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a top down shooter gauntlet with unique mechanics · By bluzi, robneubauer

Game Feedback

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Feb 14, 2019 Views: 72 Replies: 1
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Hey Bluzi!
I really enjoyed the game. The mechanic is very interesting/ unique. 

The level design could use some work. For example in the second level the enemy takes a long time to reach the player at the start. The final level was really well made, I enjoyed that level the most. I also enjoyed the first level as I could swim in the ammo and have fun moving around/shooting. 

This is a mechanic worth exploring and developing into a full game be it mobile, Switch or PC. Excited to see what you do with it!


I was thinking of making a sequel with an open style world, bosses, save rooms, and a new pickup that gives you infinite ammo and doubles as a key to save and awaken tombs