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30 Second NinjaView game page

3D Platformer with Coin Collection and some sword combat
Submitted by ScottSpadea — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Animation, Modeling, and game mechanics shine in this game. The lock on system worked well enough, and the level design was great. The overall aesthetic of the game is fantastic. Although, the animations and sound could ave used a little more variety to avoid the odd look and sound when spamming attacks.  
While on the topic of attacks, do the enemies attack at all? I noticed you have a healthbar, but mine never went down, even while standing still by an enemy. 
Great game overall, I rate it  8/10
~ Kool Kid


That dual purpose hostage was the best!


there is another way to get on the roofs, in the graveyard.


Changes in Bug Fix Update 01:

fixed all the menu glitches
fixed the targeting system
smoothed out the camera issues
added mouse camera controls
added a better looking lock on cursor
fixed the door lock on bug,
added detail to the back of the doors
now doors open if you knock on them 3 times
fixed the multiple sword hit problems with invincibility frames
added a pressed version of the pressure plate
added sound to the pressure plate
added sound to the foo dogs


Great looking game. The controls is kinda weird though. It looks like the camera changes when I press mouse 2 but I am not sure how it works. You definitely have some great animation and 3D modeling skills. Looking to see what you can do later on.


Definitely a great looking game and theme! The player animations are well done as well. The gameplay is decent, but the camera moves a little too abruptly when I'm looking around. Nonetheless a great game and you have some serious artistic skills for sure! Would like to see this game fully fleshed out and completed. 


Most of the suggestions I would make have already been mentioned, save one. It took me a while to realize that the camera control was mapped to the arrow keys instead of the mouse. So my only recommendation (other than "make more content for this cool world!") would be to impliment the classic WASD for movement, and mouse for look.

You've definitely got the best animation and rigging I've seen. Definitely one of the most cohesive art styles as well. Seems to me like you could use a developer to hook everything up while you make the good looking bits... If you ever need that guy, hmu ;)


I really like the aesthetic. It's clear that you put effort into making a cohesive style, and it winds up looking like one of the better games in the jam.  The coin collecting gameplay itself isn't bad, but it took me like 4 or 5 runs to figure out where I needed to go to hit 20 coins. I won't rail on the issues with the enemies and NPCs, because you're clearly already aware. 

I had a number of strange UI glitches, like the menu selections being offset from the text and sometimes text staying up past when it should have. 

It also seems like after a point, your ninja is just constantly sliding forward a small amount, which gives it a floaty feel.

I think this art-style could fit a lot of different game types, and I'd be excited to see you make a more complete game with it.


Weird fun game. A lot of promise with the artstyle and overall asthetics but the game is kinda incomplete and weird. Enemies don't do anything and civilians aren't even rigged. And the purpose of the game is unclear.

I found hilarious the moment when you collect all 30 coins and you get the ability to run around changing your ninjas color XD

The game is weird and incomplete but I had fun. It's a shame that you didn't have more time :)


Thanks. I had plenty of time, I just procrastinated alot. I kept changing ideas until I was running short on time, then on the final day, I put in the effort to make some kind of gameplay with the assets I had. Next game jam I will try to get a playable build in the first week, instead of waiting until the last minute before adding gameplay.


Karateka + PacMan.


The 3D models and animations are awesome. I like the extra detail like hitting bell and door has its own sound effect.
But I am not sure if some parts of the game are broken during build, or it is unfinished yet. The enemies just sliding around and not attacking the player. The villagers are in T pose. If I press 'R' key, the player got some damage. Too bad if it was due to build failure or platform compatibility :(

Developer (1 edit)

Those are just unfinished features. "Pressing R to cause damage" was a debug feature left in for testing the health bar. I will remove that when I make enemies that attack the player. The villagers are not rigged yet, I only had time to rig and animate the ninja. The stab attack is a placeholder as an early test of an unfinished combat system, it was the fastest attack animation I could make on a tight deadline. The enemies slide around to test the lock-on targeting system.

There is a bug where the player can lock-on target the doors, because in the final hours of development, I wanted to add sound effects for stabbing the door, and implementing the health interface was an easy way to do that, reusing code designed for the enemies which made sound when attacked, but the targeting system can lock onto anything that uses that health interface. 


I can't get that door to open, but otherwise really nice animations!


Collect all 20 coins to open the doors.