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there is another way to get on the roofs, in the graveyard.

Changes in Bug Fix Update 01:

fixed all the menu glitches
fixed the targeting system
smoothed out the camera issues
added mouse camera controls
added a better looking lock on cursor
fixed the door lock on bug,
added detail to the back of the doors
now doors open if you knock on them 3 times
fixed the multiple sword hit problems with invincibility frames
added a pressed version of the pressure plate
added sound to the pressure plate
added sound to the foo dogs

I meant wacom pen or wacom mouse. both require being near the touch pad to work, but when I put the mouse on the touch pad, the camera spins at a speed relative to the distance the mouse is from the center of the pad. You could add alternatives for the camera input, like gamepad support, or keyboard arrow keys, and have an alternative mapping for the attack button, like enter, shift, or ctrl.

gamepad sticks work for movement and aiming, but there is no gamepad button mapped to sword swing. nice graphics, cool style. 

camera doesn't work so well with a wacom pen. wish it had gamepad support. otherwise, its a pretty fun game, with a nice visual style.

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lots of trial and error, but its the most fun game I have played in this game jam so far. It would be nice if the menus worked with the game pad. also, its hard to aim, and unstable crystals that are about to explode, last alot longer after being thrown than they would in your hand. One time, the giant red crystal pushed me out of bounds.

cool style, lava looked good. some enemies hit detection were broken, and the lava cave just ends with a dead end, waiting for the timer to run out.

camera didn't work with a wacom pen or mouse, so it just spun like crazy. if attack was bound to a key, I could try to play it, but since attack is bound to left click, with the camera issue, its unplayable for me. 

nice visual style, nice pacing. maybe the main hub world could spawn you outside the level you just came from, so you don't have to walk as far to get to the next level. maybe since boxes are heavier than the player, they should be harder to push.

Thanks. I had plenty of time, I just procrastinated alot. I kept changing ideas until I was running short on time, then on the final day, I put in the effort to make some kind of gameplay with the assets I had. Next game jam I will try to get a playable build in the first week, instead of waiting until the last minute before adding gameplay.

fun game, with great music, but it requires alot of luck. Almost every time I made it to the end, I would crash into the wall and not be able to make it to the drive way. On the first dozen attempts, I thought the goal was to get into the tunnel at the end. Maybe the drive way could have more of a hint that its the goal area.
my score was 25.0532

Collect all 20 coins to open the doors.

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Those are just unfinished features. "Pressing R to cause damage" was a debug feature left in for testing the health bar. I will remove that when I make enemies that attack the player. The villagers are not rigged yet, I only had time to rig and animate the ninja. The stab attack is a placeholder as an early test of an unfinished combat system, it was the fastest attack animation I could make on a tight deadline. The enemies slide around to test the lock-on targeting system.

There is a bug where the player can lock-on target the doors, because in the final hours of development, I wanted to add sound effects for stabbing the door, and implementing the health interface was an easy way to do that, reusing code designed for the enemies which made sound when attacked, but the targeting system can lock onto anything that uses that health interface.