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Feel free to add me to discord and I can get a game going AlexHicks#7835

Feel Free to add me to discord AlexHicks#7835 and I can get a game started

Did you try running the server and then connecting to it from your client? My main goal was to have it run on a dedicated pc at the end but I ran into issues with playing multiple games in a row that I was unable to do that. If you do run the server yourself you can port forward the port and have other join your game and you can play. Perhaps checking out the video as well.

Due to short timing on the game jam no AI was created for the project. You can try the test map by using the command "start test" on the server while in the game lobby

Sorry to hear about that! Got pinched for time and unfortunately could not run a server myself 24/7. You can play the game by downloading the dedicated server and running the bat file on the server. You should then be able to connect and try out the game.  

10/10 Agree with agree

Cool game still get random lag spikes though, running a pretty high end rig too. 

10/10 Would try to play this game again!

Hey Everyone!

Looking for a 3D artist that would like to team up and work on the jam together.

Yeah you can use any game engine to make a game for the jam

I would suggest that if you do to perhaps do dev log videos and a final longer video to help those that can not play the game. Depending on the controls as well you could like to port the vr build to a web player build as well.


Great game so far! Would be nice to see you be able to add behavior tree layers to the game to avoid having super messy AI. This feature would be like a function like the Hub node but instead will call Tree1 and tree one has its entry point like "My Kickass AI". Then you can create function like loops that are easier to maintain in the long run.