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Real fun! I immediately started strategizing and attempting to min/max. Really clever concept, and very difficult at first! Looking forward to checking back later and seeing all the improvements you'll make. Great job!

Sorry for the late reply... Are you interested in the project files, or something else?

If you'd like to talk business shoot me an email at:

Ali showed me where the save files are stored. A little experimentation and a few goblin deaths later, I cracked the code and had myself a full set of some god gear. If for no other reason than being able to cheat in multiplayer, this was probably the most fun I had messing around with any of the games in this jam. 


10/10 with hacks

Most of the suggestions I would make have already been mentioned, save one. It took me a while to realize that the camera control was mapped to the arrow keys instead of the mouse. So my only recommendation (other than "make more content for this cool world!") would be to impliment the classic WASD for movement, and mouse for look.

You've definitely got the best animation and rigging I've seen. Definitely one of the most cohesive art styles as well. Seems to me like you could use a developer to hook everything up while you make the good looking bits... If you ever need that guy, hmu ;)

I definitely feel where you're coming from; complexity is certainly lacking, and this seems more like a proof of concept. The major way I plan to add complexity and variation will be with alternate "HyperCubes" (aka having different shapes that you view things through instead of just a cube), most of which won't actually be cubes. The Cube "world" will likely be the easiest/starting world. I think changing that will add quite a bit of variety, but it will make level creation a little less automated, which is why I haven't implemented it for this jam. I probably would've if I hadn't lost all my work and had to re-make it all 2/3rds of the way through the jam, but ultimately re-writing it from scratch really allowed me to address performance problems and optimize the whole thing which turned out to be worth it.

Anyway, thanks for the useful feedback! I'll be sure to take all your points into consideration as I continue development <3

Glad you enjoyed it :)

I'm working on implementing a settings menu which allows you to customize (or disable) the camera smoothing. I'll experiment with faster UI transitions as well! I threw together the UI system last minute, so it has a couple bugs that make it less responsive than I'd like. I'll hammer them out in time though

once you get the hang of it (but still hard!). I wish the crystals exploaded on impact, but other than that it's super interesting. 

Thanks for your feedback! Coding this was the big challenge, haha, but it mostly came down to custom shaders and stencil buffers.

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Loved it! The gameplay is challenging, the idea is super unique, and the "Live Burial" app is hilarious.

P.S. Ghost physics ftw!

Edit: A couple suggestions I thought of with a bit more play. It was quite challenging to navigate the character in a few areas (getting on top of the building in the construction zone, for example) due to the fixed camera position. Maybe consider using a camera configuration that's not quite so static? Following the player and being zoomed in a bit more would help some, even if the camera angle was still locked. When it comes to gameplay what you've got is awesome, but I'd love to see more ghostly powers! You already have possession of people, so maybe it would make sense (even with ghost powers being inconsistent, as is common knowledge) to have certain objects be possessable as well. Think turning on the garbage disposal when the plumber is reaching into it, or knocking a bookshelf onto people in the library.  Overall you've got one of the more unique mechanics I've seen, and I can imagine all sorts of ways you could keep expanding on it! I'm exited to see where it goes