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Looking For A Team? Sticky

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Dec 08, 2017 Views: 774 Replies: 15
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Use this thread to find a team. 
Alternatively use the discord server to talk with each other and find potential team mates:

Id love to join a team! or create a team for anyone that is interested. Made a few games here and there mostly following tutorials, never done something like this before.

Pros: Fantastic Modeler and and Animator also all right at texturing. I also specialize in concept and level design. 

Cons: Very mediocre and programming, only worked with unity.  More worked on films rather than games, but figure this is a great place to start

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I want to join your team... Check discord...

I'm a somewhat skilled at Game Maker Studio 2 and also starting to take some chances in Unity3D, I'm a programmer for about 10 years now, I can say I'm kind of know what I'm doing with doe.

Looking for people to form a team and make a nice game for this jam

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I would be happy to join in the fun though a bit tight on schedule but hopefully have enough for the Jam. And yes know how to use Unity and Godot and a few others though not that well.

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Hi, I'm a 2D illustrator and interested in creating game assets! Looking for programmers or more artists!

I might be interested in teaming up and making something to submit!

Hi, are you a programmer or artist? And what do you mainly work in?

I am a hobbyist programmer, I use Unity and don't much experience in other game engines.


Hello! I do programming in Unity and would like to work with you :D

Hi all :) I've been playing around in UE4 for a long time, haven't finished anything yet. Since I'm going for a VR project this jam, I'd be glad if someone could, later down the line, tell my project on HTC Vive (I'm working on Oculus + Touch controllers). This is not a teamup offer per se, but of course you'll get a mention in credits. Thanks!

hi guys looking for an artist /animator not only for this jam but for other projects as well

Hey all, anyone looking for a sound designer/composer for their game? Also have experience with implementation.

Unity 3d developer looking for an artist to team up with. This will be only my second jam if we decide to start working on this. Looking forward to hearing from you, preferably someone who is new/beginner/intermediate so the gulf isnt too wide! :D