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The game looks fantastic! also the sound is awesome, I like that you added in a voice for the narrator. The only thing I would improve is the character controller, as it takes a bit of time to slow down and I believe it is the cause of being stuck in objects. Also not matter how hard I tried I could not get past the white candles, I timed it and everything I blew out both candles within 5 seconds, I don't know if this me or the game. Otherwise the game is very nice runs very well, good luck to you!

I think it was just my Windows build, as it updated last night and slowed every 3D program down to 3 fps but I rolled back and now it works fine. thank you for trying to help.

I can't seem to play the game :/ it runs at like 3 fps even on 720p and very low settings.

It looks very cool and the music is nice (but a bit out of place) But I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing or what my objective is, you should have added a tutorial.

It's very simple with no goal or anything, maybe add a objective or some kind of goal. At the moment it just feels like a quick demo thrown together in a hour, but maybe it could become a fun little game.

Nice! The game looks very nice and I also like the addition of a leaderboard for other players. My only criticism would be that the controls feel very floaty, apart from this add some exciting music or something to help give the feel that you are meant to speedrun the level or try and get a really good time. I like you inclusion of a tutorial, even though its text, apart from everything I said before, it overall feels very polished and nice.

The cut scenes looked very nice, but when I got in to the actual game it wasn't very pleasing to look at and also after a short period of time all of the objects just became pure unlit white. A lot of improvement to be had, but still very fun to play.

Nice! It looks and sounds really good, but if there was one thing to point out it is that in most of the levels the ability to switch to the other world felt more like a bottleneck on the time you spent in level. As there was nothing of use to solving/completing the level in the darker world. Other then that good job! Really strong game.

The game is very spooky, dark and creepy. I like how when being chased by the monster there are obstacles scattered around, that end up blocking your path of escape, further making everything further creepy. Also how when you make it to a building you get a sense of calmness and safety, as you complete puzzle to collect more orbs. I'd give it a 7.5/10 for gameplay.

I am a hobbyist programmer, I use Unity and don't much experience in other game engines.

I might be interested in teaming up and making something to submit!