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Hey Ricardo! You mentioned in a comment that you have not created most of the art. I was wondering how many of the art assets you have created for the jam? Especially with the two week delay. 

Oh fair enough. This was only designed for a standard mouse and keyboard. 

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Thank you for the feedback impostrophe!

The hopping system sounds amazing, I wish I thought of it.

Thanks for playing HangingSpiders!

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Thanks for playing berbecarul!

I get what you mean, since it attacks with one at a time. The three swords was more of an aesthetic thing haha.

Cross hair is a great idea!

Zachary did the music for the game. He joined in with 1 day left so he managed to get all of the sound/ sound effects in with 24 hours left. It doesn't suit it 100% but he did a great job.

I would have loved to explore the jumping more. Would have been cool for the player to jump from falling block to falling block and get back up if they had the skill. 

Thank you for all of the feedback KoalaPanda! :)

I'm glad that it fixed the lag :)

Thanks GeriGames! That's a great idea, something was bothering me but I didn't think about the trees haha.

Thanks for the feedback!

That's weird! I've tested it on a very standard mouse and it worked. No one else has reported problems either.

When you say or mouse do you mean a wacom mouse? If so I've never heard of them before.

Thanks for the feedback TheBigG! 

I believe I fixed the lag spike in the new upload. If you get a chance to play it let me know if it's fixed :)

Oh weird! I've never seen that with a UE4 executable. Ooo multiplayer is a fun idea. What ideas did you have for the multiplayer?

Thanks Xorkalar! Haha yeah I didn't have a clever way to spawn the enemies in. I tried making them spawn higher and disabled their collision for a small while before they hit the ground.

In terms of the lag spikes. I uploaded a newer version. I wasn't using GPU Sprites before so anytime enemies/shards spawned the game would have lag spikes.

If you get a chance to try out the newer build let me know if that solved the lag spikes for you :) 

Thanks for the feedback! I uploaded a newer version. I wasn't using GPU Sprites before so anytime enemies/shards spawned the game would have lag spikes.

I tested the game on my old laptop and don't have the lag spikes so if you get a chance to play it again let me know if you still have them. 

I figured out what was wrong. I forgot to use GPU Sprites for particles and I adjusted a few of the shadow quality settings.

Oh really? I'm running a GTX 970 and I'm not getting that lag =/ I'll look into it.

That's a great idea! If I continue working on it the flashing blocks will be the first thing to go in. 

Attack - Left Click
Movement - WASD
Dash - Left Shift
Jump - Space

Hey everyone! Your games are looking amazing, great job and I can't wait to play them. The spotlight video is up. If I missed any games posted in the last 5 hours they will be in the next spotlight video :)

Feel free to use the substance materials :) Basically if someone takes a bunch of assets and puts them into a game engine they will be disqualified. Any default stuff in an engine or tool should be perfectly fine. 

Created a new topic Game Jam Theme
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Game Jam Theme Announcement - 30 Second Quest

You can use engine defaults. 

Yep! It gets announced through a video, Itch.io and the discord channel on the 1st of August.

What you're after is source control. Check out this video, It should help you with this.

Posted in Flash Games?

Yep! Just make sure it can run easily without having to install extra components. So an executable file or hosting it on the web etc..

I agree with 18dramos.
You'll only improve by entering and you'll be put in a position where you have to develop a finished game allowing you to practice that skill. 

Created a new topic Looking For A Team?
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Hey everyone! Sometime next week we will have a page setup on CrowdForge.io.

This will allow everyone to easily form teams! 

Make sure to check out this video on the game jam to learn more about building teams

Created a new topic Game Jam Progress - Post here!

Hey everyone! In this topic, post pictures and links to videos on your game jam projects! Each week of the jam I'll try do a mini spotlight video to show off the work being done here.

If you'd like to be in the mini spotlight video make sure to post a short 20 second YouTube video of your game. This will allow me to spend minimal time in editing. 

To post a picture follow these steps:
-Put your image onto Imgur: http://imgur.com/
-Right click on the image 
-Press copy link address
-Paste that link into your comment 

Thanks! :)
  • Hit once? On your arm you have three cylinders. Each one gets removed every hit so you should have 3 hits before death unless you fall of the stage. Unless I uploaded the wrong build =o 

  • Yeah haha, that was added in within the last hour minutes haha.

Thanks for all of the feedback!! I'm going to double check the build to make sure it's the latest one. 

Weird! Try it again now :)

Thanks! You activate both buttons and then in the middle of the level the door for the main frame goes down. Then you can walk in and destroy it :)

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Most game jam games don't have menus haha. In total I only worked 6 days to create this.

The knock backs are programmed in when the shield gets hit. When absorbing you don't get knocked back but when using the left click mechanic you get knocked back.

Great job!! :)

Great work Adam!! Can't wait to play it :)

Finally finished! Play Reflector here I'll hopefully make a video about it tomorrow.  For now I'm going to go drop into bed as it's 2:30 AM haha. 

Great work to everyone who joined in the jam. I'm so happy that we have over 30 entries! Can't wait to play your games :) 

Yep! Go for it :)

If you could post a YouTube video of what happens I might be able to help! Or someone else may be able to help. Once you post a video I'll share this post on Discord as well. 

Congrats on completing the game jam!  I really like the mirror mechanic in your game. Can't wait to try it out :) 

Great job getting your game completed! I love your character haha. 

Great job on getting your game completed :) Can't wait to try it out!!

You can do it!

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It has always been the 24th. In an earlier video I messed up the date, I believe in the pre-announcement video I mentioned but I corrected that. 
See in the announcement video. It says the 24th 2017