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Vince Rodak

A member registered Aug 03, 2017

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Awe man :C sorry to see you go. Looks really good.

awesome!!! Good to see you made it in the youtube update video! :)

well you did a great job! :) worth the hard work i'd say!

pretty cool man :) good work! like the crumbling enemies!

wow! this is really cool! awesome idea and really well done! GJ!!

haha... well music / sound / doors / more steal'able objects / pause menu / start menu / end game (or restart) on time end / wanted to have some ai / placing props and finishing rooms / lol and more kind of a laundry list

ooo yes thank u!!! XD totally gonna use that!

lookin gr8 c: awesome work man!

yeah im totally in the same boat. 


Not sure if I'm going to have time to finish T.T

Heres my update though!

ho'ho :) very cool! love the title screen and everything T.T so jealous!

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Just wanted to make sure it got up! Deserves to be in the spotlight! ^^ think u are over thinking it. Its just copying the youtube link into the text box after you hit add video

cool im liking it! :)

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AdamStrange's video

video looks great by the way :)

the video button in the post thing just takes a youtube address no need to add any code :o not sure if u are trying to embed the video but not necessary just the link

wow that is a really neat tip. i rely heavily on if statements and bools because im so new to coding XD thanks for the new idea!

sweet! like the transparency shift thing (in the gif) whats it gonna be about?

aaahhh!!! man :) this looks so good. cant believe you've done all this in such a short amount of time XD

Thanks! yeah by the time i figured it out i was like... man i should have just rigged it to look like it was working >.< could have used that time on some game play changes that i want to add. oh well here to learn right! :D

Thanks :) appreciate the kind words. Little over my head when it comes to coding.

Woah i barely understood any of that. :) way over my head. very cool sir.

thoroughly impressed. 

And here im struggling to use unity XD

Haha yeah. wish i would have hashed out some more of the code before >.< need to revisit the character model and make more animations n such as well :c games are alot of work!!! lol. thanks for chiming in! my posts have been pretty quiet >.< was worrysome

i dunno about any1 else :o but i am super impressed by this XD looks really good! what are you making this in?

woah woah :) this looks great! cant wait to play! keep it up! ^^

uuuugggghhhh spent way too long getting the camera to function the way i wanted it to :C nearly half the day!!!! but its doing now so thats good lol. (super newb at programming) 

Newho. progress for the weekend! 

super excellent! Really want to learn cloth in unity. do you have any recommendations for tutorials?

Looks like its gonna be load of fun :) how many do you have on your team? 

wow :) really like the look of this. Can't wait to see how far you take it ^^

Props Color'did (probably going to need more props later but this is a good start i think)

Starting to kind of look like a thing i guess?  haha sorry long way to go ~.~ 

Pretty neat :) cant wait to see how it turns out! lots of time left!

it stop stopped!? very unusual for solid states :o.

what did it do? (sry bit of a nerd and if it something other than a complete poop i may be able to recommend a fix)

"file isnt here any more" :C

Amazing :o

Awesome! little lost in the explanation but looks good thats for sure! (will probably understand it once i play? >.>)

ho ho :) man this is slick thanks for the neat tool (ik it was meant for weed but hah! i takes it!)

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More Update Finally made my character >.< Not as good as i hoped but he's rigged and ready to animate :D yay! 

not that i know of sorry (atleast not free ones) i work in 3d and have never done 2d games before >.< if u like the idea of making 2d games though you should check out game engine Clickteam Fusion. its pretty intuitive and fun to work with

heck yeah man u got this. for sure! thats the whole point of these things! to go outside of your comfort zone and get better at the craft!