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Fresh Food

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lil short cuz ya know its a game jam felt like an escape room but could use some different kinda puzzles other than looking for things. I enjoyed it twas fun

Could use a different layout. I liked how it kept track of what choices you made for you. Fun game about being kidnapped... wait catnapped yah was fun.

Fun game needs more levels. Movement was quirky but fine when you got used to it. Hit boxes a bit odd and annoying but it was still fun. Good simple art style. 

I enjoyed the game a lot I like how the AI is somewhat predictable but this is a good and works well for this game. Very well made, fun would be fun to further develop and see what you could add to it.

Yah I do plan to remake a version of this in Unreal and I don't have plans to return to blender as it is not consistent and I am sure there is a way to do all of that in blender but I am so glad to be moving on to a different engine. Thanks for the advice I'll add some options for the screen shake.  Thank you!


Wo three frogs 

I made a boat

Just play it



Amazing  had so much fun make it longer plz