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The Mightyest QuestView game page

5 levels in 30 seconds each #letscreatejam
Submitted by Ricardo Gonçalves (DarkRikax) — 5 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline

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Thanks for everyone for playing the game.

Based on feedback I've updated the game to tackle some issues. In short I have added a new ranged ability with limited use, added a tutorial level (can be skipped), added partial gamepad support (still doesn't work for menus),  killing 10 enemies will give 5 seconds to the timer and a health bar and finaly, a checkpoint system.

Hope you all like the new update and I want to hear about the new ability, if I chould change it or not.


Game was fun! the amount of assets that you made is insane. Yet the levels were pretty big for being only 30 seconds which led to me just speed running past all the enemies to make sure I got to the end on time. Cool menu's tough!


Hey Ricardo! You mentioned in a comment that you have not created most of the art. I was wondering how many of the art assets you have created for the jam? Especially with the two week delay. 


Only some assets, the water, the particle effects, and some sounds, like explosions and forest ambient audio. They came with the starter assets built in with UE4, and the water was available for free in the market place.  

The rest of the assets I have created by myself in blender and Audacity. Since the assets have low poligon detail and use color pallet, I was fairly quick doing the assets. 


I laughed so hard when I saw Uizard Layry's head bobbing up and down like Terrance and Phillip from South Park! 

The game looks great, but the controls need to be tightened up and I agree with a previous comment, which punishes the player too harshly when you die, especially if you're near the end of the game, by starting you at the very beginning. 

All in all though a great looking game with some nice ideas that you can build upon and add a checkpoint system for sure! The options menu was nice and I have to say, the humourous dialogue was a great touch! 


gamepad sticks work for movement and aiming, but there is no gamepad button mapped to sword swing. nice graphics, cool style. 


I really like the art style, and the inclusion of a settings menu was a nice touch. However, I feel the gameplay itself is a little basic. You give the player the ability to fight, but there's no incentive to do it because of the time limit. I wound up just running past everything. Maybe if killing things gave you health or time, it would add an extra dimension to the gameplay. 

It also gets punishingly difficult after a point. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to avoid a hit from the little orb guys, and as far as I can tell, there's no way to regain health? This would be fine if it spawned you back the beginning of the level or the most recent time you talked to the wizard. Making the player redo the entire game is too much though. I ended up quitting after practically running the entire thing to the second stone three or four times. The game really needs a checkpoint system or health pick-ups. Otherwise, people will get frustrated pretty quickly just running back to the same point over and over.


Awesome game and crazy graphics and assets. How the hell did you manage to create all this for this jam? Are all the assets yours? How did you create that amazing looking water? :O


I have to point out that some assets weren't mine, including the water. But the art assets and most of the audio I did it all by my self. I worked so hard that I had a hand injury, but it was worth it. And I didn't mentioned that I started with a two weeks delay. 


Oh it's a shame that you didn't have time for everything. I also started with 2 weeks delay. I feel you. I guess we both were quite miserable this last week hahaha

I think it payed off though. Luckyly I had to produce few assets for my game and I could create everything myself including all music and sounds. Feel free to check it out :)


The game has a lot of content, just by looking at the file size. Impressive work on the visuals. However there is no real way to fight off the enemies and the controls aren't tight enough to evade them. Maybe give the player a way to dodge instead of a lunge attack. Also the first level and the starting area could be better. Level layout should be a lot clearer from the start. Adding a punishing game over mechanic to all of that and not many players will experience the later content at all.

Just play it