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Looking For A Team? Sticky

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Jul 14, 2017 Views: 1,097 Replies: 26
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Hey everyone! Sometime next week we will have a page setup on

This will allow everyone to easily form teams! 

Make sure to check out this video on the game jam to learn more about building teams


Hi what kind of event is this? can an utter noob join? (downloaded ue4 like a week ago)


I'm a total noob as well, but I'll join just to see how far I can push myself.

Noob here as well. Additionally, I can't put in the time needed to work, but interested in seeing the process for that.

Is it possible to join as a spectator of sorts?

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you can't join as a spectator but you can subscribe to his youtube channel -

and be updated about process and all

Hey there!

I'd love to participate as well, but I won't be able to work for like 1 week, since I'm going to be on vacation. I'm fairly new to the whole scene too, feeling confident with programming and I have done some smaller projects already. If there is anyone who'd like to team-up, message me! :)

Sure we can team up am new too and its a Month Long Game jam so  if 1week off we have to distribute work accordingly

k great, is there a way we could get in contact? I dont know whether has a pm system or not, since im fairly new to this platform! 

yea sure you can Contact me on Hangout 

my ID is


I'm looking for someone who can make music and maybe sound effects.  I just did my first game jam this weekend, and music is the main thing my game was missing. I looked at some online free music creation tools and immediately began backing away slowly.

@SplitHare - Just checked out your game from the last gamejam, nice work :) I'd say free stock music isn't the way to go, we could work on a original soundtrack together. Sound FX creation should't be a problem.  

Hey everyone! 
We are a team of sound designers and composers looking for projects to contribute to. contact me or just reply here if you need audio work done.
Looking forward to work on some new stuff :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey Everyone!

Looking for a 3D artist that would like to team up and work on the jam together.

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Hi oohicksyoo

I would like to team up with you. You can reply on  or through email:

looking forward to your answer

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I'm a rigger and animator, but the modeling thing it's not one of my good points at all.

If you want to see the only thing i currently worked on, go to my profile and if you like it or think i'm fitting, contact me. Yeah, it sounds kinda like spam xD

I'm looking for level designers.

Hi everyone, I'm a boy of nineteen years old and i'm italian. I'm looking for people for a first low poly project in

Hey everyone! I know it's late in the game for this jam, but I'm a composer looking for a team to join. 

My work can be found here. I write orchestral, piano, classical, fantasy music.  I have a few playlists sorted out too, if you want to hear only up-tempo pieces/battle themes, or only piano solos, etc.,  it's there. 

Let me know if you need a composer, and please tell me what your project is about, and what kind of music you're looking for so I can tell you up front if it's something I can do! Thanks! :D


can you make a space ( running out of time type playlist )?

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I'm not sure I have running out of time style pieces? I haven't needed to write anything like that. XD

EDIT: The pieces that I have that may fit that description are probably "Sector 8", "Fugitive", "Smoke and Shadows", off the top of my head. 


hey man just listened to your stuff it sounds amazing, my game is a fantasy game where you use a sword to kill your enemy's and get to the end of the stage before time runs out, I'm going to have a forest level, cave level and castle so if you have anything for those I'm really keen to use them. I have a video up in the progress section if you want to see what I have done. 

Hey, I saw your work, and have a few ideas already. I'll see what I can put together and send it your way, and you can let me know if it works for your forest level. If you like it, let's be a team and I'll do more levels. :)


awesome bro excited to see what you come up with.

Are you on discord? I'd like to share with you what I've come up with there, and then I can send you the mp3 files as well. 


hey I am but this is my first time using it so a little unsure of how it all works but I'll figure it out.

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What is your discord tag? I'll send you a message.


binx #1301