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Great job!! :)

Great work Adam!! Can't wait to play it :)

Finally finished! Play Reflector here I'll hopefully make a video about it tomorrow.  For now I'm going to go drop into bed as it's 2:30 AM haha. 

Great work to everyone who joined in the jam. I'm so happy that we have over 30 entries! Can't wait to play your games :) 

Yep! Go for it :)

If you could post a YouTube video of what happens I might be able to help! Or someone else may be able to help. Once you post a video I'll share this post on Discord as well. 

Congrats on completing the game jam!  I really like the mirror mechanic in your game. Can't wait to try it out :) 

Great job getting your game completed! I love your character haha. 

Great job on getting your game completed :) Can't wait to try it out!!

You can do it!

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It has always been the 24th. In an earlier video I messed up the date, I believe in the pre-announcement video I mentioned but I corrected that. 
See in the announcement video. It says the 24th 2017

Hey! Great that you are going to be joining in :)

Yep! Anything standard is allowed and any tools like shaderforge, playmaker, probuilder and everything is allowed.

It's mostly large sections of code/ art assets that need to be original. 

Replied to Fobok in Rules for the jam

Yep! That's all good.

Hey everyone! Check out the mini spotlight video where I show some of the projects you have all been working on. I also announce the prize for the jam as we have a sponsor!! I hope you enjoy the video :) 

Feel free to use other peoples fonts :) As long as the author of the font allows the use of it.

The art style is nice :)

Hey Pekira! I answered this in my jam announcement video :) Check it out here

Nice effect! I'm keen to see more. 

Great job Kyle! Making heaps of progress.

Good luck to everyone as well! I hope you all have fun :) 

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This isn't for the game jam, just testing if it works. Read the original post to learn how to post images!

Created a new topic Game Jam Progress - Post here!
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Hey everyone! In this topic, post pictures and links to videos on your game jam projects! Each week of the jam I'll try do a mini spotlight video to show off the work being done here. 

To post a picture follow these steps:
-Put your image onto Imgur: http://imgur.com/
-Right click on the image 
-Press copy link address
-Paste that link into your comment 

The image should appear!

I would prefer that everyone creates animations themselves. Part of the spirit of the jam is to finish with something completely your own. I of course won't "Ban" anyone but I would prefer that people go into this jam creating everything from scratch. The only things I don't mind relates to music/sound effects. 

Yeah! For sure. Just take inspiration from the Mirror theme and get creating once the jam starts :)

Created a new topic Rules for the jam
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Rule #1: Develop your own original art assets

Rule #2: Develop your own code/blueprints 

Rule #3: Your game must be in an executable format that people can play. It can also be web based. Any format that people can easily access and play. 

Finding team mates:
I recommend creating new topics to find team mates. Don't be afraid to ask! 

Pre-jam announcement video: