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Gem HunterView game page

A Fast-paced Cave Adventure
Submitted by JamesGMarks — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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This was really fun! Great idea too! The only thing is i wish it was a little less trial and error. I found that it was actually impossible to do it first try, but mebe like 20 tries later it was easy, and i could do it pretty much every time.

Overall great entry!


I intended for this to be a several tries (dies) before you could complete it experience. Your comment is certainly evidence that I was able to achieve what I aimed for. 

Thanks so much!


Thanks for my feedback on my comment?


Both? To me the comment is feedback. Either way, a little feedback goes a long way for future endeavors

Thanks again.


I like the aesthetic and the music/sound effects quite a bit. I think the gameplay concept is pretty cool, but it feels kinda hampered by the way throwing works. It doesn't necessarily feel like you can predict where it's going to end  up, and it usually winds up bouncing away from the enemies by the time it blows up. Coupled with the speed of the enemies and lack of a good way to predict/dodge their attacks, the combat feels very unforgiving. Also, there are a lot of things in the level design that felt unintuitive and ended up forcing trial and error.

I think if you  tightened up the throwing mechanics and reduced the number of cheap deaths, it could be a fun little cave romp.

Developer (1 edit)

"the combat feels very unforgiving". Thank You! That was exactly what I was going for.

You're right though. 

A bit of feedback has given me a chance to reevaluate, and I agree it would be better if the throwing was cleaner and more predictable. Also giving some thought to a more set path for the slime enemies, which would allow the player to more easily avoid death by slime. If you fall into a sludge pit though, that's on you :P

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

lots of trial and error, but its the most fun game I have played in this game jam so far. It would be nice if the menus worked with the game pad. also, its hard to aim, and unstable crystals that are about to explode, last alot longer after being thrown than they would in your hand. One time, the giant red crystal pushed me out of bounds.


Good catch. Hadn't considered the animation might push one out of bounds. I'll try to be more mindful of that going forward.


Cool game. I enjoyed it :D

It was hard to get into though. Complex controls and game. 


once you get the hang of it (but still hard!). I wish the crystals exploaded on impact, but other than that it's super interesting. 


I have them exploding a fraction of a second after they hit something that is damageable. So if you hit the slimes or one of the destructible barriers, they should be much more volatile. I'll probably be experimenting with them quite a bit more. Thanks!


Looks interesting but a bit confusing