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Great gameplay and music!

Thank you for the feedback!

I struggled a lot with the movement. I will try to improve the movement of the player by making him slow down completely after a second.

I know that the damage is low, especially for areas with tons of enemies. I should have made the combat harder, not longer.

The grappling hook was indeed underused, but I did not have time to make more use of it. If I update the game with a new level, that level with contain more use of the grappling hook.

The "bug" in the first level is not a bug, but rather something that I did not notice until the jam was over. If you look closely, you can see that the sprite is also different from the sprite in the second level.

I posted it in the game jam progress thread

Here is the edited version :D

This is the unedited and 10 second shorter version of the video that I would like to have in the spotlight :D Choose either this one or the edited one that I will post as a comment to this post.

Cool! I can't wait to play it :D

It can be one of many types of psychic powers. Telekenis, geokenesis, really strong aerokenesis and psionic manipulation are just a few :)

Hello! I do programming in Unity and would like to work with you :D

I did not come last! YAY!!!

I don't expect to win with this game at all. In fact, I expect to come last. If someone wants to play my game when it is fully playable, just check back in some days.

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Yeah, I know. I would consider this game jam a fail. I figured that I would upload the little that I managed to do just for fun. A better version will be up ASAP.

Just uploaded a new version of the game with a  somewhat working reset button.

You have to restart the game. I will fix that ASAP

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Nice game! It was harder and more fun than I thought it would be :D

Press R to go back to the start. I should have wrote that in the description :P

Thank you so much! The reason that I did the game in WebGl was that when i download other peoples submissions it just gets deleted by my antivirus instantly so I figured that some other people might have that problem as well.

Thank you! I put a lot of time into it :)

The treasure can sometimes be hard to see, and you might only see half of it. Look closely and good luck!

Thank you :D The second stage is impossible. It is not complete and I left it in by accident. Glad you finished the first level though :). I'm currently working on another game jam that I hope will turn out better!

Set the mirror on the platform with the blue gem to blue and set the mirror on the platform with the red gem to red. Then left-click on the first/green mirror and then on the mirror that is now blue. Then click Space. If you walk to the right for a while you should go into the blue mirror and at the same time come into the red mirror (because the red mirror clones the blue one). Lastly, you should be able to walk out of the red mirror and walk into the red gem.

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When you publish a game, remember to set it to public and upload the correct zip file. I used this tutorial on YouTube to help me in the process. I don't know if you need help, but I will post this just in case :)

I'm sorry if this game was too short and too buggy. This was my first Game Jam ever and I had planned my time horribly. This gave me a lot of knowledge though (like how to use Blender) so I hope that I will be able to make better games in the future and improve my time management skills :)

Well, I think that I took on a challenge that was too big for me. I tried to learn SO many new things about making games while I was still in school and when I finally got to the summer break, there were only a few days left on the Game Jam. I think that I'll post the very small and incredibly buggy game that I managed to make but I had planned something mutch bigger.

This is how my game currently looks! I'm afraid that I maybe won't have time to finish it, but I really hope so! This is my first game jam ever so my time management skills are not that good XD.