already done) a lack of visual refrence in "lake or sea" because the boat simply stop. I was playing in a MOnitor a little bit darker e played a good time "triyng go to right/left", doesnt matter =)

Another thing: Something to be clear the game is over after the trasmission. Some people who I share the game was waiting to see if something happen. 

Congrats for the game! Very good e great visual in general.

It's a small project to implement something bigger, but in the end I turned it into something playable =) Hope you like this little board game.

I will buy since the videos are good. Its a way to support videos. =)

I made with 13


I think its ok the border, but "my problem  is more with speed, quantity and velocity than a "design problem". :D

Very good game. I think you shold balance the physics. Lv2 I was able to go to NEXT round even without de box in the truck. Lv 3 (the one with a lot of stairs - sorry about my english, I dont know how to call that) I had to try more than 10 times to be able to go to the next level.

So, I think you should rethink and balance the game physics, but it is a very good puzzle idea.

A long time ago I played a very similar game in my PALM PILOT to learn how to write in it. This game has the same design and this is not a bad idea. I think you need only work in HOW letter appears. Too many things to see, you cannot concentrate to write. Good game.

DONT TRANSLATE PELÉ =)))))))) Pelé is PELÉ ;)

Very cool! But the game seems to be crashing randomly. I played to 4th day, and crash. Always between this time Day1 to 4th.... but its very cool and imaginative! I liked. really.

Thank you all, it was very hard!!! ;) Soon we will get a sequel! ;)

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Well, in a GameJam the problem is basically TIME. I was not successful in managing this and at the same time fixing the bugs that appeared exactly in the last hour before the deadline. If you want to get an idea, you can see this video here:

See the number of lives and what happens from the half to the end of the video! (laughing).
thank you for your feedback and I promise that a "less broken" version of the game is on the way. Follow the game and soon we will have updates. : D

At this moment, I'm just happy to have managed to deliver in a way that it was possible to play! ;)

I like the concept. If its possible, id like your feedback too:

I agree. The problem was the 48 hours.... my version here has a lot of things! ;) I still working on it, even after the deadline ;) But thanks for your feedback.

I love it. Fun. 

I think exactly the same!

Thanks for the comments. We are taking note of all the constructive suggestions.

In fact this result was "the possible" to be delivered on time. We have many other ideas and we are already implementing them. The controls, I agree, got a little weird. Not because they are not good, IMHO, but because the isometric view confuses a bit and we have difficulty in knowing if we are swimming sideways or down, for example, because it lacks a visual reference to know if this is happening. The problem is more visual and referral than controls. I'm fixing this. : D Thank you for sharing your observations with us.

Good job, but I cannot realize the theme in the game.

Karateka + PacMan.

It not clear what to do after the "long jump". I came back to the "castle", but the pink room doesnt open.Hmmmmm

Very nice game, but also very hard. Its not clear to me the theme in

the game. Of course is related to the water, but took more than 30 sec
to something happen in the graveyard.

Flap bird in first person. Sorry man.

Its a good idea, scary, but very short game. I think controllers are kind of strange, but its ok. The theme is the problem, IMHO, since is a escape roomwith 30 seconds, I dont think it a good combination. But its a good entry! Congrats

The game looks nice, but its not a good combination. A maze without any mark to see if I already beem there or a map, lacks some playability. The rewind feature, when you lose its a great feature in general, and help (a little) the lack of some map or reference.

I understood you comments right now, something is brioke in the game. You should see a screen exactly like I post in the forum. See game entry again and you will see the screen.

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I dont know what happen, but one screen is BROKE in the game. I didt realize why this screen is not appearing, but NEW GAME you should see this.


Im sorry. I tryied either, withou success. Only a blank screen. :(

Thnaks. We are taking note of everything, since we have decided not to stop the game in this version. Other things we did not have time to implement, like sharks! : D

Well, I qgree with Bebecarul. Has some bugs, But I think, for a GJ, was well done. Too literal, IMHO, since its a Quest in 30 seconds, but its ok with that. COngrats!

Hey, if you can, download our game e let your comments, ok ?

Fun game, but almost impossible!! very hard!! I quit in level 3. There are some bugs on the sppikes in the beggining of the level. The game dont need to be a virtuous 4k 60fps game, but well executed! Congrats!

Well, we are in 5 people here on a computer evaluating the games. Note that I'm writing for 5. We like the idea, we find it captivating, but the controls are very bad. No one here was able to play satisfactorily to say "I'm having fun". We really like the idea of solving puzzles to get to the end of the level, but we do not like the way you used the time. Ok freeze the time, but the impression is that the game does not need this to work well (and better). Stopping time is complicated which should be easier, which is to push the box to open the small door. And with the time stopped and the freedom that the box moves, it ended up hampering what should be simple. I would think more about how the box could move. In a straight line, for example, it would help a lot. Anyway, congratulations to the game, we like it overall, but check his controls, okay? We accept criticism in our game too (we did it in little more than 24 hours, despite the time of the jam). Take a look and see where I went wrong (lol): Congratulations!

Very good game!!! Seem ultimate "Cybernetic BeastMaster" (watch on netflix!!) lol!

Very good, but I thing the controllers are too complex.

Id like your opinion too, if its possible:


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Cool game.
If its possible, see my game too:
<span <there="" is="" something="" missing="" to="" play="" at="" a="" certain="" pace.<="" span=""></span>I think your game is a good game, but miss, for me, There is something missing to play at a certain pace. Pressing buttons to the sides (putting the player in the right column) is not (at this stage) a big challenge. But I really think it has potential. Congratulations.