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Game Updates Sticky Locked

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Jun 27, 2019 Views: 70
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Version 1.1
Updated the game to version 1.1. The game now has enemy AI, a new level layout and finisher moves. 

Enemy Update
The enemy will idle, patrol and enagage in combat with the player firing projectiles. You can defeat them by holding left click to fire projectiles at them. 

If you get their health low enough they will glow yellow. Get close to them and press F this will cause a finisher attack. You'll blast the enemy away, gain temporary invincibility and regain 20 health. 

If your health drops below 0 you'll die, the game will restart after a second. 

Menu Update
If you'd like to pause or exit the game press escape. There is a menu now for exiting and playing the game. 

Hope you enjoy the new update!