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Update progress have a sword swing another one coming to make a combo and walk and run animation finishing up animations for the enemy's. Have all my areas in each level working so once all the enemy's in the area are destroyed it then makes the next area available. Made some changes to the level design still going to work on it while i have the time, once the level is finished you move on to the next level.  Been working with holland on the music for the levels i think it suits the forest area great. New opening menu.

ho'ho :) very cool! love the title screen and everything T.T so jealous!


thanks man appreciate the kind words so much to still do, hoping I get everything done that I want, I feel proud of what I've done this is my first jam good practice for the next one.

yeah im totally in the same boat. 

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Yeah i think i just thought i could do so much more in a month but its hard trying to do this plus full time job and 14 month daughter but i feel like i achieved something even if i dont get everything in the game that i wanted i think people will still enjoy it.

Your game is coming along nice it looks pretty cool man looking forward to playing it, how much more of that have you got to go?

haha... well music / sound / doors / more steal'able objects / pause menu / start menu / end game (or restart) on time end / wanted to have some ai / placing props and finishing rooms / lol and more kind of a laundry list

sounds Like you have your hands full if I knew unity I would try and give you a hand. I still have to do assets for a whole other level. But I just finished  with my characters animation's he can now jump run walk idle and does a three sword attack combo and death. Sound effects I'm having trouble with. I want to touch up my AI as well make them smarter. 

The animations are great! Are you using UE4? If you are, you can have it blend the swing animation in with your walk animation so he doesn't get all slidey. Looking good, either way!

thanks man took way to long in blender first time using it always used 3dsmax before this but thought i would give blender a try. yeah i'm using UE4 never done stuff with swords before so im a little unsure how to blend walking with Sword attack but im sure i could find out some info somewhere for it. Thanks for watching it