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Best graphics in the jam so far! Great work, love the atmosphere. You're also the first person that I've seen interpret the theme in this way, very creative!

Solid game! I like the graphics (especially the UI) and the level design is pretty clever.

A very unique and quite little game! I had the sound turned way too loud when I started playing the game, and got really scared when the jump SFX played haha

Wow, this is the most fun I've ever had playing a game jam submission! I almost couldn't stop playing. The only thing that I'd suggest would be to add more reasons to go back to the "low-end" planets. Upgrades requiring ores only available on certain planets, perhaps?

This game is very relaxing, but perhaps even more confusing. I know games don't have to have a specific "reason" for everything, but like, why am I a paint brush???

Thank you! Try visiting some of the other characters while the man is following you ;) His letter should give you some clues... (press R to read it)

Thank you for your time and feedback!

Incredible! The last level took a while to figure out, but I felt like a genius when I finally did haha. Great game with superb game design 

The books were supposed to be a fun challenge but ended up being nothing more than an annoying obstacle :/. Tought me something about game design at least :)


This is the best execution of the you-are-actually-the-bad-guy-twist I've seen in this jam! The transition from 2D to 3D was SO smooth and the main game was interesting and unique too. Nice work!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the books :)

I totally agree with you. Adding some sort of order to where people walked would have made the gameplay more consistant and enhanced the strategic aspects. It's very weird though that you are able to keep playing when you lose. I can shoot, which isn't good either, but I can't walk. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to give an honest review of the game!

Sad but true

Thank you :)

This is one of those games that I did not expect to be as fun as it was. Took me a while to figure out the lies but I eventually got it :)

Each level is a new experience which is very fun and keeps the game fresh. Nicely done :)

Good use of the theme! I did however find that the most challenging part of the game wansn't remembering what I said before nor figuring out what the girl would like, but rather reading all the lines in time. Maybe a difficulty setting for people who don't read that fast?

Well done!

Awesome idea and amazing execution! Pressing the keys to create the path was a unique experience that I very much enjoyed. Well done!

Nice platform placement! Made me think without being too difficult. The story is also good, and the visuals when you touch an enemy really enforces it.

Very challenging and rage inducing. Love it ;)

Thank you for doing this! Here is my game :

Glad you liked it :)

Honestly, I was as bamboozled as the orange in the beginning, but after pressing a couple of buttons I managed to figure out the controls :). I liked the fun little minigames too.

I like it! Upgrading the shops is satisfying and the graphics are cute and well made.

Thank you for your feedback! I added a tip to the game description that explains how to utilise the slow speed of the books. The player is also supposed to have an infinite amount of books that can be thrown once every second, so what you're describing sounds like a bug :/

Here you go :). Please tell me if it works or not.

The ring effects are a good design decision! Looks cool and tells you if you have run into an invisible wall.

Now THIS is a good game! Cool art and great gameplay come together to form this masterpiece. Well done! 

Neat and challanging game. I realized that you could play it either by going through the levels carefully, or by just running through them and trusting your reaction time (like I did). Thumbs up 👍

Very fun! I love ragdoll physics

The walk animation is perfect, just like the rest of the graphics. Good gameplay too :)

I don't own a macOS device, but I can upload a macOS version anyway if you could test it out and tell me if it works. Sounds good?

Wow! The visuals are absolutely amazing. I love the little flash of light that traces back to your spawn point when you die. Gameplay is solid too. Nice work!

Try it in another browser. Opera worked for me

This is incredible! Reminds me of the flash games that I used to play years ago. Simple mechanics that create very complex gameplay. Love it :D