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Thank you for playing, I'm sorry it was so short I just completely ran out of time I wanted 3 levels with the last having a boss. 

I really wanted the first level to feel complete since I was not going to be able to get the rest done. 

Thank you so much for playing I'm really happy you enjoyed playing it, I apologize so much for the lag I'm still not sure where it's coming from. I dont mind at all about you putting it in a video I am proud of what I made and even though we didnt even get close to winning i had so much fun making it that me and a team will be continuing this project. Would love for you to do another video once we have something ready.

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Thanks for trying it even though you don't like the block type of game. Something must of drawn you to to it to want to play it. Considering it looks like you joined itch just to play this and this is the only game you have ever commented on. 

I'm not sure why it is being so ruff on everyone's computers with the fps I don't have any problem on mine with it. 

thanks for the kind words.

hey thanks glad you liked it, sorry about the block placing stuffing up on you. I think the motion blur is more to do with the lagging of the game. I will be putting up a fixed version of the game up once the jam is over so please come back and play again.

hey I'm sorry to hear that, that's the first time I heard of the game crashing. I will be posting a update after the game jam so please try it again. 

I'm glad you enjoyed even with the lag, please come back and play it once I have fixed the problem.


thanks for playing I'm trying to figure out where the problem is coming I'm doing a major overhaul to find out I'm sure I'll find it at some point.

Hi thank you for playing. Sorry about the bugs it has I will be doing some fine tuning of these so people can play it how it was intended. I was watching the video as you got to the green cubes and I was so annoyed at myself I forgot to plug in the platforms to move back and forth after last minute changes to code.

Anyways thank you so much for the review please come back once I have it fixed so you can help journey build his ship and escape the blackhole.  

thanks virtus for the kind words a lot of work was put in into this game and I hope it shows.

thanks, maybe one day.

thanks I forgot to hit looping stupid mistake on my behalf.

Thanks. I will have all that fixed.


I'm glad you like the look of it, I apologize for the laggyness not quite sure what's causing it but I will have it fixed and have a good version out so you can play it properly so please come back and try it again and see what I wanted for the game. Thanks.

that's some great feedback. I'm happy with how it came out but not quite sure what was going on with the fps I've been working on it since the end of the jam and will have a fixed version ready after the jam so please come back and try it out again.

Thank you all for playing I'm not sure what's happening with the fps but I am working on a fix and will be putting a fixed version up after the jam. I never had a problem when I was doing testing I have a gtx 1060 so I'm not sure if that helped me, I hope people still try it and see what I was going for with the game.

You have some pretty awesome tunes bro.

good luck a month is still plenty of time and im doing the jam by myself too tho i have been really slack the last month putting more effort in now tho.

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hey buddy the discord is only me and 2purpleSwitches no one else joined but im happy for you join made a discord if anybody wants to join. Im going to be adding my progress in there.

Hey guys, just wondering if there was a discord for this jam? 

Would be cool to see how everyone is going and be able just to chat.

Finished Submitted Hope you all enjoy playing


Spawning system for ghost, scoring system, fireball projectiles and a few particle effects.

Hope you enjoy what you see. 

Those are some cool particles. I've never tried to any like them before. I need to learn how to do the energy ball one.

Looking good so far looking forward to playing it.

Thanks, the flame is simple but effective.

Just the level design so far still working on the game play.  Any feedback would be awesome! 

Yeah i know i was trying to fix the hit detection but i just couldn't find where the problem was coming from was still trying to fix 30 mins before the end of the jam, i should of put something at the end of the cave to make you walk into the wall there is another level after of a castle with a boss at the end. but the enemy bugging out is annoying. thanks for playing though learnt a lot in my first game jam looking forward to another.

This game is really awesome! Very fun & the music is so catchy! Very addictive game, and super fun, great job!

Well Pretty Sure i screwed up the whole submit thing, sucks but that happens would of been awesome to get my game on here.

ill Put up a video of how it all it came together in the end

sounds Like you have your hands full if I knew unity I would try and give you a hand. I still have to do assets for a whole other level. But I just finished  with my characters animation's he can now jump run walk idle and does a three sword attack combo and death. Sound effects I'm having trouble with. I want to touch up my AI as well make them smarter. 

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Yeah i think i just thought i could do so much more in a month but its hard trying to do this plus full time job and 14 month daughter but i feel like i achieved something even if i dont get everything in the game that i wanted i think people will still enjoy it.

Your game is coming along nice it looks pretty cool man looking forward to playing it, how much more of that have you got to go?

thanks man took way to long in blender first time using it always used 3dsmax before this but thought i would give blender a try. yeah i'm using UE4 never done stuff with swords before so im a little unsure how to blend walking with Sword attack but im sure i could find out some info somewhere for it. Thanks for watching it 

thanks man appreciate the kind words so much to still do, hoping I get everything done that I want, I feel proud of what I've done this is my first jam good practice for the next one.

Update progress have a sword swing another one coming to make a combo and walk and run animation finishing up animations for the enemy's. Have all my areas in each level working so once all the enemy's in the area are destroyed it then makes the next area available. Made some changes to the level design still going to work on it while i have the time, once the level is finished you move on to the next level.  Been working with holland on the music for the levels i think it suits the forest area great. New opening menu.

binx #1301

hey I am but this is my first time using it so a little unsure of how it all works but I'll figure it out.

awesome bro excited to see what you come up with.

hey man just listened to your stuff it sounds amazing, my game is a fantasy game where you use a sword to kill your enemy's and get to the end of the stage before time runs out, I'm going to have a forest level, cave level and castle so if you have anything for those I'm really keen to use them. I have a video up in the progress section if you want to see what I have done. 

Thanks for the comments bro, i really like low poly art style stuff.

the opening menu screen was just something i whipped up in 30 secs just to get something working.

yeah i think i may have placed the particle effect to close to the camera which look way to big, 

thanks for watching it tho i really do appreciate the comments looking for any advice for it this is my first game jam.