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hey man just listened to your stuff it sounds amazing, my game is a fantasy game where you use a sword to kill your enemy's and get to the end of the stage before time runs out, I'm going to have a forest level, cave level and castle so if you have anything for those I'm really keen to use them. I have a video up in the progress section if you want to see what I have done. 

Hey, I saw your work, and have a few ideas already. I'll see what I can put together and send it your way, and you can let me know if it works for your forest level. If you like it, let's be a team and I'll do more levels. :)

awesome bro excited to see what you come up with.

Are you on discord? I'd like to share with you what I've come up with there, and then I can send you the mp3 files as well. 

hey I am but this is my first time using it so a little unsure of how it all works but I'll figure it out.

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What is your discord tag? I'll send you a message.

binx #1301